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Trust Yourself: Yoga and the Universe

yoga and the universe

Being apart of the yoga world can make you become more connected with your thoughts and actions. When you practice yoga you create a stronger core, back, and mind.

This strength that your body creates not only becomes apart of us physically but also mentally, allowing you to trust yourself in times of need.

As you practice yoga more and more, you learn to rely on our strength and abilities to conquer even some of the most difficult poses. And in some instances, it’s not always the pose we are trying to conquer but the battles that you face in your everyday life.

Face reality and the universe.

Have you ever had to run for your life? What thoughts came into your head?

Thoughts are very powerful. Every thought you have, creates an energy flow and attracts other forms of energy. When you radiate an energy of confidence, you no longer vibrate energy of fear or disbelief. Instead, you attract grand experiences in your life!

In addition, your thoughts and energy create your reality. The ultimate reality of the universe is absolutely identical with our innermost nature. Your thoughts and actions determine your destiny. Therefore, you become what you identify with.

Believe in a higher power.

It was another sunny day in San Diego. My friends, Paul and Bobby, decided to join me for a nature walk. We decided to explore San Elijo Lagoon because the photos looked lovely and we hadn’t been there before. We didn’t specifically know where the trail started, but we found somewhere to park next to the Lagoon and began wandering through the swamp.

I spotted a trail just on the other side of this stream.

“Maybe we can take our shoes off and walk through the water,” I suggested with a childlike curiosity.

“Or, we can just run across this railway bridge.” Bobby added.

“Oh yes, that would probably be the most efficient way!” I agreed.

We were exploring this mysterious area with unknown outcomes and it gave us an incredible rush of excitement. We began running across the narrow bridge. After we crossed, we noticed that the water curved around and became deeper. We were having a hard time getting to our trail. I looked up and saw a sign warning us that there is no trespassing allowed. Oops.

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“Let’s head back guys. I don’t think we can make it to the trail from here. We’ll have to find another route from the road.”

"Just then, we saw a faint white light peak out from around the corner. It began heading toward us.

“Train! Run!” Paul screams.

We all turned back to where we came in from and began sprinting back, across the bridge.

“Oh no. My shoe is caught,” I yelled.

I bent down to fix it, but it felt loose.  I couldn’t run as fast as I usually would.

Bobby looked behind him, “Run faster, Hannah!” he advised.

Thoughts were racing through my head, “I got this!  I’m not going to die today! I just need to run faster.”

“Faster, Hannah, faster.”

Now, Bobby and Paul have both made it across the bridge and they are screaming at me. I saw the horror in their facial expressions. The train must be right behind me, but I couldn’t afford to lose any more time by looking back. The train was honking wildly and angrily. I felt empathy for the driver. I knew that he could not stop.

With a final burst of speed, I dashed to the edge of the bridge, grabbed the wooden stump, and threw myself into the ditch. Within a second, the train whooshed behind me.

“Wahoo! I made it,” I expressed with a renewed sense of life.

I felt invincible. I scanned my arms and legs, I was still in one piece. I knew that there was a higher power pushing me along. I also knew that if I would have hesitated and listened to the voice of fear, “You’re dead.  You’re not going to make it,” then that one-second would have cost me my life.

Trust yourself.

Through the practice of hatha yoga, the union of opposites, through self-effort together with surrender to the divine (Universe) you find the place of balance and harmony. The backside of your body represents the Universe, while your front side represents your willpower.

The more you develop a strong core, the stronger your back will become. You can take this physically or literally. If you are solid in your thought processes and radiate confidence, the Universe will protect you.

In your yoga practice, the more you strengthen your core, the stronger your back will become. Do I regret this experience? Not even for a second! The true nature of life is abundant in purpose. I know that my purpose is to live life to the fullest with curiosity and joy!

The best way to trust in the universe is to learn to trust in yourself.

Lizzy Prindle
Lizzy has been practicing yoga for over four years. She found her practice as her collegiate swimming career was ending; looking for a new hobby she began taking yoga classes and never looked back. She has carried her yogi mindset into her role as beYogi’s brand manager. Working alongside many teachers, studio owners, and yoga brands she has helped expand beYogi’s all-inclusive yoga insurance policy into an education-based membership offering much more than coverage.