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August 3, 2021
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August 10, 2021

How To Consistently Grow Your Yoga and Wellness Business

Yoga Business

In this 1-hour yoga business workshop, our guest host Arianne Traverso takes us through her proven method that hundreds of her clients have used to grow their business online this year.

Below we have outlined the live replay on how to consistently your your yoga business WITHOUT having a HUGE email list of social following. 

How your online presence is key to growing your wellness business in 90 days

The difference between a sold out retreat or program all comes down to this foundational mindset shift.

The Brand Pillars

  1.  Mission and vision
  2.  Product and purpose
  3.  Core values
  4.  Audience and positioning
  5. Visual Identity

The Process Is Simple

Brand + visual identity > brand positioning that goes beyond surface into more of a bond > content + visibility that gives micro wins > offers that solve problems > make it easy for people to buy > healthy business!

How to grow your business faster online and get more clients with ease + joy

The key online tools you're missing that attract potential clients vs pushing them away without realizing.

3 Parts of Marketing (work backwards)

1. Monthly Income Goals 2. The Right Offers 3. Marketing + Sales: Systems + Strategies  

What You Need to Start

  • A connection platform
  • A content plan to drop value
  • Content for purpose
  • Something to sell

Core Messaging Pillars

  1.  Problem They Know (Freebie)
  2.  Problem They Know But Is Secret (Low Ticket)
  3.  Problem They Don't Know They Have Yet (Signature System) 

The one mistake wellness entrepreneurs make when marketing online

The answer isn't more followers, a bigger list or thousands of dollars in ads. 

More Social Media Is Not The Answer

Messaging strategy and figuring out those 3 levels will create your content strategy not just for social media... but for all your communication and viability strategies. 

Get the 7 step blueprint to doubling your income

This is the exact system I've used for hundreds of clients that's proven to generate consistent results with freedom and flow. Download it here.


Use these tools to help you sustainable grow and build success in your yoga business. To connect with our host Arianne, check out her website: or follow her on Instagram at

Make sure to check out the beYogi Webinar Series for more!

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