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During this webinar Robyn will discuss why becoming a kids yoga teacher is a great niche, particularly right now during the pandemic. She’ll also go over some top tips to succeed in the kids yoga space. Plus learn about the Pretzel Kids Training Program!

The importance of a niche right now, especially as a children’s yoga teacher

The yoga market is filled with new online studios, courses, and free classes. It is a really great thing for many yoga teachers because of the new opportunity to attract new students, however, it has fractured the student base spreading them out all over which makes it more difficult to stand out in a crowd. This is where having a niche is important. You need to differentiate yourself from the pack and kids yoga allows you to do that because it is a specialty that most do not have without proper training.

How to stand apart in a crowded online yoga space, and reach new families with kids

With kids yoga you can reach out to your local community beyond your yoga studio. For example, afterschool programs, community centers, or gyms with kids programs. This new outreach allows you to broaden the number of places you can teach and offer up your expertise as a kids yoga teacher.

Where to seek teaching opportunities

The opportunity is all around you. Right now, parents are searching for extracurricular activities to put their kids into because there are so few options. With having the skill set of a kids yoga teacher, there are opportunities for you to introduce virtual classes and outside classes to your community schools and centers.

How to grow your kids yoga community and why a community is so important to your business growth

Right now, kids yoga teachers are in high demand. Because of the pandemic, it has brought the importance of stress relief, mindfulness, yoga, and healthy living to the forefront not just for the adults but the kids. Children are unbelievably stressed out right now from a multitude of factors. As we come out of crisis mode, parents and kids are going to be looking for what a kids yoga teacher can offer. This is the time to connect with your community and grow your business.

How to Succeed

There is no one path to success but there are a couple things to think about when starting to run classes and/or starting to run a business with kids classes. First thing, you need to think of it and run it as a business. There are a lot of different aspects and it can get overwhelming but to be successful, you must tackle the marketing, the social media, the communication, etc. to grow. Right not, it is smart to partner with a company that can help you with these things so you don’t feel as overwhelmed. You can partner with Pretzel Kids Yoga and receive help with marketing to increase visibility and get better job placement.

Questions from the Webinar

Is it okay to teach all ages together? For example, should a twelve year old be in the same yoga class as a seven year old

At Pretzel Kids specifically, they have built a curriculum and a method for teaching kids. One of the things they emphasize is to separate the kids into their developmentally appropriate age groups. Just like you wouldn’t mix them in a math class same goes with a yoga class because of the different levels of emotion, development, intellect, etc.

Do you think it makes sense to gain experience teaching adults before starting to teach kids?

Some of Pretzel Kid’s most successful yoga teachers have never taught adult yoga. The two are so vastly different that there are no pieces of information you can carry over into kids yoga except your knowledge of adult yoga (breathe, movement). Teaching children yoga it is an entire different skillset and that is why the curriculum Robyn and her team created an entirely new type of coursework designed to keep kids engaged and interested in yoga such as activities and games based yoga.

How do I reach and keep boys interested?

First, if you have not taken a kids yoga course that robust and solid Robyn suggests you do that. The Pretzel Kids course focuses heavily on structure and engagement. There is no one answer on how to keep boys engaged but there are a lot of tools you can use to keep the focus on the class. For example, games, participation opportunities and more. Pretzel Kids has specific plans and resources they use to keep young kids engaged. If you want to connect with Robyn go to:

Do you think Virtual Yoga for kids is working?

We would all prefer to teach yoga in person in a classroom. Robyn goes on to say that she does not think the virtual classroom will ever replace the interaction and guidance you can give in an in-person class. That said, due to the pandemic, virtual courses and classes are here to stay. What Pretzel Kids have been seeing is that their switch to virtual classes has gone better than expected. They are seeing kids having fun and staying engaged. Check out the program here. Use code beyogigrow or beyogiaccelerate to get 25% off.

Should we be offering free kids yoga classes when we are just starting out?

Yes, Robyn does recommend this. This is a time where ids need it most so the opportunity for them to try it is great. Also, to get started with your business and get the word out, you should offer a few free classes to get people excited about what you do and from there you can funnel them into being paying customers. Try offering a free class to an afterschool program or a community center, they could help market it out to their members.

Do you only offer the training as On Demand/Recorded, or do you also offer a Live Training?

Pretzel Kids does both recorded & live training. Our more basic training is all self-paced but once you have completed that you can choose to go with a Pretzel Kids membership which includes live training. The live trainings in the membership occur twice per month with different topics each time. Learn More about Pretzel Kids Programming. Use code beyogigrow or beyogiaccelerate to get 25% off.

Can you provide a quick overview of your kids teacher program you offer?

The Pretzel Kids program is a mixture between mindfulness & yoga. in the beginning of the class they always do some sort of centering so that brings the mindfulness aspect and then they go into activity based asanas and finish the class with another centering. To learn more about how to get kids yoga teacher certified online click here.

Also if you would like to compare & contrast different kids yoga courses check out this recent blog on the Pretzel Kids page.

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