beYogi Policy Exclusions

Our goal is to ensure that you have a complete understanding of what a beYogi yoga insurance policy covers and what it doesn't cover.

Methods & Services We Do Not Cover

  • The administration or prescription of any digestible medicine, biological product, medical device or implants
  • Aerial Yoga
  • Gymnastics
  • Any procedure that punctures the skin - i.e. acupuncture, body piercing, permanent tattooing, body branding or permanent body art of any nature
  • Hair implanting or hair transplanting
  • Human skeletal structure manipulations - i.e. Chiropractic’s
  • Removal or any attempt to remove warts, moles or skin growths
  • Any procedure that requires a medical license
  • Hypnosis
  • Laser treatments
  • Cross Fit
  • Bootcamps

If you have questions about a yoga style or modality, please call 800-516-8822 to speak with a live customer service representative. Read our full list of 450+ yoga & wellness services covered.

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beYogi satisfies studio and employer insurance requirements in addition to giving you the coverage & extra benefits you need teach yoga confidently at an affordable price! 

Policy Exclusions FAQs

Are claims related to identity theft covered with yoga insurance?

As part of our yoga liability insurance, we include protection for identity theft-related claims. As the online business world grows, we see identity theft protection as vital to a yoga instructor's insurance coverage. Many yoga instructors use online payment plans, website promotions, and even employee payroll. If your information were compromised online, the fallout could affect your business, yoga teaching career, and finances. 

Our protection gives you the peace of mind to know you can receive help for losses due to identity theft. With a beYogi yoga instructor liability insurance plan, you can have confidence in your online protection. Identity theft coverage is just one way we take care of our policyholders and provide the best yoga insurance in the business.

Is beYogi’s yoga instructor insurance the same in any state? 

Yes. Our coverage is the same, no matter where you live in the United States. Both are covered modalities, and exclusions are the same in all 50 states. However, while the coverage is the same, each state may have specific requirements for professional yoga instructors. Be confident you meet state requirements before practicing professional yoga instruction. 

We recommend doing thorough research on state regulations before getting started. Of course, you can always check out the resources we provide on our website. We strive to enable educated yoga instructors through ample resources and benefits. Our policyholders can take advantage of the wealth of knowledge and insight we provide as an extra perk to their yoga insurance policy.

I have a medical license; can I be insured for medical procedures through beYogi? 

No, beYogi does not offer any coverage for procedures requiring a medical license. Our professional liability insurance policy is designed to provide coverage for yoga instructors and wellness professionals, not medical practices. Even if you have a medical license, beYogi does not offer insurance for procedures requiring a medical license, including chiropractic services. 

However, we offer coverage for yoga therapy for certified yoga therapists and massage therapists who meet the qualifications. While no coverage is available for procedures requiring a medical license, we offer coverage for specific areas of health and wellness. Check out our complete list of covered modalities to learn more about what we cover.

Is my yoga insurance still active if I move states?

Absolutely. Sometimes life takes you on a new path with new opportunities and locations. You can rest easy with your yoga insurance policy with us. Your coverage travels with you if you move states for a new job or life opportunity. Registering for a new policy is unnecessary when you move to a new place. At beYogi, we cover you as a yoga instructor, not just the state you live in. 

If you’re changing locations, we simply ask that you let us know and include any relevant businesses in your insurance policy. We also recommend checking the state requirements for your new location. Each state has various legal requirements for yoga instruction. Be sure you meet the qualifications to continue teaching yoga in your new area.

Why is chiropractics excluded from coverage? 

Chiropractic services require medical training and a license to administer. beYogi does not offer any coverage for practices and procedures requiring a medical license. While we cannot provide coverage for chiropractors, we include coverage for massage therapy, yoga therapy, and other touch-therapy professionals who meet the qualifications. Chiropractic and other procedures requiring a medical license are not eligible for coverage through our professional liability insurance policy. 

Skeletal structure manipulations fall under a separate category of insurance. While we are not able to provide insurance for medical procedures, such as chiropractic services, we do offer coverage for dozens of other health and wellness practices.

Are claims filed after the policy expires excluded? 

One of the many benefits of choosing beYogi for your yoga instructor insurance provider is that we provide occurrence form coverage. This type of insurance extends beyond the lifespan of your policy. With occurrence form insurance, you are covered for incidents that occur during the life of your policy. If a claim is filed after the policy expires, that claim could still be eligible for protection under your yoga insurance policy. Our lifelong coverage helps protect you from circumstances that happen within your policy term. You don't have to worry about claims being filed before your insurance policy expires. 

At beYogi, we provide only the best for our policyholders. Get yoga instructor insurance today if you want lifelong confidence in your coverage. It only takes a few minutes to sign up for protection that lasts your entire career.

My service is missing from the exclusions or covered modalities list; what can I do? 

We offer coverage for hundreds of modalities and services in the health and wellness arena. If you don't see your specific area of expertise listed, our team is here to help. We may be able to offer coverage for your services. It's also possible that your modality is covered under a separate category or expertise. Our friendly representatives will do everything they can to provide the coverage you need. 

Contact our team by calling (800) 516-8822. We can help answer any questions you have about modalities, exclusions, coverage, or any other queries you have. Our team is here for you to provide exceptional customer service and help however we are able.

Will beYogi offer more modalities in the future? 

We are constantly evolving and growing our list of ways we cover yoga instructors and wellness professionals. We continuously add new methods and techniques to our coverage list. As a bonus benefit, our policyholders have all relevant modalities included when they register for coverage. We don't require our clients to let us know each time they develop a new skill. Your policy consists of a complete list of methods and techniques. 

We encourage our policyholders to broaden their horizons and develop their professional skills. As you grow in your career and your yoga instruction journey evolves, beYogi will be there to provide comprehensive yoga liability insurance. You can count on us to provide the coverage you need as you advance and take your career to the next level.

I work in multiple locations. Are claims in other business locations covered? 

If you include them in your policy coverage, then yes. You can choose to include multiple businesses in your yoga insurance policy. In fact, we encourage our policyholders to explore as many opportunities as they can. When you add a business to your policy, you can add a single business location or multiple locations to your insurance coverage. 

You may choose the unlimited additional businesses option if you have several locations you would like included. This plan allows you to add as many businesses as you would like for a single affordable fee. This plan may be a great option if you frequently travel in your yoga instruction.

Is laser hair removal excluded from coverage? 

beYogi does not offer insurance coverage for any laser treatments. This includes any and all laser hair removal treatments. Laser treatments fall under a unique category for liability insurance. Currently, we are not able to offer coverage for this category as a part of our yoga liability insurance. However, we include over 450 other techniques with a single policy.

Our yoga instructor insurance policy includes these modalities from the day you sign up. Our policyholders can be confident in their coverage and encouraged to develop new skills and methods. Plus, we are constantly adding new techniques to our coverage. We may broaden our coverage in the future.

Is online yoga instructor insurance excluded from coverage?

Not at all. Our yoga instructor insurance policy includes protection for classes you teach in person and online. In today's era, many yoga instructors are moving to an online platform to expand their careers and reach a larger audience. Our coverage includes digital media and online classes for our instructors. 

Whether you teach in your home, in a studio, or online, we provide the protection you need. You also have the opportunity to include multiple locations in your policy. This may be the perfect option for yoga instructors who frequently move from studio to studio. No matter where you share your wisdom and yoga instruction, you can rest easy knowing your policy has you covered.

Are claims arising from bodily injury excluded? 

Not at all. Our coverage inclusions for professional, general, and product liability offer the full scope of coverage. Claims related to physical injury or harm are essential to yoga liability insurance. As a professional yoga instructor, protection from bodily injury liability claims is critical to your coverage. We include the protection you need to feel confident in your career. With all your bases covered, you don't have to worry about fronting the cost of a liability claim yourself. 

At beYogi, we want our policyholders to have 100% confidence in their coverage. Our team is here to help and protect you. Get yoga insurance today to have total assurance in your career.
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