What You Need to Start Teaching SUP Yoga Classes 
August 8, 2023
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August 22, 2023

This webinar, E-RYT 500 and yoga educator, Christy Calahan, shares tips and creative insight with yoga teachers who seek to learn methods and cues about how to teach size-inclusive yoga.

Tips For Teaching Size-Inclusive & Trauma Sensitive Classes

A large percentage of the population is considered to be “overweight”, yet teacher trainings do not include, for the most part, bodies, other than people with slim and athletic builds.

Teaching larger bodies is not intuitive and is full of nuance. Even further, yoga teachers and students are not seeing representation of larger bodies in studios or online which causes an entire group to not feel empowered to go to a yoga class. 

Teaching accessibility and inclusively, simply means we are teaching our students to find ease in their body, and depth in their poses.

Body size does not tell a story. Remove from our mind that a larger body indicates that the student is weak, inflexible, a beginner, out of shape, or needs a chair. 

It is critical to understand that adipose (body fat) accumulates in different areas on larger bodies, making the flesh thicker and may pool in different areas-which can create barriers to classic poses. As the instructor, it is your job to help make yoga accessible to people.

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