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Insurance For Yoga Teachers: Yoga Liability Insurance Questions Answered

A yoga teacher records herself teaching an online class, another reason she invested in insurance for yoga teachers.

In this article, beYogi answers the most commonly asked questions about insurance for yoga teachers. You'll gain insight on the basics of yoga liability insurance, what every yoga teacher should know, and what to consider when investing in yoga liability insurance.

Your Questions About Insurance for Yoga Teachers Answered

Any yoga teacher that is passing on their knowledge to a group of yoga students knows just how rewarding each and every class can be, both for yourself, as well as the students. But with students coming from all manner of different lifestyles, activity levels, and even ages, there surely are challenges for the yoga instructor to overcome in order to make their classes accessible and safe for everyone. Unfortunately, like with every psychical activity, there is a risk of injury or damages that can occur while students are under your direction. This is what makes having yoga teacher insurance so vital for any professional yoga instructor. 


  • Liability Coverage Essentials: Understand the importance of yoga teacher insurance for mitigating risks during classes, including coverage for general and professional liabilities.
  • Identity Protection Included: Insurance coverage extends to identity theft protection, ensuring financial security amidst prevalent identity theft concerns.
  • Comprehensive Policy Benefits: Wide-ranging coverage spans various yoga modalities and wellness services under one policy, with affordable rates and additional perks like a free website and discounts on yoga gear.

Yoga Liability Insurance 101: What is Liability? 

In legalese, liability is something that you have a financial obligation to pay. A student that is injured or has their property damaged during your class may decide to contact a lawyer and file suit to recover their losses. Even if lawyers aren’t involved, the injured party may still come to you with a demand for compensation. If the suit goes all the way to court and the court orders in favor of the plaintiff, you could be suddenly stuck with the costs of the claim pluslegal fees. 

Another potential liability can come simply from renting space at a gym or studio for your classes. A simple mistake that causes property damage to your rental space can have a landlord or studio owner demanding you pay to cover the cost of repairs. With the costs associated with the liabilities facing professionals sometimes running into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, a legitimate risk management tool is needed to offset the burden of liability. This is where yoga liability insurance comes in.

General and Professional Liability Coverage

In yoga instructor liability insurance, general and professional liability are the biggest areas of risk that yoga instructors face. Because more of these types of claims are filed than any other form, these two coverage types are by far the most common. Coverage limits for these two provisions runs $2 million for each occurrence and then $3 million in total per individual in a given policy year. 

  • General liability is the liability you have simply from being open for business. You’ll often hear general liability insurance being called slip and fall insurance because of the types of claims that are often covered under this broad business coverage. A simple, but unfortunately all-too-real scenario to imagine is a student walking in your doors, tripping over the door mat, and hurting themselves in the fall. For their injuries, they hold you liable. If a claim were warranted, an example such as this would fall under the provisions of general liability portion of your yoga insurance policy. 
  • Professional liability coverage also goes by the name malpractice insurance, which literally means coverage for bad practice. An accident can be totally not your fault or it might be the slightest lapse in judgement that results in the string of events. Whatever the cause, when the student under your guiding supervision is presented with a loss during a session, there is a possibility they will seek restitution. Yoga teacher liability insurance provides you with the ability to transfer the risk of claims like these from yourself back onto your yoga insurance company.

Personal Injury & Advertising Injury for Yoga Teachers

The right kind of insurance will offer protection against claims that allege bodily injury, property damage, and, importantly, personal injury and advertising injury that may occur over the course of your business operations.  This particular coverage protects you from claims that allege you have caused harm to another person or business. This coverage will cover the costs of legal fees and court costs related to libel, slander, defamation privacy violation, and copyright infringement claims. It may also cover potential payouts if necessary. This does not cover any intentional acts of hard that you commit. 

Identity Protection Plan for Yoga Instructors

Having your identity stolen isn’t merely inconvenient, it can present a severe financial hardship to you and your business. An identity theft could cause your credit to be frozen, causing a chain of events such as limiting your ability to make purchases, rent a new space, or secure financing. In a digital age where identity theft happens every day, insurance coverage should include provisions for identity protection. beYogi yoga insurance includes up to $25,000 to help cover the costs of restoring your identity if it is ever compromised by an identity theft event.

Hundreds of Different Modalities All Covered Under One Policy

Another really important aspect to look at when you are considering the yoga teacher insurance coverage that’s right for you is what kinds of services are covered under the provisions of the policy. A yoga insurance policy that has the best of everything but then only covers a couple of different yoga modalities is pretty useless. Worse, some yoga liability insurance programs will make you stick with a set of core modalities and then charge you a premium if you ever wanted to branch outside of those few. We know most yoga teachers offer variety of yoga styles, evolve with time or might simply consider changing up their offer to students. That’s why rather than making professionals consult their yoga insurance policy every time they want to use a different style, our policy simply covers hundreds of different yoga modalities and other wellness services all under one comprehensive program. 

Covering Your Career with Yoga Insurance 

There are many reasons why yoga insurance isn’t just a good idea, it’s one of the smartest business decisions you can make in your yoga career. Compared to the costs of a claim, yoga insurance’s low annual rates are a far better investment. In addition to stout insurance coverage that walks with you every step of your yoga journey, you also get a host of additional benefits with beYogi Yoga Teacher Insurance:  A free website, exclusive access to a full-on yoga pose library, and tons of discounts and deals from the leading names in yoga gear are all included! With coverage and benefits like these, the investment in yoga insurance is one that keeps paying you back the longer you have the protection in place. 

Signing up is simple and only takes a few minutes. Fill out a quick online application, choose a payment plan, check out, and you’re covered. Welcome to yoga teacher insurance made easy. Get covered now.

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