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How to Write a Yoga Teacher Bio Like a Pro

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When a studio asks for your yoga teacher bio, are you excited to send it over or do you panic and revise it ten times before sharing? Whether you’ve never written a yoga teacher bio before, or you’re ready to spruce up an old one - you’re in the right place!  The purpose of this article is to ease any worries you have about writing the best yoga teacher bio you can.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever taken or avoided a yoga class based on someone’s bio. If so, then you know how much a teacher bio can impact your interest in their class. There are certain things to include (and leave out!) in your teacher bio to ensure you are representing yourself and your teaching style the best that you can. Today’s article will cover everything you need to know about creating an awesome yoga bio. 

Why Do Teachers Need a Yoga Bio?

You may be asking yourself, “Why do teachers need a bio in the first place?” In Sanskrit, the word sangha means community. Being a part of, and contributing to, your community is of great importance across many religions and cultures, including yoga. By sharing who you are with your students, you are giving them a peek into what it is you can and plan to contribute to their practice.

Yoga teacher bios are not simply a summary of your name, date of birth, where you grew up and what yoga teacher insurance you have. Yoga teacher bios tell a story, often about what your yoga practice means to you, or what your journey has been to get to your role as a teacher.

One of the beautiful things about yoga is that anyone could walk through the door and you would be able to teach them. No matter their level or background, you would be able to teach them a great class. However, wouldn’t you love for everyone that walked into your class to be there because they resonated with who you are, and what you have to offer specifically to them? 

With this thought as a guidance, consider what it is you would want your students to know before stepping into your class. Sharing what makes you unique or what your specialty is will help students find you and your class. With that, let’s get into how yoga teacher bios help not just you, but also your students.

How Yoga Teacher Bios Help Students

Not all students will read your yoga teacher bio, but the ones that are looking for a specific type of yoga teacher will 100% have their eyes on it. Practicing yoga is a very personal method of moving. Some students may come to their mats with injuries, while others may have a history of trauma. Letting your students know what type of student you cater to, or what your background includes, can greatly impact who shows up to your classes. It can even positively affect the studio you teach at!

Think of your yoga teacher bio as a summary of your niche. Do you specialize in Ashtanga or Yin? Have you worked with athletes before, or maybe elders? There is a practice for everyone, so the role of your bio is to put a welcome sign on your class door for the person you can best serve.

Students may have personal reasons for attending (or not attending!) your class. Just as our yoga practice loves to remind us - don’t take it personally. Instead of worrying about who won’t want to attend your class, focus on who would. For example, don’t steer away from sharing that you specialize in postpartum yoga out of fear of driving away men. Focus on all the healing mamas you’re going to help instead! Let your love of service be your why, not your fears.

Elements of a Great Yoga Teacher Bio

Now that you know why a yoga teacher bio is important and how it can help your students, let’s get into the specific elements of a great teacher bio. There are four main points to consider including: your niche, your journey, your favorite style or pose, and your why; plus a key formatting element: brevity.


Your niche tells your target students right away to get excited about you. If you’re not sure about your niche, think about who it is you love to teach. Is it children, first-time students, handstand lovers, or the restorative crowd?

If you specialize in anything, mention it! This can be anything from trauma-informed yoga to yoga for a specific sport or goal. Really think about who it is you want to show up on their mat.

Consider that your niche can also be as simple as practitioners that love R&B music! If you are known for your playlists, let that shine. Ultimately, whatever sets you apart from other teachers can help you understand your niche.


How did you start practicing and teaching yoga? Were you raised around yogis or were you forced to go with a significant other until liking it? Sharing your journey will help your students connect to you.

Remember how you felt about your teachers before becoming one. They were rockstars! Spoiler: we’re just like everyone else! So, share that. Humanize yourself for your students. Your journey could be the #1 way they connect with you, no matter how windy it may have been.

Your Why

What gets you on your mat? This is your why, and it’s pretty much as simple as that. Do you practice to relax, do you practice to blow off steam, or do you practice to feel good in a bikini? Whatever your reason is for getting on your mat, let your students know. Sharing your why may be the reason they return to your class time and time again.

Favorite style or pose

Your favorite style of yoga or your favorite pose may say a lot about you! A teacher who loves Vinyasa and arm balances may draw a different crowd than the pigeon-loving Yin teacher, and that’s OK! You want students that are drawn to you for you. This sentence or portion of your bio doesn’t have to be serious, so have fun with it!

Bonus Element - Brevity

Now this may change from studio-to-studio, but in general, you want to keep your bio short and sweet. Don’t go on about your life-changing magical trip to Bali, when you really just want to say that you got your 300-HR certificate in Uluwatu. There is a lot of info to include in a short time, so make sure you’re keeping it as simple and straightforward as possible to keep people engaged.

Simple Yoga Bio Template

You can reference the outline below for an easy plug-and-play template, but writing a rough draft is strongly encouraged. Think of this as the necessary pre-work or “research” for your bio. When did you take your first yoga class? Did you love it or need to take a few more to find that blissful flow? When and where did you take your certifications? Are you a 200RYT or E-500? Outline your journey, then highlight any points you think are worth mentioning.

  • Opening sentences: Your why + your niche
  • Middle sentences: Your journey + certifications
  • Closing: More about your niche + favorite style or pose

Here is a great example of a strong yoga teacher bio:

My mom introduced me to yoga when I was young, which is why I love working with kids and high-performing stressed-out adults. Over time we lose the easygoing attitude of our young selves, and through a lighthearted approach, I aim to bring my students back to that joyful playfulness.

I completed my 200-hour certificate with Bala Vinyasa in Miami, FL and my 500-hour advanced certificate with RA Yoga in Newport Beach, CA. I love being a student and have completed several other leadership and meditation trainings.

My classes combine sweaty vinyasa with soothing restorative poses to help present the balance that closely mirrors our lives. I could fall asleep in pigeon pose, and it wouldn’t be surprising to find me eating a meal in tree pose! Can’t wait to see you on your mat!

For some studios, this may be too long. Here is a condensed version:

Through a lighthearted approach to teaching, I aim to bring my students back to that joyful playfulness from childhood. I have a 200-hour and 500-hour advanced certificate, and have completed several other leadership and meditation training. My classes combine sweaty vinyasa with soothing restorative poses to help present the balance that closely mirrors our lives, and my favorite poses are pigeon and tree pose!

Starting Your Yoga Teacher Bio From a Place of Confidence

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