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April 20, 2021
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Watch the full webinar and learn about Instagram For Yogis. Fi Simler has mastered the Instagram algorithm and wants to share with us the tools and tips to creating a successful & competitive account that works for you! 

Busting Instagram Myths

1. IG only shows your posts to 7% of your followers.

Not true! 

2. You should use really big and popular hashtags.

In reality the "big" hashtags like #yoga will only show your post for a few minutes. When you use hashtags that are more unique & relevant they will show up for people looking for your type of content. 

3. Personal accounts are favored over business accounts.

Instagram does not favor personal or business accounts. It does however favor more relevant, engaged accounts. Some people like having separate accounts, some people like having joint accounts. It is wise to think about how you will manage and interact with others if you do decide to have a join account. 

4. You can cold pitch someone through DM if you say the right thing.

Yes & no. Once in a blue moon this will work however to get positive responses you must engage with this person and account before asking them for or to do something. Follow them, comment on their posts, like their posts- these are all ways to show you are interested in what they are putting out into the world. This could lead to them saying yes when the time comes to pitch them on something. 

5. You should post every day.

No, three times a week is enough for the average Instagram account. When you post everyday, your posts can compete against each other. 

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Captions & Content

Reels are absolutely necessary

This latest post type from IG was released in 2020 and they should be a consistent part of your social media strategy.

What is a Reel? "It is a new way to create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram" -Instagram

Intention + Content Strategy = Success on IG

The goal is for your audience to know, like, trust & buy from you. 

Captions nowadays are longer than ever before. It is your obligation to share your message so you can can help your audience and doing so making the Instagram algorithm your BFF is the best way to get it in front of their eyes.

10 Top Instagram Tips

1. Create reels that are 8-11 seconds long for best engagement

2. Collaborate with people in your field or industry

3. Optimize your profile for search

4.  User-generated content builds trust

Share with your audience & following images of other yogis (with their permission). For example, Lush Cosmetics dedicated 40% of their posts to pictures that their followers send them. This is a win-win!

5. Go live!

Don't be afraid to go live. This is a great way to connect with people directly 

6. Post content that is useful to your followers

Educates, Inspires, Entertains

7. Give your followers love!

8. Make reels from old content that performed well.

9. Ditch the followers who ABSOLUTELY aren't your ideal client

It's okay to remove followers if they do not fit your ideal customer. There are a lot of fake/spam accounts on their so vet your followers. This will help you with your engagement. 

10. Don't scan hashtags that are the most related to what you do

 INSTEAD - scan the hashtags that are used by your ideal client

Audience Questions

What time of day is best to post?

This depends on your unique audience, The answer will be different for everybody. Check your audience behavior by going to insights > your audience - and scrolling down to The bar graph that says “most active times.” A big note here is that these times are in PST, since Facebook and Instagram are headquartered in California!

What is the difference between reels and a regular video on your page?

Reels are a new video feature and format - a new way to post videos through Instagram. To get to the reals feature, go to your IG story and then toggle towards the bottom of the screen where it says story/reels/live. Reels are vertical 9:16 video clips up to 30 seconds long that feature audio and text throughout.

Regular video posts on Instagram you can post normally like you would a photo. The format can be 16:9, like a YouTube video, all the way to 1:1 square format. 

These videos do not have an option to add text in Instagram, and can be up to a minute long.

In regards to music, royalty free vs copyright.

Creator accounts on Instagram have access to copyrighted music. However, business accounts do not, which is a bummer... If you are a business account and want to shoot a reel, you can do one of three things

1. Grab original audio from another reel

2. Use your voice! No music necessary.

3. Add copyright free music through Instagram or another app, such as InShot 

For More Information on Playing Music in Online Classes Read our blog: Is it Legal to Play Music for your Online Yoga Classes?

About Fi Simler

Shaky Yogi LLC helps wellness businesses elevate their digital marketing so they can leverage their online presence and become spiritually and financially abundant.

As a yoga instructor, Fi helps students explore their unique anatomy, range of motion and mind-body connection. It is her goal to help her clients take back ownership over their bodies and feel empowered in their own skin.

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