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Do I Need Liability Insurance if I Work in a Yoga Studio?

Yoga Studio Insurance

Ah, the age-old question. You work in a yoga studio maybe as a full-time or part-time employee or maybe as a 1099 contractor, but you imagine the yoga studio’s insurance will cover you if something ever happened, right? Well, that might not be the case as we’ll explore in today’s deep dive into the world of liability insurance for yoga instructors. We’ll outline everything you need to know no matter what your employment status is and the specific coverages to look for to protect yourself when an unexpected event pops up.

Does Yoga Studio Insurance Protect Employees?

If you are working for a yoga studio, it's easy to want to leave all of the “behind-the-scenes” stuff to the owner of the business. After all, they are liable if anything goes wrong, right? Well, that’s simply not the case and there are many, many examples of lawsuits that have been leveled against a yoga studio and the individual instructor themselves. That’s where having your own yoga insurance policy is how you make sure you have the coverage you need in case of an accident. 

True, most yoga studios do carry some form of blanket coverage for liability insurance. The only problem is that you have no control over how much coverage they have nor how much actually applies to you. They might only carry the bare minimum and it can be a shared aggregate. Shared aggregate insurance plans mean there are multiple people all sharing the same coverage limits. So, if others on the plan use up those limits before you, you can be left with little or no coverage when you really need it. 

Rather than leaving everything up to chance, you can make sure you are 100% covered with a policy where the coverage (and benefits!) are entirely yours and yours alone. That’s where beYogi’s all-inclusive individual yoga teacher insurance can really come through in the clutch. We have options for both full-time and part-time yoga instructors so you can always get the perfect plan to match up with your career—now and tomorrow.

Working as an Independent Contractor for a Yoga Studio

Now, the other side of being an employee is working as a 1099 independent contractor. This means that you are, in effect, in business for yourself operating like a sole proprietorship of your own enterprise. The yoga studio(s) where you teach may set hours, pay, and other stipulations of the work arrangement, but, at the end of the day, you are the boss. As an independent contractor, you get a lot of advantages including certain tax deductions and setting your strategy, but you can also be held to an even greater responsibility when there’s an accident.

You can be working in the best yoga studios in America and still be confronted with a mishap at some point in your career. That’s because yoga is an involved practice and sometimes accidents just happen. Whether that’s a student slipping and injuring themselves or someone saying that your class somehow damaged their property, liability exists in many forms. That’s where a stout policy, built around protecting yoga instructors from the real types of risk they’re facing today, is absolutely critical for long-term success in the field.

What if You're Studying to Become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT)?

Students learning to become yoga teachers are on a great path towards an incredibly sought-after and rewarding career. As a student, you are learning all about safe poses, sequencing, health conditions, sanitary classroom settings, and a thousand other things all at once. It can be thrilling and overwhelming at the same time to learn so much about a practice you love. But even as a student, there’s unfortunately risks. 

When you first start off as a yoga teacher after training, you are really excited to get started but you are still learning all the in’s and out’s of offering classes to the general public. How do you approach an elderly student who has past health issues? How do you work with a new student who has never held a yoga pose before? You may have great answers to everyday questions like these and you may even already have years of experience, but the point is one small slip can be all it takes to completely sideline your career just as it’s beginning. 

Rather than face this uncertainty, you can get a tremendously-protective yoga student insurance policy for probably less than what you’re paying for streaming service each month. At just $25 for students, beYogi’s student policy is an amazing blend of affordability and maximum coverage. What many students have found to be really beneficial when they are first starting out is to wait to secure this coverage until they are close to graduating from their training program. That way, most of the first year on the job is completely covered for that great student rate.

Why Insurance for Yoga Teachers is So Crucial

Even for the most practiced yoga teachers in the world, there can be mistakes that are simply out of their control. We’ve built our insurance for yogis around the idea that they should be protected from the actual risks yoga teachers face every day. Looking over our coverage can give you a pretty good idea of how you’ll be protected from the moment you sign up. 

  • General liability coverage: this is something you will hear called “slip and fall insurance” because that’s an all-too-common event that happens. Basically, general liability applies to any kind of accident or damage to property that occurs on or around a place of business. So if a student is walking into your class and slips on the yoga mats you left out from the last class, they might be injured and demand you pay for their medical costs. It sounds mundane, but slip and fall lawsuits can easily run into millions of dollars.
  • Professional liability coverage: this is what you’ve probably heard being referred to as “malpractice insurance” or “errors and omissions insurance”. Those fancy words just mean coverage for injuries or property damage coming as a result of the instruction you provided. It could be a student saying your pose overstretched their muscles and they had a tear that required medical care or an elderly student overexerting themselves and saying you didn’t do enough to prevent the injuries they sustained as a result. Even when someone levels an accusation that lacks merit, defense fees can easily stack up quickly. That’s where our policies provide coverage both for the claim itself, and legal defense fees when it’s necessary to help shield our members.
  • Product liability coverage: this is a tricky one because you can think you are doing all the right things with products you use in class but someone having an adverse allergic reaction can be all it takes to have a serious situation on your hands. When someone’s hurt in your class because of a product you used, product liability coverage helps protect you.

These are the “big three” liabilities that you will see many different yoga insurance programs talking about. The only trouble is, there are many other forms of the risk out there that can present some serious liability (i.e. something you may be responsible for paying for) that a truly all-inclusive plan needs to provide protection for. We’ll hit on what these additional protections look like next.

Where Value Comes Into Play with Yoga Insurance

beYogi provides a true 360 degrees of protection within our plans by going further with a whole group of additional coverage areas. There’s rental damage coverage when the space you are renting is damaged in some form, stolen equipment coverage when something is taken in a robbery-by-force, and even the all-important identity protection plan to provide identity restoration services after a cyber incident. 

Now, we could stop there and that would be a great policy with great coverage, but that wouldn’t provide the level of support for yoga teachers that we want to. That’s why our members get access to the best member perks around so their policy provides true value for their decision to partner with us. Members get great deals and discounts from leading names in yoga, business support, a free professional website, pose and sequence libraries, and so much more, all for free with their yoga insurance plan. When you start looking at yoga insurance make sure you identify all the ways that the plan provides value and always seek to maximize this figure.

Get a Comprehensive Yoga Insurance Policy in Minutes

The bottom line, if you work in a yoga studio, you need insurance. Explore the options we have available, even compare our plans to the leading competitors; we’re confident that our plans provide the perfect coverage for today’s yoga instructors. No lengthy questionnaires, know your price upfront and be done with signing up in just a few minutes online. That’s yoga insurance that provides ultimate protection for the professional yogi.