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June 16, 2016
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June 27, 2016

Confused on Which Yoga Style is Right for You? [Quiz]

It’s difficult for a yoga instructor to find their teaching niche.

From Iyengar to power, the styles of yoga are as diverse as those who teach and practice them. But with so many yoga styles out there, it is can be difficult to decide which style to teach.

If you want to be a truly authentic yoga teacher, picking the right yoga style is incredibly important. In order to inspire your students and motivate you and your practice, the style must resonate with you.

Being passionate about what you teach not only creates happiness for your students but for you as well because great teachers love what they teach.

The good news is you have a variety of options that fit many different lifestyles and goals. Find the style that is best for you and your teaching intentions by taking the quiz below.

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