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Liability Insurance for Full and Part-Time Yoga Teachers

Get #1 rated yoga insurance that covers you wherever you teach. No membership fee required and get fully covered for just $0.49/day. All-inclusive yoga liability insurance included at one low price.

Get #1 rated yoga insurance that covers you wherever you teach. No membership fee required and get fully covered for just $0.49/day.

Live Streaming

Live streaming and pre-recorded video covered

Easy Monthly Payment Options

As low as $14.58/month paid annually

Occurence-Form Protection

Coverage for claims made after expiration

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450+ modalities covered including acro & SUP yoga

  • Live streaming and pre-recorded video covered
  • As low as $14.58/month paid annually
  • Coverage for claims made after expiration 450+ modalities covered including acroyoga

Yoga Teacher Insurance Options

Our part-time policy covers you for 10 hours or less per week (the highest in the industry) and has the same coverage as the full-time policy. Also, save $30 by getting the 2-year yoga insurance policy.

One Year Professional



Great for yoga instructors who teach less than 9 hours per week. Same coverage as the FT policy.

One Year Professional



Great for teachers teaching 10 or more hours per week. All the coverage you need to teach online, in-studio, outside.

Two Year Professional



Great for teachers who know they will be teaching for 2+ years. Save $30 by choosing the two year policy option.

beYogi's Trusted Insurance for Yoga Teachers

Yoga Liability Insurance Highlights

Coverage Details

beYogi's goal is to provide comprehensive yoga instructor insurance to yoga professionals from all around the United States. Our policies are designed to make you feel completely at ease with your liability coverage and protection. 

Of course, your peace of mind is one of the most important aspects of our yoga teacher insurance policy. We’ve created our coverage specifically for the unique risks of teaching yoga.  If you are new to the world of liability insurance, and want more information then visit our liability insurance resource center.

Yoga Insurance Limits

1 Additional Insured: $10 | Unlimited Additional Insureds: $30

Some yoga insurance policies will offer different limits based on your full-time or part-time status. This would mean that if you are a part-time yoga instructor, you may have less coverage than a full-time teacher. We don’t believe in offering different coverage limits so all our policies have the same limits. From students to full-time instructors, all members enjoy the same great coverage. Our yoga insurance program prices are based on how you will use the coverage and decide to pay.

General and professional liability coverage are some of the most essential coverages for any yoga insurance policy. A liability is a risk that a client may encounter while under your instruction or in your facility. General liability and professional liability coverage are both necessary for every yoga professional.

The coverage limit for both professional and general liability is $2 million per occurrence with an annual aggregate (maximum) of $3 million. This coverage is designed to protect you thoroughly from a single liability claim or multiple claims within a year.

  • General liability:
    General liability coverage protects you from non-specific harm or injuries while on your property or under your teaching. These injuries are not directly resulting from your profession as a yoga instructor. A few common claims related to general liability may be falls, slips, trips, damaged personal property, or other injuries from a facility issue.

    General liability coverage could help cover the cost of a lawsuit from bodily injury or damaged personal property. If a client trips and falls on a loose rug in your lobby, general liability insurance could help compensate them for their injuries and medical expenses.

    General liability coverage is necessary for any business, not just yoga teachers. Because slips, falls, and general injuries can happen anywhere, general liability protection is an important investment for any professional. Most other insurance providers have general liability coverage included in their yoga teacher insurance policy; however, not all general coverage is the same. You will want to ensure that your policy has a generous coverage limit that will be sufficient to protect you from a general liability claim.

  • Professional liability:
    Professional liability coverage helps protect you against the cost of injuries from errors and omissions. These injuries are correlated to your work as a yoga professional. In medical terms, these claims are known as malpractice because they imply that the professional caused harm or injury to their client.

    For yogis, a professional liability claim may be a client overexerting themselves in a class, tearing a ligament while attempting a new pose, or aggravating a pre-existing medical condition due to your instruction. Unfortunately, these types of claims are becoming more common among health and wellness professionals.

    Professional liability coverage helps cover the cost of a lawsuit when a client claims negligence or incompetence. While most insurance providers include this coverage in a yoga insurance policy, our generous limits stand out.

As a yoga instructor, you may use a variety of products to enhance the environment or experience for your students. While these products can be an excellent benefit to your pupils, they could also do more harm than good if your client has a negative reaction to the products you use. Product liability coverage is designed to protect you from the cost of a lawsuit because of an allergic reaction or aggravation from a product.

Some common product liability claims may be skin irritation due to a cleaner on one of your yoga mats, anaphylactic shock from an allergy to incense in your studio, or a triggered aversion to a scent in your classroom.

The product liability coverage included with a beYogi yoga instructor insurance policy helps protect you with a $2 million annual aggregate. While not all insurance providers consider product liability coverage, it’s a standard part of our protection. We have built our yoga insurance policy to cover you should something go wrong completely. We protect you on multiple fronts from the cost of a liability lawsuit.

Many yoga professionals rent the premises where they hold their classes or host their studios. While renting a commercial location can be a wonderful way to get a fantastic workspace, it also comes with a good deal of responsibility. If your rental property is damaged in an incident or from your work, the property owner could hold you responsible for the cost of repairs.

Some common claims that rental property owners may file against yoga professionals may be as follows:

  • Damages to the walls or flooring from malfunctioning equipment
  • Burns or fire damage from hot yoga equipment
  • Worn-out carpet from constant use

In the above examples, a building owner could demand that you cover some or the total cost of repairs. That’s where rental property damage protection could help. Our yoga instructor insurance policy includes up to $100,000 of coverage for your rental property. This coverage can help protect you if a facility owner files a damage claim against you.

Some other yoga insurance providers make you pay an additional fee for rental property damage protection. However, we don’t believe that yoga instructors should have to piece together insurance policies to get the coverage they need. That’s why we included everything wrapped into a single, comprehensive policy. A beYogi insurance policy for yoga instructors is the only liability policy you’ll need as a yoga professional.

Identity theft is a modern threat that professionals from all industries are dealing with these days. As the online world further becomes integral for businesses, the need for online protection has become evident. As a business professional, you likely have a website, use social media to promote your services, and may use a suite of online business tools. While this online presence can be an excellent opportunity to showcase your talents, engage with your students, and manage your business, it can also leave you vulnerable to online attacks.

The larger your online presence, the more exposed your information is to online thieves. By promoting your services online, identity thieves can gain access to your information and use it to steal funds, make purchases under your name, and impersonate you online. In short, an identity thief could wreak havoc on your finances or your reputation with just small pieces of information about you.

With the potential of identity theft being greater than ever, protecting yourself from identity theft is becoming a priority for many yoga professionals. That’s why we include up to $25,000 of coverage for identity theft. This coverage is designed to help you recoup financial losses due to an online impersonator.

The notion of including identity theft protection in a yoga instructor insurance policy is relatively new. Not many other insurance providers have the foresight to include this coverage, but beYogi is different. We promise to be at the cutting edge of yoga insurance and provide the coverage you actually need for today and whatever tomorrow may bring. We’ve brought yoga insurance into the modern era by including identity theft protection as a standard part of your policy. You can always count on us to offer practical coverage that is entirely centered on your needs.

Like any health professional, the equipment you use for yoga instruction is essential to your work. Your equipment is vital to helping your students reach their fitness goals or helping them along their journey. Even though you may use it every day, you may not think about it being a liability. However, if your equipment suddenly goes missing, it could be costly to replace.

While no one wants to think about a break-in, stolen equipment is a real possibility for yoga professionals. The tools you use to teach your students are an investment in your profession. If that equipment is stolen, it could leave you in a bind to replace it. Many yoga instructors have spent years accumulating their instruments, and it would be devastating to have to replace them all again.

Stolen equipment protection is designed to help you replace the equipment you need to continue training your students. We include stolen equipment coverage of up to $1,000. We only require a $250 deductible with each claim. If your hot yoga heater or head supports are stolen, stolen equipment protection can go a long way in helping to replace them.

Other yoga instructor insurance providers charge an additional fee for this coverage, but not beYogi. We don’t believe in hidden fees or making you pay for coverage you don’t need.

No Waiver Required

Unlike other liability insurance companies, beYogi does not require liability waivers to purchase our insurance. However we do highly recommend teachers employ waivers as another protection. Click here to get a free waiver template.

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In addition to liability insurance, you get a free website, stolen equipment coverage, theft protection, and tons of discounts on yoga equipment, retreats, yoga software, classes and more.

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