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The Yoga Pros Tips for How to Find Inexpensive Yoga Teacher Insurance

The Yoga Pros Tips for How to Find Inexpensive Yoga Teacher Insurance

Inexpensive yoga insurance might sound more like a dream than reality. Or if you do find inexpensive yoga insurance, maybe it’s going to be so cheap that it doesn’t really provide any benefit. 

That’s why today’s yoga professional spotlight is squarely painted on how to find the perfect blend of affordability and protection all in one all-encompassing yoga insurance policy.

Cheap Vs. Inexpensive Yoga Teacher Insurance

For the purpose of our discussion, we’re defining cheap as something that has less quality than the alternative. We totally understand cheap can simply mean inexpensive and vice versa but we need a benchmark to go off of.

Cheap yoga insurance plans are the ones you see advertised with too-low-to-believe premiums, “introductory offers”, or “basic plans”. These types of yoga insurance might seem attractive based on price alone, but the danger is having a policy that has absolutely no weight to it. 

Conversely, beYogi pioneered inexpensive yoga teacher insurance based on our intimate experience specifically in health and wellness. We know the types of risks facing professionals today and built a plan that caters to yoga teachers. With specific guidance on coverages and limits that adequately protect yoga instructors, we’re able to leverage our policies to be the best blend of affordability and all-around coverage available. 

In a nutshell, that’s cheap vs. inexpensive yoga insurance and proves that you don’t have to sacrifice great coverage to get a great rate on your insurance. 

What Good Yoga Insurance Covers

So, now that we know you can still get great yoga insurance that provides stout coverage, what does yoga insurance actually cover? With beYogi, yoga teacher insurance, you get coverage for the three main types of liability facing any professional yoga instructor plus the benefit of added protections that create one, all-encompassing, career-protecting safety net. 

Here’s what you’ll see in a high-quality yoga teacher insurance plan:

  • General Liability Coverage: this is one of the most common liability types and is known to many as “slip and fall coverage”. That’s because that injury alone is the source for many lawsuits that business owners face. When a third-party is injured or has their property damaged in or around your yoga studio, they may demand compensation for their losses. That’s why our policies all include $2 million per occurrence and up to $3 million per year for these types of claims.
  • Professional Liability Coverage: another critical coverage is also known as “malpractice coverage” since this insurance relates to the actual yoga instruction provided. When a student is injured or their property damaged as a result of them taking a class with you, they can demand compensation to cover their losses. As with general liability, our policies include $2 million per occurrence and up to $3 million per year for these types of claims.
  • Product Liability Coverage: as a yoga instructor, you use all kinds of mats, blocks, bands, and even cleaning products to provide a great session for students. When a student is injured as a result of your decision to use a specific product, they may seek compensation for things like medical bills and lost wages. That’s why our plans provide all the way up to $2 million to cover accidents related to product liability.

To truly be all-encompassing and protect a yoga professional from all sides, we knew we had to increase the level of protection even past the stout coverages listed above. 

That’s why, with beYogi, you also get the increased level of protection with the following:

  • Rental damages coverage: most yoga instructors choose to rent space from a studio or gym to provide sessions for students. With a rented property, the landlord has the right to seek compensation from you to help cover the costs of repairs for any damages that occur. That’s why we include all the way up to $100,000 to help cover our members.
  • Stolen/damaged equipment coverage: having your equipment stolen in a robbery is both terrifying and can be a financial burden. We include all the way up to $1,000, with a $250 deductible, to help our members recover what was lost.
  • Identity Protection Plan: in today’s world, even yoga teachers rely on web services to conduct business. When your identity is compromised, it can be both costly and time consuming to repair. That’s why we include up to $25,000 in identity restoration services with our plans.

How Inexpensive Yoga Insurance Is Possible

You might have gotten this far and still feel a little incredulous. How is it possible to have so much coverage in an affordable package? With decades of experience specifically insuring yoga teachers and other health and wellness professionals, we’ve tailored our policies to provide the perfect blend of affordability and coverage rolled into one. One way we do this is to set our limits based on real-life data. 

Some companies supply huge limits that they know the data shows will be very unlikely a member will ever need to utilize. Rather than this approach, we delve into the numbers to produce coverage types and limits that provide adequate protection, without going overboard. That way, our members only pay for what they need and can enjoy the peace of mind knowing they aren’t overpaying. 

Why You Need Yoga Insurance No Matter What

When you’re looking over your options for yoga insurance (we’ll dive into how to best compare yoga insurance plans later), you might have reached the point where you’re ready to forego insurance and just take your chances. 

For those wanting to save a few bucks, this might seem attractive but this is just like driving down the street blindfolded and hoping you don’t get in an accident. The simple truth is, liability is all around us. You can be incredibly effective as a yoga teacher, extremely conscientious as to your students safety, and still have an accident come out of nowhere. When a lawsuit against you can easily run into the millions, one little mistake can wreck a career and your personal finances without insurance. 

That’s why the $179 you’ll pay for a one-year professional membership is so crucial to long-term success in the industry. This is your career’s safety net for the long haul. Our insurance plan is designed to be just as flexible as you are and follows you every step of your career. The real value lies in the fact that for less than $0.50 per day you’re getting great coverage, great benefits, and an entire team of professionals ready to support you when you need it most.

Getting the Best Value for Yoga Teacher Insurance

With beYogi, we know that every individual yoga path is different and many take a lot of curves along the way. That’s why we offer several different options for yoga teacher insurance so you can always find the perfect plan to match your situation. 

When looking for the best value in yoga insurance, flexibility matters. You can choose from among the following plan types to pick the perfect set-up for your new policy:

We believe truly getting the best value on yoga insurance means also getting a full-suite of benefits included at no extra cost with your plan. That’s why we include an entire library of free yoga teacher resources, discounts and members-only deals on yoga-related products and services, and the collaboration of an entire yoga tribe geared towards helping you succeed.

Last up, where some plans only cover a small number of “core modalities” our plans include coverage for hundreds of different types of yoga and other wellness activities. We do this so our members have peace of mind when providing the perfect blend of yoga instruction.

Comparing Yoga Insurance Plans

We know that yoga teachers put themselves out there to their students everyday to help guide them, teach them, and develop their own yoga paths. We also believe our yoga teacher insurance plan should be no different in its approach. That’s why we include a complete comparison of our yoga teacher insurance side-by-side with other leading providers. 

We do this because we’re confident in what we’re able to provide and sincerely hope that once you see everything we offer, you too will join the thousands of other yogis that rate our plans so highly.

Signing Up for Inexpensive Yoga Teacher Insurance

The best news of the day is that inexpensive yoga teacher insurance is not only possible, it’s incredibly easy to attain. Signing up takes just a few minutes, simply fill out our quick online application, check out, and enjoy full coverage with immediate access to all of your plan documents.