Yoga Teacher Training Scholarship


yoga teacher training scholarship


Want to become a yoga teacher? Here is your opportunity to take stress out of the equation! What you'll win:

  • $500 to go toward your yoga teacher training program
  • Free Yoga Student Insurance policy

Included with the Yoga Student Insurance Policy:

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    Free Yoga Teacher Resources
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    30% off at Gaiam
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    30% off the Yoga Expo
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    30% off YogaClub Box
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    30% off a Membership
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    Free Yoga Pose Library
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    Free Music Playlists & eBooks

Ready to take your yoga career to the next level? Enter to win a $500 scholarship for yoga teacher training at the school of your choice. Simply fill out the form below. 

Give it your all!

We want to know exactly what makes teaching yoga a career path for you. When answering the final 3 questions below, make sure to use 300+ words in your explanation. This will give us the best sense of who you are and why you are yogi.

How to Choose the Right Yoga Teacher Training

Before beginning yoga teacher training, it’s important that you do a little research. Think about your intensions for taking teacher training and what it can provide you on your yoga journey.

Benefits of Yoga Teacher Training

Whether you want to become an international yoga teacher by connecting with people around the world or you want to deepen your own knowledge of yoga, both intentions are great reasons to attend yoga teacher training. On a personal level, you will benefit greatly—if your inner voice calls for you to share your knowledge and inspiration, then consider teaching yoga your calling.

Choosing a YTT

Consider these variables when choosing a yoga teacher training including the length, location, style, teacher, and most importantly, intentions for taking yoga teacher training. 

Most training runs over the course of seven to eight weekends for around six months to a year. Another option is a 21-day or a full month of learning, where you are in one location for the set 200 hours waking up every day covering the topics and course.

The style and the teacher are two important connections that all inquiring trainees shoulder consider when choosing a training program. If you don’t connect with the style of the practice or the teacher leading the training, you’re not going to put your best foot forward in absorbing the knowledge.

Questions to ask yourself about your intentions and the intentions of the training course: What is your intention behind the training? What do you hope to get out of it? And, when looking for a training program, will this training have the potential to offer that outcome for you?