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How to Prepare for the New Year Rush: The Yoga Teacher’s 2022 Check List

It might sound wild, but 2021 is speedily coming to a close.

While we could try to pontificate and answer questions like “where did the time go?” and “how did this year go by so fast?” we’d so much rather provide you with some help, advice, and insight on how you can ensure that the new, fast-approaching year is your best yet.

The best way to do this? Start the year off with a serious bang.

To us, that means getting prepared before the madness of a new year rushes in.

Do you feel a little overwhelmed every time you think about the new year’s rush and what you need to do in advance to prepare for it?

Don’t sweat it—that’s natural.

The good news? We can help you tackle some of those bigger pieces of the puzzle before they bog you down. Keep reading to get the ball rolling on your pre-2022 yoga instructor checklist.

New Year’s Rush Yoga Teacher Check List

Refresh Your Go-To Flows

As a yoga instructor, we know you like to keep your classes and flows pretty fresh so you’re not just cycling things in and out.

But you also probably have developed a few reliable, go-to flows that you love to lean on when things get hectic.

The only problem? Those probably got a lot of love this year—it’s time to revamp and refresh your reliable old flows and sequences.

Take a little time before the end of the year to develop some amazing flows that you know even your most dedicated and long-standing students won’t recognize.

Try to make this a practice every few months so that even your good ol’ reliable flows are getting swapped every so often.

Take Inventory of Your Yoga Props & Equipment

If you’ve been waiting for a sign to give your yoga equipment and props a good refresh, consider this it. Use the few weeks before 2022 hits to donate, toss, or recycle some of your equipment and props that might not be ideal (or even safe!) anymore. 

Trust us, it’s a lot easier to do this when the year is winding down than to start this at the beginning when you might have an influx of students who need props ASAP.

Plus, getting a jump on ordering those supplies will ensure you’ll have them at your studio in time for the 2022 rush.

Get Your Newbie Classes Planned, Sequenced, & Ready to Go

Odds are that the new year is going to bring in a big rush of new yogis to your studio

Is this awesome? Of course! Not only are you in a position to boost your income, but you’re also in a position to share the beauty of yoga with a ton of new people. 

The downside of this? Things can get hectic if you’re not prepared.

Our best advice is to get your newbie classes, materials, and resources ready before the first of the year. That way, when the mad rush of new yogis slams into your studio, you’re equipped and ready for them (and their newbie needs!).

Renew Your Leases, Registrations, and Certifications

It’s time to check on the important documents before they become outstanding. Think about things like your lease, your yoga instructor certification, your city or state registrations, and beyond.

Start thinking about the boring (but totally necessary) paperwork that might be calling your name and begging you to renew—trust us, you’re going to want to handle dotting the Is and crossing the Ts before the new year hits (because let’s be honest, where are you going to find time to handle these things last-minute with the new year’s rush bearing down on you?).

Check On Your Liability Insurance

Consider this your reminder from your friendly, neighborhood insurance company that you must check on your yoga instructor liability insurance ASAP. This is something you’ll definitely want to tackle before the end of the year because the last thing you want is a lapse in coverage that could leave you vulnerable to major issues.

P.S., at beYogi, you can actually renew your insurance early and then make your insurance active within 90 days of that purchase (for any of those all-star early bird types out there).

Check In With Your Staff & Your Seasoned Yogis for New Year Feedback

This might not find its way on every traditional pre-2022 checklist, but we think this is super important for growth and setting intentions for the new year.

Gather up your staff (or the yogis who have been with you from the start) and request their honest-to-goodness feedback—what could you have done differently this year? Did you handle the COVID pandemic the way they’d hoped? Did your studio (or you, specifically) set itself apart from others this year—how?

Ask questions that matter to you and to them—then take their feedback seriously. If there are places you can improve, make sure you keep record of that feedback while coming up with actionable ways to make those changes in 2022.

The best advice we can offer you for 2022? Prepare early so you can start the year off the way you were meant to. And of course, that means double-checking that your yoga instructor liability insurance is good to go and has you covered. Need some liability insurance advice or insight, our team is happy to help.

Reach out to connect with our crew, check out what we can offer you, and learn more about our policies specifically designed to protect yoga instructors just like you!

Hanna Marcus
Hanna Marcus is a freelance writer and content creator who has proudly contributed to beYogi for the last two years. When she’s not writing (or practicing yoga), you can find Hanna hiking, converting her Ford Transit Van, or camping in the Montana mountains.