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Awakening the great teacher in you.
Supporting you with professional yoga resources and guidance at every step of your journey to beYogi—from student to yoga teacher to studio owner and everyone in between.
What do we mean by yoga resources and guidance? We offer articles on yoga poses and styles, teaching methods, class planning and sequencing tips, the business of yoga, philosophy, wellness, and more, including affordable yoga insurance.
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Inhale information. Exhale wisdom.


Learn the basics of yoga, explore our guide to yoga styles, or peruse our library of poses. This is your journey; take it one asana at a time.


The good teacher explains. The great teacher inspires.
-William Ward


Awaken the great teacher in you with yoga class planning resources, teaching techniques, sequencing tips, business advice, and more.


What happens when you stop doing yoga, and start living yogi?


Take your practice off the mat and into the world with articles on philosophy, wellness, meditation, and conscious, yogic living.


The divine light in me honors the divine
light in you.


List your studio in our yoga directory, promote your events on our calendar, and connect with us on social to discuss what it means to be yogi.

Meet Our Team

Eleni Angelopoulos
Eleni AngelopoulosEditor
MANTRA: Breathe, believe, receive.
Julie Bernier
Julie BernierAuthor
MANTRA: The whole world is my teacher.
Kimi Marin
Kimi MarinAuthor
MANTRA: Peace and prosperity.
Beth Shaw
Beth ShawAuthor
MANTRA: Any body is a yoga body
Jennifer Minchin
Jennifer MinchinAuthor
MANTRA: If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. —Fred Devito
Amy Dannheim
Amy DannheimAuthor
MANTRA: Shine your light.
Tristan Martin Gatto
Tristan Martin GattoAuthor & Ambassador
MANTRA: Strong body, strong mind.
James Fowler
James FowlerAmbassador
MANTRA: Happiness is an inside job.
Heather Fisse Repole
Heather Fisse RepoleAmbassador
MANTRA: Smile, breathe, and go slowly.
—Thich Nhat Hanh
Emilie Johnson
Emilie JohnsonAmbassador
MANTRA: We shall not cease from exploration. —T.S. Eliot
Sara Quiriconi
Sara QuiriconiAuthor
MANTRA: Live free.