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What is the Best Yoga Insurance Policy for Yogis Practicing in the US?

Yoga Teacher Insurance in the United States

Knowing you got a great deal on yoga insurance is a great feeling. Even better is knowing you got a great deal and also have great coverage. But how do balance these benefits that are seemingly at odds? How do you decide which insurance program really combines the best of both worlds? Today’s feature is focused on helping yogis find the best yoga insurance plans available for protecting professionals in an entirely new health landscape.

What Does Yoga Insurance Do?

First and foremost, it’s important to understand what yoga insurance does for a busy professional. As a yoga teacher, your focus is on delivering great classes and instruction to students. Whether you own your own yoga studio or work as a 1099 yoga teacher, you want to provide the best quality instruction possible. 

As you lead classes, you are encountering students from just about every walk of life – young or old, healthy and fit, people with preexisting conditions, and complete yoga newbies all alike. With this cross section of humanity, yoga teachers are doing their best to keep a class safe and in-tune with their instruction to prevent mishaps. The unfortunate kicker is that even if you are a practiced yogi with years and years of experience, some accidents are simply unavoidable. When an accident occurs and you have a responsibility to cover the injured party’s costs, this is known as a liability. 

For health and wellness professionals actively teaching, there are many different forms of liability present. When a slip and fall accident can lead to a lawsuit against you in the millions, it’s important to help protect yourself before such an event ever occurs. In walks yoga insurance. Yoga insurance is your practice’s defense against liabilities and other unfortunate events. Yoga insurance programs vary widely in how much coverage they provide, what services they cover, and even when and how you’re able to file a claim, which is why it’s so important to deep-dive into a policy before you pull the trigger. 

Next, we’ll highlight some of the key aspects of a great yoga insurance policy to look out for as you shop your options.

What Coverages to Look for in a Solid Yoga Insurance Program

There are several key coverage areas you’ll see with just about every yoga insurance program out there but there are several ancillary coverage options that round out a truly superior plan. 

Coverage areas you need to make sure are present include:

  • General liability: general liability is by far the most common type of liability for any professional offering a product or service to the public. General liability is also known as “slip and fall” since that’s the accident that’s affected too many professionals to count. As we looked at above, a simple slip and fall case can easily cost hundreds of thousands, if not millions in the end, especially when a lawsuit is filed. 

With beYogi, our members receive $2 million per occurrence and a $3 million individual annual aggregate for general liability claims. Included in this coverage is legal defense fees, when they’re necessary to protect our policyholder. 

  • Professional liability: professional liability insurance protects you from any claims that are related to the actual services you provide as a professional yoga teacher. This insurance is commonly known as “malpractice” insurance. If a student is injured in the middle of a class, they might hold you as their teacher liable for any damages they incur. 

If an injury is serious, this can mean medical bills, lost wages, and other costs, which is why we have prudently set our limit at $2 million per occurrence and a $3 million individual annual aggregate for professional liability claims. Even if a claim is entirely frivolous, the costs to defend yourself can be high, which is why legal defense fees are also covered under professional liability insurance from beYogi.

  • Product liability: While we are all being more conscientious of keeping our hands washed and spaces as clean as possible, there are still risks present. Product liability insurance affords members up to $2 million as an annual aggregate for claims where a product you used caused an injury. Most often, these are related to a student having an allergic reaction to a product such as a cleaner that was used. 

Let’s face it, the global landscape has changed in health and wellness, which makes covering yourself with the best coverage options available a necessity for long-term success in the industry. 

Additional coverage options you’ll see with the best yoga insurance plans include:

  • Rental Damage Coverage: with most yoga professionals choosing to rent space in order to conduct their classes, beYogi includes rental damage coverage with our yoga insurance. This provides a safety net should any damages occur within a rented space that you are liable to cover the cost to repair them. With beYogi, you get all the way up to $100,000 should damages necessitate repair costs.
  • Stolen Equipment Coverage: yoga blocks, mats, and other “tools of the trade” are all essential to professionals being able to offer specific classes. When these tools are stolen from you, the costs to replace them could severely hurt your bottom line. That’s why our yoga coverage that’s made for the real world includes $1,000 of stolen equipment coverage with a $250 deductible.
  • Identity Protection Plan: in today’s digital landscape, identity thefts are unfortunately commonplace and restoring one’s identity after a breach can be incredibly costly and time consuming. That’s why our best all-around coverage plans provide an accompanying identity protection plan worth up to $25,000 in identity restoration services, should a member’s identity get stolen.

Knowing the plan’s coverage areas can help you spot a great insurance plan among a bunch of “so-so” yoga insurance plans that can leave you vulnerable.

Best Insurance for Professional Yoga Teachers

When you Google “best yoga insurance in US”, you are bombarded with search results. But the best plans for yoga professionals ultimately come down to how much coverage you get for the price you pay. 

Beyogi offers professional yoga teachers with several payment plans to choose from including distinguishing between part and full-time teachers, as well as giving multi-year discounts. Make sure you also note the hours limit for part-time. With 10 hours and under falling under our part-time yoga instructor pricing, beYogi offers the highest hours for still being considered part-time. In addition, the premiums you see on beYogi’s site are the final price you’ll pay and include coverage for a host of modalities. With some other plans, your “low rate insurance” only applies to a very limited number of modalities with additional fees should you ever want to add a covered service. 

Best Yoga Insurance Plans for Students

Students studying to become yoga teachers also face many of the same liabilities that a practicing professional does. That’s why we created a policy made just for students that covers a full year at an incredibly low rate. Many students have found it to be beneficial to wait until they are almost through with their yoga instructor training to get student coverage. This smart move means that most of their first year on the job is covered by professional-level yoga insurance, at the discounted student rate.

Yoga Insurance for the Modern Yogi

There’s no question the entire health and wellness landscape has changed dramatically and yoga teachers are having to be flexible about where and how they conduct classes. We’ve designed a program that moves with you, no matter where your career takes you. Our yoga insurance covers you in-studio, at a gym, outside, in a private session, during online live streaming, and for pre-recorded video. 

The modern health climate makes it crucial to always look for a policy with a built-in portability provision. With beYogi yoga insurance, portability means you can transfer to a different employer, change how you offer services, or even move across the country and your insurance policy follows you. Other plans might charge you a fee if you move states or may not even offer coverage.

Know the Policy: Occurrence Form Coverage vs. Claims-Made

Unlike most yoga insurance companies, we have Occurrence Form Coverage. This means any claim filed after the policy expires will still be covered, as long as the incident took place while the policy was active.

Example: Yoga teacher Jen is teaching a class. She instructs the class to move into tree pose. Tom, a student in the class, loses his balance and falls hurting his wrist. He does not say anything during the class but after he realizes he needs to go to the doctor. Two weeks go by and Jen’s yoga insurance policy expires. Then, a month later, Tom files a claim to cover his medical bills. Even though Yoga Teacher Jen is currently not covered with beYogi insurance, our occurrence policy coverage will cover her for Tom’s claim because beYogi covers you when the incident “occurred.”

Conversely, claims-made policies mean that all claims have to be filed while a policy is active in order to be considered for coverage. If your policy has expired, you usually won’t be able to file and would end up having to pay out-of-pocket. 

Running a Cost/Benefit Comparison of Yoga Insurance Plans

Look for low annual premiums, a diversity of coverage options, and stout policy limits in order to visualize the cost versus benefit portion of the comparison. To get the best deal and great coverage, always compare coverage options and premiums to narrow down your choices. After, dig deeper into additional coverages, member benefits, and policy provisions to see which insurance plan is best suited for your situation.

How to Get Yoga Insurance Coverage Online

With beYogi, you can fill out an application, check out, and receive instant coverage all 100% online in minutes. Some competitors who provide online yoga insurance require members to collect payments and get signed waivers. We don’t. We also have no long online quote process just to see a rate. We provide one, up front price. 

Other competitors require a long questionnaire just to see the price for insurance – asking a list of questions like: 

  • “Do you have ingestible products?” 
  • “Have you made a claim made in the last 3 years?”
  • “Do you require waivers?”
  • “What’s the business structure?” 
  • “What year did business start?”
  • “How many employees do you have?”,
  • “What certifications do you hold?
  • “Do you work with minors?” 

Our policy was designed to be accessible, with up front pricing and no long application process. You’ll see the exact coverage you’re getting, how much it will cost, and can apply, pay, and be done in a matter of minutes.

Talk to a fully licensed agent today to go over the entire policy and to get answers to any questions you may have.