Some of my biggest breakthroughs in yoga practice have been during one-on-one sessions with my teachers.

The investment made, allowed my practice to move toward the next level. Whether it was finding pain free variations, new assists for a particular pose, or getting deeper into advanced asana.

This feeling of accomplishment that I experienced during my private sessions was important. I knew when I became a yoga teacher, I wanted to share that same feeling with my students.

One-on-one classes are not only beneficial for the student, but for you as a teacher. Private sessions can help you with specific goals and assist you in becoming a better “yoga detective”.

Focusing on your student’s injuries that they might be dealing with, to learning more about yoga, will make you train your eye for misalignments and patterns that do not serve them in their practice.

Private yoga lessons are a great way for you to be innovative and stay current in your own yoga studies. Private sessions can also help your client feel connected with you on a more personal level and allow them to focus on exactly what it is they are looking for.

What are some great ways to insure your clientele stays happy and refers you to others?

1. Teaching is priority

How will you make their experience unforgettable? Talk with your client and find out what their goals are. Listen and see how you can support them during this process.

During your private yoga lessons, think about taking the weeds out of their practice. What can you focus on to make their practice more beneficial? If it is asana driven, check for mistakes that in a group class the instructor might not have time to address.

2. Adjust and assist every yoga pose

Make sure they understand the reasons why we do a pose a particular way. Also, make sure that they are able to do the pose themselves without your help.

If it is meditation or a pranayama session, give them the how and why to these practices. Making sure you are connected and present in every moment of your time with them, is the key to great teaching.

3. Bring all the right yoga equipment

Have a bag with the foundations: Two blocks, one to two straps, and a blanket. You never know what the student may need! You might have a session with someone you have never met before, so being prepared is always key.

4. Add aromatherapy


On top of the foundations, what extra value can you bring to the session? Aromatherapy is a great way to add a little something extra to your private yoga lesson. Oils (make sure to ask before applying any oils), eye pillows, candles, or lotions can make you stand out! Get creative and spoil your client.

5. Practice good time management

Always be on time and that means early. This says a lot about your commitment to serve also about you as a person. If you know you will be late make sure to call and never apologize, but instead thank them for their patience. Rushing to an appointment brings that energy with you and can also shorten your session with your client. If private clientele is your niche, being late can create a mess in your schedule as well as theirs.

6. Bring your insurance coverage

Most private classes occur in studios, gyms, or hotels but often in your client’s home. Make sure you have your insurance coverage up to date and also take the extra step and sign a waiver. It’s important to protect yourself in case of any injury that could occur during your session.

7. Be yourself

Most of all be genuine and stay true to your core values as a yoga instructor. Give the client what they ask for and see how you can show your true value. Make their experience personal and unique so you stand out from the crowd.