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Top 10 Yoga Friendly Cities in America You Need to Visit

Yoga is one of the nation’s most rapidly growing recreational pursuits. The practice of yoga has shown to have numerous mental and physical benefits to the people who take part in it. More Americans than ever are choosing to hit the mats, and for good reason!

Studios all over America offer a variety of classes that can be suited to all levels, as well as classes that can accommodate even the busiest schedules. Today, it is almost impossible to make an excuse not to check out a​​​​ local studio.

While studios are popping up across the country, these top 10 yoga friendly cities in America are the must-visit places.

10. San Diego, California

It is easy to see why San Diego was named one of the country’s happiest cities in a recent study. Between the year-round sunshine and easy beach access, San Diego residents are a lucky bunch. Yoga plays a major part in personal happiness for almost all of its residents.

9. Austin, Texas

Very similar to San Francisco or Boulder, the city of Austin is a bit of an outlier in Texas. Yoga is a rapidly growing activity of choice for many people living in Austin, who are given quite a few choices on the style of classes offered, from goat yoga to Bikram yoga.

8. Stowe, Vermont

Though the small city of Stowe, Vermont is primarily known for it’s amazing ski slopes, it has been making a name for itself in the world of yoga recently as well. Much smaller than any of the other cities included on the list, Stowe is a great city to get a more personal yoga experience. Despite the town’s small size, there are plenty of options.

7. Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon, a hotbed for young professionals, has also become a hot spot for yoga. The city has a multitude of studios and has something for everyone. Looking for something that’s more of an intense workout? Check out Corepower Studios, which offers fast paced, advanced courses ideal for the serious yogi.

6. Boulder, Colorado

Boulder’s population is a mix of college students, hippies, and top adventure-athletes. Many residents are drawn to the city for a variety of reasons, but many will agree that yoga classes are a great way to unwind after a long day at the office or on the trail.

Yoga is an incredible way to tone and stretch muscles, making it a top choice for many of the city’s outdoor athletes. Boulder is located at the base of the beautiful Flatiron mountains, which provide an amazing view for outdoor classes.

5. Anchorage, Alaska

Alaska is home to more yoga studios per capita than any other state. As the largest city in the state, Anchorage is home to the majority of them. With a little less than 300,000 residents as of 2010, Anchorage is hardly a major city, but its residents are able to pick from over 20 different studios! The long, cold, and dark winters are a great time to head to the studio to clear the mind.

4. Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington is known for its coffee and rainy weather, but yoga may soon be added to the list. The city is home to the We Yoga Co-op, whose mission is to build a community through yoga. For people who are becoming increasingly distant in their local communities, Seattle offers yogis a chance to be more than just a participant in class, but also make a difference in their community.

3. Denver, Colorado

Known as one of the healthiest cities in America, it is easy to see why Denver, Colorado makes the list as one of the country’s top yoga cities. Though the city has an abundance of recreational opportunities, more and more residents are opting to hit the mat. Participation is up nearly 50 percent nationwide since 2012 and that number is even higher in Denver. Denver’s rapidly growing yoga scene and nearly 300 days of annual sunshine make this city one of the top choices for yoga practitioners.

2. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

For some, it may be a bit of a surprise to see Philadelphia as the second most yoga-friendly city in America, however, the city of brotherly love is a haven for practitioners of all skill-levels. Philadelphia is home to Studio B Yoga Center which was recently named as one of the top studios in the world! There are two locations in the city, each offering affordable yoga classes as well as relaxing messages and reiki energy treatment.

1. San Francisco, California

Coming in at number one on the list is San Francisco, California. Long known as a city full of happy hippies, residents are nearly 60 percent more likely to practice yoga than the general American population. Yoga is so popular in this city, that companies such as Google and Samsung, have yoga studios on-site. The city even built a yoga studio in its airport! The laid-back atmosphere of the city combined with an abundance of yoga studios make it the perfect place for the avid yogi.

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Jayson Goetzz
Jayson Goetzz
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