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February 25, 2016
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March 1, 2016

Hurricane Ajna: Cloudy with a Chance of Clarity

3rd eye

A few nights ago, I had a vivid, cinematic dream. I was traveling on a large ship in the deep ocean with huge waves. While my crew members’ faces weren’t very clear, I knew they had my back. Strangely the ship didn’t have a steering wheel at all. It was as if my crew and I were intuitively steering and guiding the ship with psychic abilities. We all had the force and were collectively using it.

Awakening a new awareness

The waves became more wild and violent like in the movie, The Perfect Storm. Our boat began to dip sideways as 50-foot, tsunami-like waves began crashing into our ship. Part of me thought the boat was going to flip, and I could sense the nervous energy from my crew members. Tension, fear, and worry completely consumed me.

Then suddenly, a new awareness emerged: I emotionally shifted into trusting the waves. Panic and terror melted away as I embraced this new awareness of trusting what is rather than struggling with what is.

Trusting the eye of the storm

My lucid self returned with the burning itch of curiosity. Where is the captain and who is really steering this boat? But instead of allowing this curiosity to consume me, I decided to relace my dreamer shoes and keep experiencing the wild, ecstatic moment.

I remember thinking: If that giant wave falls on the boat, the water is going to be freaking cold. Another giant wave came toward us now—and this was the big one. Our boat was completely upright on the wave at a 90-degree angle, and we were all feeling excitement from the adrenaline. I was panicking, but a part of me still trusted the way life was unfolding. I felt so many emotions simultaneously in that moment.

Riding the wave

Surprisingly the ship went over this giant wave. What appeared on the other side was a beautiful sunrise and a city at its harbor. The colors of the sunrise and city were warm pastels. It looked like the landscape of an impressionist painting.

As we approached the harbor, I could feel the crew’s energy. Many of them were fearful that our ship would crash into the harbor, as there was no clear steering wheel. Yet I felt this strong energy that our ship was being guided by an angelic force and knew we would be protected. To my lucid dreamer’s amazement, I watched the ship navigate through the city smoothly and safely. At that point, the dream blurred out.

Unleashing the empowered

There are hundreds of interpretations and symbols built in this dream, but I really feel that we, as humanity, are all on this boat together. We are one team and our state of collective consciousness is going through a wild time right now.

Now are we going to show up to our higher calling in our beautiful lives? Can we trust the creative process of fully embracing the scary, challenging moments, which always aid the process of inner alchemy?

Especially after this dream, I trust that there is a beautiful sunrise with new opportunities behind every wave, every obstacle, and every difficult life circumstance. Now is the time to fully unleash our creative, empowered, resilient, and illuminated selves. What are we waiting for? Let’s rock the boat in 2016! And remember, a smooth sea never made a great sailor.