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November 6, 2018
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AcroYoga Insurance

​AcroYoga Insurance

​AcroYoga Insurance

​AcroYoga is not your regular yoga class and is most definitely not for beginners. AcroYoga is a unique intensive yoga style in which two participants use their balance and core strength to achieve acrobatic yoga positions. These positions require two participants and often suspend one participant into the air for a significant amount of time.

AcroYoga has been growing in popularity lately but has been practiced since the 1930’s. This yoga style combines elements of acrobatics along with the healing properties of yoga. It requires immense concentration and years of experience to participate in this style of yoga.

Without proper balance and precision, yoga practices like these could result in serious injuries. Just one step out of line could result in a partner’s injury. In AcroYoga, participants often push themselves too far without being 100% prepared for the complexities of this yoga style. And when you’re the AcroYoga teacher, if someone gets injured on your watch, it’s you that’s held responsible.

​The Need for AcroYoga Insurance

So instead of damaging your reputation and risking having to pay thousands of dollars in medical bills, secure your financial safety with AcroYoga insurance. AcroYoga insurance will protect you from false claims, expensive medical bills, and much more.

We understand that accidents happen, especially in AcroYoga. No matter how many warnings you give your students, they still might push too hard. And when an accident happens, the one that’s held responsible is the teacher. When these accidents do happen, don’t you want to be sure that you will be covered from any false blame or expensive medical bills? With AcroYoga insurance, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Our AcroYoga insurance provides:

  • Profession, general, and product liability insurance
  • Protection from false claims
  • Medical expenses
  • Instant coverage
  • Identity protection
  • Stolen equipment protection
  • Discounts on yoga products and free business resources

In 2013, nearly 5,000 yoga students were involved in yoga-related accidents. It very well could happen in your AcroYoga class. And if it does… don’t you want to rest assured that it won’t damage your reputation or cost you thousands of dollars in medical bills?

Get Insured Today!

With beYogi you can get AcroYoga insurance at this very moment. When you sign up with us today you’ll get immediate proof of insurance and instant coverage. So when your yoga students are careless, there’s no risk to your reputation whatsoever. Apply today to guarantee your safety and security if an accident does happen in your AcroYoga class!