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January 12, 2017
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How to Practice Yoga Safety in Any Space

safe yoga practice

Yoga teachers have a lot of responsibility considering the money they make and the time they put into their practice. Not only are they responsible for themselves, but they are also responsible for their students.

A safe learning environment is essential when understanding the concepts taught in yoga. It’s also important to consider maximizing your service by delivering safe instructions and guidance to each of your students.

Lawsuits can be damaging.

There are numerous dangers associated with yoga, ranging anywhere from physical to psychological.

Lawsuits dealing with sexual assault, financial misconduct, and emotional abuse have been filed against some of the world’s most popular yoga teachers and brands. These lawsuits can damage the yoga teacher’s reputation and career.

One major characteristic of these lawsuits is sexual assault, which develops as a result of the psychological relationships formed between a student and teacher. These dangers include attachments, dependency, and infatuation.

Safety should be priority.

As a yoga teacher, you should try to familiarize yourself with body physiology and anatomy, so you can instruct your students with confidence. This knowledge is invaluable in the yoga practice and can create a supportive relationship with each of your students.

You wouldn’t want your student breaking their neck because they did not assume the correct position while performing certain poses in class. The more you learn about safety, the better you can protect your students and yourself.

Not too long ago, a Colorado resident accused a yoga teacher for unsolicited physical manipulation that would later require a surgical operation. The resident accused the studio, of allowing the teacher to change the student’s positions without their consent.

This is the perfect example as to why you need to take your teaching to the next level and make sure you are protecting both your clients and yourself.

The importance of yoga insurance.

As a yoga teacher, you can make a huge difference in society by ensuring your student’s safety—yoga insurance allows you to do exactly that.

If someone was to get injured during a new adjustment, position, or alignment that you proposed, then they could sue you, ultimately threatening your reputation and your practice.

Regardless of how safe you think your studios is, it’s important to take every precaution to protect your students and yourself.

The emotional distress accompanied by negative publicity is overwhelming and may cause a lot of health issues down the road. By purchasing something such as yoga insurance, you can easily protect yourself and your students.

When you become a yoga teacher, you put ourselves out there. You become closer to your students in physical, emotional, and spiritual ways.

As much as you want your students to fall in love with the yoga practice, one injury could prevent them from wanting to learn more. By ensuring a safe and secure environment, people can become united and learn to work cohesively in any environment.

To learn more about the importance of yoga insurance, check out beYogi’s complete guide to yoga insurance!

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