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Yin yoga insurance

Yin Yoga Insurance

Yin Yoga Insurance

Yin Yoga—often called restorative yoga—is a style of yoga developed to penetrate deep into connective tissues to expand flexibility and invigorate energy to allow students to release pent-up blockages, focus on static movement, and work on breathwork (pranayama) and meditation.

Yin Yoga poses are considered to be passive poses and are designed to be held for several minutes to focus on deep stretching that reaches into connective tissues, ligaments, fascia, and more. It’s thought that Yin Yoga improves the flow of chi in the organs, enhances energy flow, and promotes flexibility without risking muscle spasm from overuse.

This type of yoga is designed to help students sit longer and more comfortably in meditation by stretching connective tissues around the joints, and often uses props like bolsters, blankets, and blocks to help students reach proper posture for passive poses that last for several minutes without having to exert extreme physical effort.

Because Yin Yoga emphasizes deep, passive stretching for longer periods of time and maintains focus on the deepest tissues of the body (connective tissues like ligaments, joints, bones, and the network of deep fascia in your body), the inherent risk of overdoing a yin pose is possible.

While injuries and accidents can happen in any type of yoga class—or as a result of any type of exercise, to be entirely transparent—Yin Yoga presents a unique risk of overstretching tissues, incorrect postures, spraining, straining, and more.

Unfortunately, it’s common for yoga students to hold instructors accountable for their injuries and accidents—even if these claims are unfounded or untrue.

As a Yin Yoga instructor, it’s vital to ensure that you’re investing in reliable, quality Yin Yoga insurance. Accidents and injuries happen, and even when they’re not directly your fault, they can damage your reputation, your finances, and your career. Costly legal fees, allegations, and time spent not working can all affect your career, and without the best Yin Yoga insurance, you leave yourself at risk of dealing with these eventualities.

Protect yourself against the unlikely, the accidental, and the unknown with beYogi.

At beYogi, we’re proud to have your back. We understand and plan for the unique risks that are associated with your career as a Yin Yoga instructor—or any other branch of yoga you might teach. That’s why we continue to offer all-inclusive liability insurance policies that have you covered no matter what, leaving you with the peace of mind you need to do your job well.

Ready to learn more about beYogi’s Yin Yoga insurance? Check out our coverage options here to see which policy best fits your needs!