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AcroYoga Insurance

AcroYoga Insurance

AcroYoga Insurance

AcroYoga is a unique style of yoga that blends together elements of traditional vinyasa or hatha yoga with modern acrobatics to create a fusion of partner yoga with deep—but playful—dimensions.

Though AcroYoga is one of the newest, most modern interpretations and styles of yoga, its blooming popularity has made it a prevalent choice of exercise for yoga students. If you’ve ever seen partner yoga where one student lies on the ground (acting as a base) supporting another student as they move through intricate asanas and acrobatic sequences, then you’re more familiar with AcroYoga than you might think.

AcroYoga—a branch of yoga practice that was created in the late 1990s—is built on the foundation of connection, merging the confidence, trust, and abilities of two partners under the direction and instruction of a trained yoga instructor.

Considered to be vigorous, challenging, and physically demanding, it’s defining feature is the use of gravity to stretch, strengthen, and promote physical and mental wellness for students. This branch of yoga can also offer elements of massage to relieve stress and muscle tension, too. 

However, partner work is the key focus for AcroYoga. 

Typically, AcroYoga contains three roles for yogis—a base (the person who is in contact with the ground and supports their partner with their arms or legs), a flyer (the person who is lifted off the ground by the base), and the spotter (the person who watches the base and flyer, ensuring alignment is correct and postures are safe—this is usually an instructor’s role).

BeYogi believes in providing yoga instructors with the specific coverage they need for the peace of mind they deserve. Every branch and style of yoga is different, which means the inherent risks associated with each style of yoga is different, too.
Of course, AcroYoga has some of the most unique risks of all—combining two or more students working together in a physical space. This often leads to the thought that injuries are more likely in this branch of yoga.

That means, more often than not, accidents are going to happen. Breaks, sprains, overstretches, slips, falls—you name it, it can happen.

AcroYoga insurance is a must for professional, responsible yoga instructors who prioritize protecting their career, their reputation, and their future. With all-inclusive policies that cover a wide variety of yoga styles (and the risks associated with them), beYogi’s proud to have your back.

Should a legal situation, claim, or allegation arise, beYogi’s uniquely created policies will provide you with the coverage, support, and protection you need to safeguard your career, your future, and your reputation as a yoga instructor.

Ready to learn more about beYogi’s AcroYoga insurance? We thought so. Check out our AcroYoga insurance policies for part-time-to-full-time instructors right here!

The Need for AcroYoga Insurance

So instead of damaging your reputation and risking having to pay thousands of dollars in medical bills, secure your financial safety with AcroYoga insurance. AcroYoga insurance will protect you from false claims, expensive medical bills, and much more.

We understand that accidents happen, especially in AcroYoga. No matter how many warnings you give your students, they still might push too hard. And when an accident happens, the one that’s held responsible is the teacher. When these accidents do happen, don’t you want to be sure that you will be covered from any false blame or expensive medical bills? With AcroYoga insurance, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Our AcroYoga insurance provides:

  • Profession, general, and product liability insurance
  • Protection from false claims
  • Medical expenses
  • Instant coverage
  • Identity protection
  • Stolen equipment protection
  • Discounts on yoga products and free business resources

In 2013, nearly 5,000 yoga students were involved in yoga-related accidents. It very well could happen in your AcroYoga class. And if it does… don’t you want to rest assured that it won’t damage your reputation or cost you thousands of dollars in medical bills?

Get Insured Today!

With beYogi you can get AcroYoga insurance at this very moment. When you sign up with us today you’ll get immediate proof of insurance and instant coverage. So when your yoga students are careless, there’s no risk to your reputation whatsoever. Apply today to guarantee your safety and security if an accident does happen in your AcroYoga class!