Comparing beYogi Yoga Insurance Against Other Options

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At beYogi, we want you to find your zen as you analyze your options for purchasing insurance for yourself and your business. That’s why we present our plans side-by-side with our competitors so you can find the best plan for your individual yogic journey. With so many modalities; eastern versus western yoga; with equipment, without; with heat; with goats, you are the best person to make the decision for the level of coverage that’s appropriate for your specific practice. We’ll explore some key policy elements in beYogi’s policies, as well as our leading competitors, so you have all the information right in front of you to make the best possible yoga insurance decision for you, your license, and your livelihood.

Make an Informed Decision About Yoga Insurance

beYogi’s yoga insurance policies offer incredibly robust coverage options for you and your practice, helping you focus on taking care of the students under your care and leaving the “what-ifs” to us. We provide exclusive, members-only benefits ($300+ value) like premium discounts, a professional website, access to a full yoga library, and so much more.

With more than 350 modalities covered and more being added, no matter what modality you use during a session, we make sure you and your practice are covered. We’ve provided a complete yoga liability insurance comparison of six of the leading yoga insurance carriers so you can have all of the information right in front of you to make the best decision for you and your practice. Below is a quick snapshot of the different comparison categories we looked at.

Yoga Insurance Snapshot

A quick glimpse into what makes beYogi the best yoga liability insurance for yoga teachers on the market. 

  • Best Price: beYogi offers the most affordable yoga teacher insurance
  • Highest Professional & General Liability Limits: All carriers have $2 Million Per Claim, Yoga Alliance and Yoga Journal have $4 Million Total Aggregate
  • Highest Product Liability Individual Aggregates: All carriers have a $2 Million limit, except for Next Insurance
  • Occurrence Form Coverage Offered: beYogi offers the industry preferred liability
  • No Membership Fee: beYogi, Next Insurance, Alternative Balance do not require fees
  • Stolen Equipment Coverage Offered: beYogi covers $1,000 w/ a $250 deductible
  • Coverage for 450+ Modalities: beYogi. Over 60 yoga styles & 450+ wellness modalities covered 
  • Identity Protection Offered: beYogi covers $25,000
  • Free Professional Website: beYogi
  • Portable Coverage: beYogi, Yoga Alliance, Yoga Journal, Alternative Balance, Philadelphia Insurance
Yoga Insurance Value Snapshot

Yoga Insurance Competitor Comparison Grid 

Competitor Comparison Grid

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NOTE: The information in this comparison has been gathered from the websites of each organization and other third-party sources. No guarantee or assurance is made by beYogi as to the accuracy or completeness of this information. This information was confirmed on 2/14/18.

Yoga Insurance Cost

beYogi yoga liability insurance has the lowest rates of any carrier out there for the amount of modalities covered and the plan limits provided. Philadelphia Insurance offers a fairly low rate but only covers a small number of modalities. Next Insurance has a low premium option, but does so at a very low limit amount which could leave the insured significantly exposed during a risk event. For most carriers we compared, modalities not covered require an additional fee and, even then, are still fairly limited in their overall number.

Most of the carriers offer the convenience of full-time and part-time yoga insurance but the plan limits vary significantly. BeYogi and Alternative Balance are the only carriers to also offer student yoga instructor insurance but Alternative is nearly 8x the price for this coverage. BeYogi is one of the few carriers compared which didn’t tack on any additional membership fees or other surcharges. 

Full-Time Price Comparison (lowest to highest):

Student Price Comparison

Part-Time Price Comparison (lowest to highest):

Defining Full-Time vs. Part-Time

Not every carrier has a part-time versus full-time distinction for their plans,

so part-time instructors have to pay the full-time rate. For those carriers 

that do offer different rates, their weekly “hour caps” are as follows:

  • Yoga Journal: Part Time < 6 hours per week
  • Philadelphia Insurance: Part Time < 6 hours per week
  • Yoga Alliance: Part Time < 8 hours per week
  • Alternative Balance: Part-Time < 10 hours per week
  • beYogi: Part Time < 10 hours per week
beYogi protects yoga teachers from liability

Comparing Coverage Limits

When comparing different yoga insurance carriers, you’ll see a lot of references to coverage limits. This simply means the total amount the carrier will pay on a claim or group of claims during the policy term. Professional Liability claims are related to events that occur during the course of your yoga instruction. More commonly known as “malpractice insurance”, professional liability claims could come from simple acts like overstretching a student who becomes injured or not realizing another student is pushing themselves too hard and they overexert in some fashion. Conversely, General Liability claims are commonly called “slip and fall” as they can be as common as a student tripping over loose carpet when they enter the studio and being injured in the fall. All carriers we’ve compared here have up to $2 Million in coverage limits for both Professional and General Liability claims. Next Insurance also offers a $500,000 and $1 Million limit on select plans but be forewarned, such a small limit could leave you significantly exposed. Yoga Alliance, Yoga Journal, and Philadelphia Insurance all have the best annual General and Professional Aggregate Limits at up to $4 Million. Annual Aggregate is the total of all claims filed under your policy during the term period.

Occurrence Form Coverage

 As opposed to a claims-made policy, occurrence form coverage provides members the benefit of yoga insurance coverage even after their policy expires. So if a claim is filed against you after your policy expires, as long as the claim-event occurred while the policy was still in effect, you’re covered..

Rental Damage Coverage

All of the carriers we compared offer Rental Damage coverage except for Next Insurance. Alternative Balance leads the pack with $300,000 in coverage. This provision is vital for yoga practitioners who are renting out space for sessions. A candle placed near a curtain that burns the wall of a rented studio could cost thousands of dollars in repairs. With Rental Damage coverage, you can have peace of mind knowing that even accidents like these are covered. When comparing coverages, make sure the carrier’s rental damage provisions apply to a variety of damages. Some carriers exclude everything but the damage caused by fire and water. 

Membership Fees 

Next Insurance and Alternative Balance also do not charge membership fees but do charge extra for some modalities. Yoga Alliance, Yoga Journal, and Philadelphia Insurance also all charge fees in addition to their premiums. 

Stolen Equipment Coverage

Of all the leading yoga insurance carriers we’ve compared here, beYogi is the only one to offer stolen equipment coverage. We know how sad it is when equipment goes missing after a session so we cover $1,000 worth of your vital yoga tools should they be stolen.

Identity Protection

In a world where identity theft and data breaches are becoming an everyday occurrence, we’ve included $25,000 worth of leading identity theft protection, included at no extra cost with our policies. beYogi wants you to be covered from every possible what-if so you can focus on your practice and helping others on their own yoga journeys. No other carrier compared offers identity theft protection with their yoga liability insurance policies.

Member Benefits

One of the best benefits of a beYogi policy and something none of our competitors offer is a free professional website to get your practice on the web. Our professional website makes you and your business stand out, helping you reach all the people in your area searching for your specific modality. Additional benefits include a host of discounts from the leading names in yoga gear and accessories, as well as, exclusive access to members-only content on everything from poses to business resources. Our member benefits are carefully curated in order to bring about a maximum benefit to complement our comprehensive insurance packages. At beYogi, we recognize the incredible effort it is to build and maintain a business so provide an array of tools for practitioners to employ to be successful in their practice.

Modality Diversity Comparison

beYogi is the only yoga insurance provider in this comparison to afford coverage for more than 350 different modalities (and counting!). We know there are so many different ways for our members to offer instruction in the modality that they know and love. Because of this, we continue to add even more modalities to ensure your chosen path is covered. Don’t see yours currently listed? Just reach out and our knowledgeable sales team will see if we can add your specific modality to our covered list.


All carriers we compared offer portable coverage for their insurance policies in all 50 states except for Next Insurance. If you’re moving your practice, be sure to check the licensing requirements in your new state by checking the State Board for yoga in the state you are moving to. Some states require additional education or training which could delay receiving a new license if you don’t plan ahead.

Yoga Insurance Reviews

At beYogi, we utilize a non-biased, third-party rating system called TrustPilot for gathering verified customers reviews. We do this so you can get a complete, honest picture of real-life member’s experiences buying and using our yoga insurance products. beYogi yoga teacher insurance reviews shows us to be rated as “Excellent”, with 5 out of 5 stars, based on more than 200 reviews so far on TrustPilot. The only other carrier to utilize TrustPilot is Yoga Journal, who is rated as “Great”, with 4 out of 5 stars, based on 170 reviews. Yoga Alliance, Next insurance, Alternative Balance, and Philadelphia Insurance do not utilize TrustPilot’s unbiased rating service.

Great Coverage, Fantastic Benefits, One, Low Price

beYogi thinks you should be able to have all the information right in front of you so you can make the best decision for you and your practice. We’ll never push you into purchasing a policy through us, we just want you to be at peace with the carrier you choose. That’s why we present all of ourselves to our potential members so you can see just how much we offer - all at a price point that’s better than any of our competitors.