Types Of Yoga Insurance
November 5, 2018
Amrit Yoga Insurance
November 6, 2018

Acu-Yoga Insurance


​​Acu-Yoga Insurance

No matter how different, all yoga styles have at least two things in common – they are designed to heal, and they sometimes attract reckless trainees. Whether because they push themselves too far, or because they practice yoga postures incorrectly, acu-yoga students often end up injured from over-stretching and straining despite their instructors’ best effort.

To protect themselves against claims regarding unexpected accidents for which they are not to blame, yoga studios and acu-yoga teachers should consider purchasing a general or professional liability coverage. Lawsuits are very expensive, but having your reputation ruined because of something you didn’t too is even worse. Yoga insurance can help you avoid both.

Here at beYogi, we provide policies for all types of yoga, and acu-yoga insurance is no exception. Along with liability coverage, our all-inclusive policies also offer coverage for identity protection and stolen equipment. Start your stress-free teaching experience today!