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The Ultimate Online Yoga Insurance Guide: Everything Virtual Teachers Need to Know

Virtual Yoga Teacher Insurance Guide
virtual yoga teacher insurance
Never before in modern history has a single event more profoundly affected the way in which businesses operate. Especially for hands-on professionals like yoga instructors, the present health crisis has caused yoga instructors to have to adapt the way they offer their services to their students. 

Live streaming and pre-recorded videos have become the norm, but traditional yoga insurance programs may not yet cover this new way of teaching. Today’s feature piece covers everything you need to know about online yoga insurance to see if it’s right for your unique situation.

How Does Online Yoga Insurance Work?

Online yoga insurance is today’s all-inclusive coverage type. With all the changes in our world, it has been important for professionals, including agile insurance companies, to adapt to the current needs of members. At beYogi, we like to think we’re as flexible as our members when it comes to how we offer insurance for modern yogis. 

Our online yoga insurance provides crucial coverage for the areas of risk that are present in the current climate. This includes important provisions for risks like:

  • General liability covers third party claims for injuries or damages that arise during general business activities. Even with precautions in place for a safe yoga session, a student who slips on some spilled hand sanitizer at your entryway might hold you liable for their injuries. With beYogi, you get $2 million for any single occurrence all the way up to a yearly total, called an individual annual aggregate, of $3 million.
  • Professional liability covers third party claims for injuries or damages that come from the professional services you provide to your students. Practiced yogis with years of experience can still find themselves facing a student’s claim that the yoga instruction they received caused them to be injured and that they hold the yoga teacher responsible for their medical bills. Our online yoga insurance policy includes $ 2 million per occurrence and a $3 million individual annual aggregate for professional liability.
  • Product liability covers third party claims for injuries or damages as they relate to a product used during a yoga class that caused the claim event. As teachers work hard to keep spaces clean and compliant for everyone’s safety, they may use a cleaning product that induces a severe allergic reaction in one student. The student’s claim against you for medical payments, lost wages, and other costs would fall under your product liability coverage, all the way up to a $2 million annual aggregate.

Other important coverages included with beYogi’s comprehensive online yoga insurance policy includes damages to a rental space, identity protection coverage, and stolen equipment coverage. beYogi pride itself on creating an easily-accessible and streamlined online yoga insurance program that makes it easy to sign up and enjoy all of this coverage in minutes. 

Modern Coverage with Live Stream Yoga Insurance

So how does live streaming fit in with online yoga insurance? We make it easy to offer full coverage for live streaming and pre-recorded video. Whether you’re using Zoom to hold a live yoga session or have them accessing your Youtube videos, your yoga career is covered by the most all-inclusive yoga insurance available. 

One of the coolest aspects of online yoga insurance is the ease of getting fully covered in only a few minutes. So, thinking about offering your yoga class via a Zoom session but want to have insurance first to cover any sort of mishaps? With beYogi, you can fill out a quick application online, check out, and enjoy full insurance coverage with immediate proof in just a few minutes time. 

Breaking Down Yoga Insurance Options

When you’re looking at different yoga insurance options, how do you know what to look for to make sure you’re getting an accurate comparison? A few of the areas to look for in a yoga insurance comparison include:

  • Check coverage types and amounts.
  • Make sure it’s occurrence type coverage.
  • Check to see if there’s an annual membership fee.
  • See what yoga services are covered.
  • See what type of member benefits are offered.

We include a full and out comparison of our online yoga insurance plan right up alongside that of the leading competitors today so that you can see everything we offer and how that stacks up. Transparency is just one more way we’ve reimagined what online yoga insurance can be and is one of the driving factors hundreds of yogis rate our yoga insurance so highly.

A Closer Look at Member Benefits for Online Yoga Insurance

Insurance is a pivotal tool for professionals that want to ensure long-term success in the field of teaching yoga. Insurance provides you with financial assurance that when an unexpected event comes your way, you have coverage backing you up to help weather the storm. But many programs stop there thinking with adequate coverage their members are getting enough value. Well, beYogi thinks a little differently. 

We believe that our program needs to offer tremendous value, over and above simply having great insurance coverage. That’s why we include a full range of membership benefits that value in the thousands of dollars. 

From day one as a member with beYogi’s online yoga insurance program, members get to enjoy benefits like:

  • An easy-to-customize website for promoting their yoga practice online.
  • Discounts, special offers, and early access on products, services, and software from the best names in yoga.
  • Preferred group rates on insurance plans.
  • Free business resources.
  • Access to an incredible library of yoga knowledge passed on from recognized masters in the field of yoga. 

If your online yoga insurance policy doesn’t come with awesome benefits like these, why pay more for less? Our program offers the best blend of affordability, coverage, and value to our members available in yoga insurance today.

How to Get the Best Virtual Yoga Insurance Policy for Your Yoga Journey

We totally get that individual circumstances for teaching yoga vary dramatically across the country. We also know that situations change often and the more fluid your insurance policy is, the easier it will be to make sure you’re covered no matter where your career takes you.

As you continue to weigh your options between different yoga insurance providers, make sure to run through this quick checklist of the important provisions any yoga insurance program worth its weight should contain:

  1. Make sure the program covers live streaming and pre-recorded video. This relatively new method for offering yoga classes may not be covered under a traditional program.
  2. Look for easy monthly payment options. Our virtual yoga insurance program starts at less than $15 per month.
  3. Make sure the yoga insurance policy uses occurrence-form coverage for the best all-around protection. Occurrence form gives you the ability to file a claim even if the policy has already expired for an event that occurred when the policy was active.
  4. Look for the maximum number of different modalities that are covered under one policy. This will save you the time and aggravation of having to add additional insurance with every new service you want to offer. With beYogi, our members are covered for almost 500 different modalities, including niche services like acro and SUP.

Today’s yoga insurance has to be adaptable or it will lack adequate coverage for modern yoga teaching. Live streaming and pre-recorded classes adds a new way to reach your audience but protections should be in place prior to jumping into this side of yoga instruction. Online yoga insurance from beYogi covers the many different areas of uncertainty that can arise at some point in the career of a professional yogi.

How to Avoid Questionnaires for Online Yoga Insurance Rates

Some insurance programs make you fill out a long questionnaire before they’ll quote your new insurance policy. Variables like the modalities you offer or even the state you live in can dramatically alter the rate the insurance company provides to you. We thought it would be easier for our members if we had flat rates on our policies, with no hidden fees. 

With options for part-time, full-time, and a two-year policy, professionals can select the perfect plan for their situation and know exactly how much the plan will cost and cover without having to fill out a bunch of forms first. We also offer an online yoga insurance policy just for students enrolled in yoga teacher training. For only $25, yoga students get a full year of coverage as they finish their studies and launch into teaching.

Sign Up for Live Stream Yoga Insurance Coverage

The best virtual yoga insurance program is one that takes into account the risks facing today’s professionals. With the current health climate, professional yoga teachers today have to be incredibly mindful of the risks involved in passing on their knowledge in different formats. Live stream yoga insurance from beYogi covers you everywhere from the yoga studio to livestreaming Zoom yoga classes for nearly 500 different styles of yoga and wellness activities. 

Fill out our quick online application, check out, and receive approval with full coverage in just a few minutes.