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August 5, 2021
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August 12, 2021

For many people creating the yoga career of their dreams stays just that, a dream.

We hear from so many yoga practitioners that they dream of becoming a teacher, sharing their passion, and doing big things but haven’t taken the leap, especially now given the current state of the world.

And at beYogi, we get it, at first glance starting a new career path or side hustle on the tail end of a global pandemic may not seem like the best idea.

You may worry that with so much uncertainty and change over the last year, it would be best to wait for a while before pursuing a career as a yoga teacher, or begin a new business venture but that may not be the case.

In fact, right now could be exactly the right time to start your yoga teaching career.

So if you’ve been watching from the sidelines and dreaming of taking the leap here are a few reasons why you might want to dust off those stretchy pants, roll out your mat and get ready to take the leap.

Stress Relief & Mindfulness Practices are Booming Right Now 

If there has ever been a year where we have needed stress relief, wellbeing, and mindfulness practices it was this past year and the wellness industry is booming right now. 

Not only have we been isolated, and grappling with the fear and grief of living through a global pandemic, but stress is at an all time high.

The everyday person is anxious, stressed, and uncertain of what the future will hold, and we need some major stress relief.

Many people who have never practiced yoga before are starting up a home practice and looking for yoga teachers in their area or online. 

This increase in stress and uncertainty given the current state of the world has led many people to begin a mindfulness and yoga practice in hopes of it bringing them some peace of mind during these challenging times, and they need someone to lead them.

Perhaps that person they are looking for right now to start their journey is you.

Teaching yoga is not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing and it’s important for students to find a teacher that resonates with them, is knowledgeable and passionate about sharing yoga and has a unique and authentic voice and perspective.

Chances are there are people right now looking for someone just like you to lead them through their practice, they just don’t know where to find you. 

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It's Never Been Easier to Share the Practice of Yoga Around the World 

If there is one positive aspect that has come from the past year it is definitely our new found proficiency in doing everything virtually from our living rooms.

As someone who was teaching online and had a location independent business model before COVID-19 I can honestly say that there used to be a steep learning curve for students and teachers alike to adjust to a virtual home practice, but now zoom calls, online hangouts, and virtual teaching is second nature to all. 

It has truly never been easier to share your passion with students all across the globe.

If your students have the internet, they can practice with you!

This opens up the possibility and opportunity to teach beyond your physical location and teach students all over the world.

And you can think outside of the box too, go beyond zoom calls and IG lives and think of all the new ways we can share information now.

Maybe you want to start a podcast, or host a virtual at home retreat, or even create a video series that leads students through a daily mindfulness practice for 14 days.

The opportunity is truly endless and if you can dream it, you can do it. 

People Are Eager to Return to Events & In-Person Classes

On the flip side, if you are in an area of the globe where things are beginning to open up and you are returning to in person events, this is the perfect time to start offering group classes or attend your first Yoga Teacher Training. If you are searching for reputable teacher trainings check out the discounts beYogi members receive off yoga schools. 

After being deprived of connecting with other people for so long, we are all hungry to do things in person once again.

Take this opportunity to share your teachings and get your toes wet in the yoga world by reconnecting with your community.

Maybe you could offer yoga in the park, host a meditation circle, organize an afternoon women’s retreat, or offer yoga classes at a local brewery.

People are looking for ways to finally get out of the house, move their bodies, and see other humans.

If your area is safely reopening, take this time to help others reconnect and get on their mat so they can have some fun together. 

This is the Perfect Time to Start a Side-Hustle & Earn Income Doing What You Love

Another factor to consider is this could be the perfect time to start your yoga side hustle. A yoga side hustle is a source of income that comes from yoga- teaching part-time; offering retreats; business coaching. 

This is a financially challenging time for many, and so many people have found themselves working reduced hours or losing their jobs all together, and could use an extra stream of income.

One of the best parts of being a yoga teacher is the fact that you can earn a living sharing what you love.

You can teach as much or as little as you want, and you can offer your classes at a time that works for you, meaning you can fit teaching yoga around working another job or just have it fit into your life schedule and make some extra income on the side.

There is truly nothing better than getting paid to do what you love.

With businesses reopening and people looking for classes there are many in-person and online studios that have begun hiring again and are looking for teachers to resume their classes. 

Today is Always the Perfect Day to Chase Your Dreams 

Finally, as cheesy as it sounds there is truly no better day to turn your dreams into a reality than today.

I have worked with countless yoga teachers and students that have told me about their dreams of starting their yoga career but have been afraid to get started and are stuck just dreaming.

There are a million reasons not to do something, but it just takes that first step to overcome and start the wheels in motion.

Imagine, that if instead of following your favorite teachers on Instagram you were someone’s favorite teacher on Instagram. 

Or instead of going on a yoga retreat, you were leading the yoga retreat. There is no better day than today to take the first step and make your dreams come true. 

If you are ready to take the leap and make your dream a reality  check out these top online training programs

Kelly Smith
Kelly is the founder of Yoga For You, and the host of the Mindful in Minutes podcast. She is an E-RYT 500, YACEP, and a location independent yoga and meditation teacher. She spends her days traveling globally offering trainings in restorative yoga, meditation, yoga nidra, writing blogs for beYogi, and recording meditations from her closet.
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