Viniyoga yoga insurance
November 29, 2018
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November 29, 2018

Vinyasa yoga insurance

Vinyasa yoga insurance

Vinyasa yoga insurance

A wildly popular style of yoga, Vinyasa Yoga is often referred to as “flow yoga” for the way its poses and sequences run together. Arguably the most popular contemporary style of yoga, Vinyasa is a broad classification that encompasses a variety of yoga types, including styles like Power Yoga, Baptiste Power Yoga, CorePower, and more.

Vinyasa yoga can best be described as a fluid, movement-intensive practice that smoothly transitions from pose to pose while linking breath and movement together. Often, vinyasa practices are designed to focus on the flow of the sequence. While some instructors might use repetitive movements, vinyasa yoga is rarely defined by meticulous sequences or regular routines, so it’s often an ideal choice for yoga students who love to practice creativity and enjoy the freedom of flowing movements.

No two vinyasa classes are ever the same and Vinyasa classes tend to focus on stringing movements together with little rest time in between. This means that this unique, yet popular, style of yoga stands in direct opposition to yoga styles like Hatha Yoga (where students are often focused on one pose at a time with rest in between), Iyengar Yoga (a meticulous practice that is highly technical ), and Ashtanga Yoga (where the repetition of the same poses in the same sequence is key).

The main foundation of Vinyasa Yoga is the synchronization of breath toe movement—it’s vital that instructors are able to teach breath as an anchor, even as students move through advanced poses, vigorous movements, and powerful sequences. Students should expect a variety of warm-up stretches or standing poses before launching into breath-linked movements, sequences, and flows.

Because Vinyasa Yoga is focused on powerful movements, vigorous activity, strength, and flexibility, there are inherent risks involved. Just as with any yoga practice (or exercise in general), overstretching, spraining, breaking, slipping, and falling are all potential injuries that could (unfortunately) fall back on the yoga instructor.

That’s where beYogi can help.

As a Vinyasa Yoga instructor, it’s crucial to ensure that you’re investing in reliable, quality Vinyasa Yoga insurance. Liability insurance for yoga instructors—both general and professional—is vital for safeguarding a yoga instructor’s career, reputation, and future.

Often, when accidents happen, students will blame injuries or negligence on instructors—and even if these claims are unfounded, they can damage an instructor’s reputation, finances, and career. With quality Vinyasa Yoga liability insurance, you can ensure you’re protected against the damages an allegation, claim, or potential lawsuit could cause.

BeYogi is proud to have your back. We understand the unique, specific risks associated with Vinyasa yoga—and any other branch or style of yoga you might teach. That’s why we offer all-inclusive programs that cover dozens of yoga styles—this way, you’re always protected, giving you the peace of mind to teach your students correctly, safely, and seamlessly.

Ready to learn more about beYogi’s coverage? Check out our coverage options here to see which of our policies best fit your needs.