Top 3 Things to Look for When Purchasing Yoga Instructor Insurance
Top 3 Things to Look for When Purchasing Yoga Instructor Insurance
November 25, 2020
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December 3, 2020

Grow Your Yoga Business Without Losing Your Soul

Grow Yoga Business

In this webinar replay, we revisit our time with Arianne Traverso. Arianne is a yogi, business consultant, the creator of BizYogi, and retreat leader specializing in creating business and life connections, brands, and taking entrepreneurs to their desired place in life and biz. 

Author of the Abundant Yogi Book and owner of The Yoga Expo, she helps her clients maximize opportunities and create their dream business with digital strategies and passion. She’s your go to for all things yoga and is passionate about how we can each change the world one Om, one brand and one business at a time.

We learn about the 3 strategies to grow your impact, legacy and profits while create offerings that fill your soul, help your clients and have leverability.

How to Succeed

How to Become an Abundant Yogi

Start with what you have: your knowledge and experience. When you are creating your offering make it tiered. Arianne suggests 3 tiers, make it aligned to your niche, focus on your strengths, and cover three different price points. AND remember KISS (Keep It Simple Silly) To start you will need 3 things: website, social channel, email list.

One Simple Strategy to Elevate your Business & Have a Lasting Impact

Ideate, create, and radiate. By constantly working on these 3 pieces, we create a leveraged, sustainable business with the burn out of churn and burn.

Planning is the key to success when creating offerings & content aligned with your goal to radiate. Arianne plans her content ahead of time with what she wants to promote for the month or week

How to Attract High Value Clients

Focus on the benefits and client transformations rather than the features. It is important to create an emotional connection with your message.

Identify your ideal client. You must design your marketing and efforts for this specific niche. Do not try to create for everyone, your message with be unclear and fade away.

3 Main Results

  • Focus where to put time and energy for your content + offers.
  • Connect with your ideal clients in a more effective way
  • Avoid the churn and burn with good sales + business strategies

Resources from Arianne Traverso

  • Mini-Workshop On 3 Little Know Strategies You Can Use Now To Grow Your Yoga Business. Click Here
  • Strategy Session Application.
  • Ari’s Website. Click Here
  • Recommended Insurance. Click Here

Questions From the Webinar

How long does it take to build a decent email list?

There is no one right answer to how long it may take. Plus you don’t need a HUGE following to start making money. When building this list through your marketing efforts remember that you are filling it with good qualified clients. Remember all you have to do is start out with 1 social channel, a website, and a way to funnel people to your list. (a form on your website)

Is bootstrapping always a good idea when you have limited revenue?

No one can do it all. You have to do what is best for you and your business emotionally and financially. Arianne now has an assistant but that wasn’t always the case.