Insurance for Students in Yoga Teacher Training

The most affordable yoga insurance option on the market for students about to become a yoga teacher. Receive to rated coverage for just $60/year.


Your coverage is good for the full year even after you are certified and start teaching professionally. This saves you $150.

Yoga Teacher Training Insurance Highlights

Affordable, Flexible, and All-Inclusive Coverage

beYogi offers a discounted yoga student insurance program for those pursuing yoga teacher training. Our student program offers affordable yoga liability coverage that follows you whether you’re training or teaching at a studio, online, in a workshop, or at home!

To be eligible for our student rate, you must be enrolled in your initial certification (usually 200-hour) on the effective date of coverage. Our student policy will only cover you for the disciplines and methods that is in your course work.

Same Coverage as a Professional Policy

  • Professional/General Liability: $2 Million per occurrence / $3 Million annual aggregate
  • Personal Injury & Advertising Coverage: $2 Million annual aggregate
  • Identity Protection Coverage: $25,000

Insider Tip: A YTT student can buy a $60 student insurance policy from beYogi on the last day of their training before they are certified, and that policy is good for the next 364 days even if they are teaching full time. This saves them over $110 on a full-time professional policy.

Benefits for Yoga Students in Training

beYogi student policies come with all the exclusive member benefits of a professional policy including discounts to your favorite yoga brands, discounts on yoga education, a free yoga website, preferred group rates on insurance plans, discounts on business resources, and savings on everyday expenses.

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Yoga Student Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Many yoga student teachers don’t worry too much over insurance matters. That’s for after you have your own practice, right? Unfortunately, not having coverage can end up costing you big financially if an unforeseen event occurs during your training. We want you to have total peace as you devote your mind, body, and spirit towards your yoga instruction so we’ve made an easy, cost-effective student teaching insurance program especially designed for yoga student teachers. Below you’ll find some of the more frequently asked questions of your fellow yogis-to-be considering purchasing yoga instructor insurance.

Does my student policy cover me even after I'm certified and begin teaching full-time?

Yes, as long as you are a student on the effective date of coverage and have not graduated, your policy will automatically convert to a professional policy and you will be fully covered for the remaining year. The student policy has the same coverage as the professional policy, with only one difference: our student policies will only cover the discipline you are in school for. With our $179 full-time professional policy, you are also covered for 450+ other modalities in the disciplines of massage, beauty and fitness.  Also if you are being certified for yoga instruction, your coverage will not include "YogaFit" or "Yoga Therapy" unless  you are taking these specific certifications as your first yoga certification.

Do yoga student teachers really need insurance?

In short, most definitely. beYogi’s yoga student teacher insurance is an extremely affordable way to cover yourself from possible liabilities and other losses that can occur even while still in training. As a student, you're developing the skills you’ll need to become a full-fledged yoga instructor. While you may still be in school, you’ll still be directing yoga practitioners and providing instruction, making you vulnerable to the risks of a liability lawsuit and other loss events.

beYogi student teacher insurance not only covers you from claims made against you for loss or harm but also covers you for additional loss events such as a identity protection plan and product liability.

What could student yoga teachers be liable for?

Unfortunately, in our society lawsuits are an everyday fact of life. Even as a student teacher, you can find yourself pulled into a lawsuit during your training simply over cueing a student during a pose or a student passing out while under your care.

Does beYogi yoga student teacher insurance cover me if I’m injured during training?

No, beYogi student teacher insurance coverage contains coverage for third-party liability claims against when someone claims loss or harm against you, such as those which would fall under general and professional liability. Your injuries would either be covered by your individual medical insurance or possibly the facility’s where your injury occurred.

What is the difference between general liability and professional liability?

General liability is often called “slip and fall” insurance because a student simply walking into a studio slipping and falling can result in a general liability claim being filed because it could be claimed the facility didn’t take proper steps to provide a safe, accessible environment.

Professional liability occurs during the course of your instruction or as a result thereof. If you were helping a student with their posture and pushed a little too hard and they were injured, a claim under professional liability could ensue. In either case, beYogi has you covered through the entirety of your student teacher training with a comprehensive insurance package.