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The Art of a Yoga Sequence: Breath to Movement

Yogi Mark Stephens poses on a webinar cover page explaining how he'll teach proper yoga sequencing through breathwork.
Mark Stephens teaches yoga instructors and yogis how to deepen and refine their ability to relate phases and qualities of breathing to transitions between postures as well as the movements we make to get into, explore, and release from a variety of different postures. 

Yoga Sequencing: Linking Breath to Movement 


  • Breath-Work Integration: Mark Stephens emphasizes the profound connection between breath and movement in yoga practice.
  • Transitions Between Postures: Providing guidance to yogis and yoga teachers on seamless transitions between different postures.
  • Understanding Breath-Movement Link: Exploring how every movement is intertwined with breath, and the importance of refining this connection.
  • Gradual Exploration: Starting from simple breath awareness while sitting and gradually delving into explanations of more complex movements, particularly focusing on transitioning into postures.
  • Stability and Ease: Highlighting the benefits of understanding the relationship between breath, energetic action, and finding stability and ease in yoga practice.

In This Webinar: What You'll Learn

In this webinar, Mark Stephens focuses on teaching on the links between breath work and movements, guiding yogis and yoga teachers on transitions between postures.  

With light references to key principles of yoga philosophy and anatomy, Mark shares a model of how to teach in more informed and integrated ways to benefit students and deepen yoga sequences. 

Mark addresses the elephant in the room about breath and movement, explaining that our movements are always linked with breath.

The key? Understanding how to tap into even the simple ways we move and breath and refine this link. 

Throughout the webinar, Mark address breath and movement on a gradual scale–starting with the simplicity of our breath while sitting still and gradually diving into explanations of greater movements, looking at in particular how we move into posture and asana. 

It's Mark's hope that with practice, we can appreciate what's happening with breath, energetic action, and understanding how that relates to finding stability and ease. 

About Mark Stephens 

Long ago described by Yoga Journal as "the teacher's teacher," California-based yoga teacher Mark Stephens is a C-IAYT and international best-selling author of Teaching Yoga, Yoga Sequencing, Yoga Adjustments, and Yoga Therapy, and Yoga for Better Sleep, which are available in multiple languages.

Practicing yoga since 1991 and teaching since 1996, Mark has trained thousands of yoga teachers worldwide.

With a rich background in Ashtanga Vinyasa, Iyengar, Vinyasa Flow, Tantra, and yoga therapy, Mark brings an eclectic perspective to the practice that's all about making yoga more accessible, sustainable, and deeply transformational. 

He lives and teaches yoga in Santa Cruz, California.

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