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February 24, 2022
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Are you considering becoming a yoga teacher, or just thinking about taking teacher training to expand your personal practice? 

There have never been more yoga teacher training (YTT) programs available, and they’ve never been easier to access.

For the first time, you can train to become a yoga teacher from the comfort of your own home – and often on your own schedule. 

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, Yoga Alliance (YA), the largest body certifying yoga teachers, only recognized in-person training.

But when most yoga classes moved onto Zoom in early 2020, so did YTT programs, and YA certified online yoga teacher training programs for the first time.

However, YA likely won’t recognize online training indefinitely, so if you’re considering an online program, the time is now.

This guide to the best online YTTs will help you choose the right one for you! 

The Quick List of the Best Online Yoga Teacher Trainings: By Category

Best 200-Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Programs 

  • Akhanda Yoga 
  • Boston Yoga School 
  • Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health 
  • The Mazé Method

Best 300-Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Programs 

  • Jason Crandell Yoga Method 
  • Siddhi Yoga

Best Niche Online Yoga Teacher Training Programs 

  • Restorative Yoga: Arhanta Yoga Ashrams 
  • Yoga Nidra: Scott Moore 
  • Best Self-Paced Online Yoga Teacher Training Programs 
  • My Vinyasa Practice 
  • Yoga Renew


Yoga Teacher Training Basics: What You Need to Know Before You Start  

200- vs. 300-Hour Teacher Training   

In order to be recognized by Yoga Alliance, teachers must complete a 200-hour yoga teacher training program with a registered school.

However, while it will fully certify you to teach, a 200-hour YTT is just the beginning. The concepts taught in yoga, from anatomy and physiology to history and philosophy, are ones you could easily spend years studying.

After you’ve completed a 200-hour training – and ideally gained some initial teaching experience – you may want to take a 300-hour YTT. 

The biggest difference between 200,  300, and 500-hour yoga teacher training is who’s eligible. Anyone with some yoga experience can typically enroll in a 200-hour YTT (each school can set its own requirements, but they’re typically minimal), but only those who’ve already completed a 200-hour program can enroll in a 300-hour YTT.

You can think of 200-hour YTT as the foundational training and 300 and 500-hour YTT as advanced training.

Because they’re longer and because everyone enrolled already has some basic knowledge, 300-hour programs are typically more in-depth and may include more niche topics while 500-hour programs are designed to enhance your hands-on experience.  

At all the 200, 300, and 500-hour levels, you’ll find many different types of programs.

Some are broader and more overarching, while others teach a specific style of yoga, such as Ashtanga or Kundalini.

You’ll also notice that some YTTs emphasize certain components of yoga, such as meditation, pranayama, or chanting.

And some aininggs focus more on teaching, while others are primarily about your personal knowledge and practice. Any registered YTT will certify you to teach, but it’s worth considering if there are particular styles or topics that interest you. 


In-Person vs. Online Teacher Training

Of course, the other thing to consider, at least for now, is whether you want to take an in-person or online yoga teacher training. 

In-person YTTs typically run in one of two formats: an intensive (often residential) program lasting 3-5 weeks, usually running all day every day (or just about!); or, a weekend program, meeting one or more weekends per month over a period of several months.

Of course, others are a combination or fall somewhere in the middle. 

Online yoga teacher training can follow either of these formats, or a third option: self-paced. Self-paced programs are typically made up entirely of pre-recorded content, which students can work through on their own schedule. 

There’s no doubt that in-person YTT can create more camaraderie among students and offer more access to the teachers (although that’s not always the case).

It’s also the only way to work on hands-on adjustments and practice being in front of a room of students. 

But there are so many reasons to consider doing an online training instead. One of the most important: they’re typically more affordable and more accessible. There’s no need to fly around the world, no housing and travel costs, no time spent commuting, and no concern about metro schedules or parking availability. Online trainings also tend to have lower tuition costs in the first place. 

Another big benefit of online YTT is that it allows you to train with, well, anyone. You’re no longer limited to the trainings offered in your area, but can instead attend programs through yoga schools around the country, and even the world. With so many more options available, it’s much easier to find the training that’s right for you. 


What is Online Yoga Teacher Training Like?

Most online training uses a combination of “live” and self-guided content (although some are almost entirely live, mimicking in-person training, and others are completely self-guided). 

Live sessions typically meet on a platform like Zoom, allowing students to interact with one another and with the teachers during practices, lectures, or discussions. 

Additional components of the training might include pre-recorded practices and lectures, audio recordings, written material, reading and writing assignments, worksheets, quizzes, and

Trainees must pass a final written exam to complete a 200- or 300-hour training, and most online trainings also require students to submit a teaching video or other materials for assessment. 


The Best Online Yoga Teacher Training 

The Best 200-Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Programs 

Two hundred hours is how long it takes to become a yoga teacher, allowing you to register as a teacher with Yoga Alliance.

If you’re looking to do your first yoga teacher training, a 200-hour program like one of these is what you’ll need. 


Akhanda Yoga

Now may not be the best time to fly to India for a YTT, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still learn yoga from its source. Many yoga schools throughout India now offer online versions of their teacher training to a worldwide audience. Located in Rishikesh, the city known as “the yoga capital of the world,” Akhanda Yoga is led by Yogrishi Vishvketu, a master who holds a Ph.D. in yoga and has dedicated over 40 years to the practice. 

Akhanda Yoga’s online YTT is a comprehensive training with a special focus on pranayama, and it includes training in breathwork facilitation as well, which is not commonly taught in YTT. In addition to breathwork, the course includes in-depth teaching in mantra, meditation, kriya, and philosophy. Compared to most Western yoga teacher training, this one focuses much more on all the components of yoga beyond the poses. 

Schedule: Select Wednesdays and weekends, April-September 

Cost: Starts at $1,900 


  • Become a breathwork facilitator in addition to receiving yoga training 
  • Focus on yoga beyond the poses 
  • Study with an Indian yoga maste


  • The breathwork focus won’t interest everyone 

Register here! 


Boston Yoga School 

 Boston Yoga School (BYS) is led by one of the Northeast’s most prominent yoga teachers, Ame Wren. Once offering only in-person training in partnership with local studios, BYS now runs a fully-virtual YTT that’s accessible to students anywhere. 

The BYS training is an incredibly well-rounded program that gives students an overview of yoga, rather than training in one specific lineage. It also covers topics that are very often missing from yoga teacher training, including teacher burn-out, holding space, and voice training.

Even more importantly, BYS takes a strong stance on social justice, including training modules on cultural appropriation, anti-racism, inclusivity in yoga, and taking yoga off the mat. The program also includes substantial opportunities for practice teaching and mentorship for trainees. 

Schedule: Select weekends, October ’22-Feb ‘23 

Cost: Starts at $1,495 


  • Get a comprehensive overview of the yoga practice 
  • Dive into topics that are often missing from YTT 


  • Cost increases significantly after the early-bird rate 

Register here! 


Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health 

Kripalu must be one of the best-recognized names in American yoga. A long-standing retreat center in the Berkshire Mountains of rural Massachusetts, Kripalu now offers a fully virtual version of their popular 200-hour YTT. 

This training teaches Kripalu’s own style of yoga, which is a gentle, alignment-based practice that emphasizes meditation and breathing.

It teaches students to look inward to find their own practice, and focuses on physical healing and spiritual transformation.

Kripalu Yoga has 20 foundational poses, which are taught in detail in the YTT. In addition to the philosophical concepts taught in most programs, this training also covers the teachings of Swami Kripalu, the Indian Kundalini master for whom the center is named. 

Schedule: Select weekends + 1 session most other days, September-December 

Cost: $2,700 


  • Train with a well-recognized name in Western yoga 


  • Kripalu-style yoga may not interest everyone 
  • The near-daily sessions may be difficult to plan around 

Register here! 


The Mazé Method 

  Noah Mazé has long been one of the most prominent yoga teachers – and teacher trainers – in the U.S. Many of his former students have gone on to become respected teachers themselves. His school, The Mazé Method, now offers a highly sought-after online yoga teacher training. 

The Mazé Method approaches asana by combining alignment knowledge and intelligent sequencing with vinyasa theory.

The training gives students an incredibly in-depth understanding of the body, covering not only anatomy and physiology, but also kinesiology, applied biomechanics, and human movement on and off the mat.

The school intentionally does not advocate one particular lineage or philosophy, but rather trains students to apply critical thinking skills and take an inquisitive approach to yoga. 

The upcoming 2022 training will be co-lead by Rocky Heron, another of the country’s best-known yoga teachers. 

Schedule: Mostly flexible scheduling, April-September 

Cost: Starts at $1,899 


  • Train with some of the country’s most prominent yoga teachers 
  • Learn to take an inquisitive approach to yoga 
  • Develop an in-depth understanding of the body  


  • Relatively little time is “live” 

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Best 300-Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Programs

If you’ve already completed a 200-hour YTT, an advanced teacher training program may be the next step in your yoga journey.

Taking a 300-hour YTT will provide a refresher in everything from anatomy to philosophy, give you a chance to get answers to questions that have come up since your first training, and learn from and with other teachers who are already experienced.

Additionally, completing an advanced training will help differentiate you from newer teachers. 

There aren’t as many 300-hour programs being offered online, but these are two of the best options. 

Jason Crandell Yoga Method

Jason Crandell is another of the most well-respected yoga teachers in the U.S. You may have heard him on the popular Yogaland podcast, which he co-hosts with his wife, fellow yoga teacher Andrea Ferretti.

She is also a faculty member of his YTT programs, including the upcoming 300-hour online training. Unlike most teacher trainers today, they’ve been leading online training for yoga teachers for a decade. 

This 300-hour program follows a unique schedule. It is comprised of three 12-day modules, each consisting of a daily two-hour live call in addition to self-paced content that is available for six months.

Each module covers a particular area of the body (hips + legs, spine + core, and neck + upper back). While the training focuses on anatomy, movement, and asana practice – areas in which Jason is a renowned expert – each module also covers specific philosophical concepts, from Buddhism to tantra. 

As a bonus, Jason continually holds monthly live calls that are open to all previous graduates of his training.  

Schedule: Modules in February-March, May, and July, daily 2-hour calls for 12 days 

Cost: Starts at $4,200 


  • Set your own schedule outside of the two-hour live calls 
  • Learn from one of the country’s most prominent teachers 
  • Access ongoing monthly calls post-training


  • Relatively little time is “live” 
  • The focus is largely on physical aspects of yoga 

Register here! 


Siddhi Yoga 

Siddhi Yoga is another yoga school in India to take its yoga teacher training online in the past two years, and is one of very few Indian yoga schools to be founded and owned by a woman. Siddhi offers teacher training throughout India and Southeast Asia, but the online program is led by three yoga teachers from Rishikesh, and they’re beyond well-qualified.

 The anatomy teacher, Dr. Sumit Sharma, holds a master’s degree in physical therapy, and the philosophy and meditation teacher, Yogacharya Sandeep Pandey, holds a master’s degree in Yoga and Indian Philosophy. 

This 300-hour online yoga teacher training is comprehensive, covering anatomy and philosophy, advanced yoga poses, and a huge range of pranayama and meditation techniques, as well as bhakti yoga kirtan, a less common offering in YTT. 

You can complete the full training as a self-paced course, but additional live webinars are also offered on a regular basis.

And you’ll have access to direct support from the teachers for 12 months after the training, giving you a rare chance to follow up and stay engaged with the material long after you’ve graduated. 

Schedule: Start anytime 

Cost: Starts at $497 


  • Study under Indian yoga masters 
  • Enjoy 12 months of ongoing support post-training 
  • Learn bhakti yoga practices


  • Very little time is “live” 

Register here! 

yoga online


Best Niche Online Yoga Teacher Training Programs 

Most 200- and 300-hour YTTs are quite comprehensive, required by Yoga Alliance to cover a broad range of content.

What if you want to dive deeper into a particular practice or a certain type of yoga? That’s where niche training comes in. 

 These are shorter trainings, usually 100 hours or less (often just 20 or 30 hours), that focus on one specific topic, which may have been glossed over or ignored altogether in your initial YTT.

Common niche training include restorative yoga, yin yoga, meditation, breathwork, yoga nidra, and chair yoga. 

No matter what aspect of yoga you’re most interested in, there’s sure to be an online yoga teacher training available to help you learn it. 

Restorative Yoga: Arhanta Yoga Ashrams 

Arhanta Yoga Ashrams, with locations in both the Netherlands and Madhya Pradesh, India, offers a variety of online YTTs, including restorative yoga training.

Restorative yoga is a specific style of yoga that is designed to help practitioners deeply relax. All poses are done lying or seated, and they’re meant to be passive, allowing the body to rest (usually with the aid of a variety of props).   

This training dives into the purpose of restorative yoga, details 30 key restorative asanas, teaches sequencing, and includes meditation and breathwork practices that are relevant to restorative yoga. 

Hours: 75 

Schedule: Start anytime 

Cost: Starts at €374   


  • Complete the course on your own schedule 
  • Get an in-depth training in restorative yoga 


  • There’s no “live” component 

Register here! 


Yoga Nidra: Scott Moore 

 Scott Moore is an American yoga teacher with nearly 20 years of teaching experience, and he’s best known for his expertise in yoga nidra. 

He teaches yoga nidra, leads teacher trainings, and has even written a book on yoga nidra. Yoga nidra, often called “the yoga of sleep,” is a type of guided meditation that uses relaxation and awareness to bring your consciousness into a state between waking and sleep. 

This online yoga nidra training is a chance to dive into a somewhat lesser-known practice and start learning to offer it to others – and you’ll reap the benefits of practicing it yourself. It covers the philosophy of yoga nidra, how to practice it with specific intentions (such as handling grief, improving sleep, and relieving stress), plus related chants and pranayama practices.

You’ll also receive access to dozens of yoga nidra recordings and over 100 pages of yoga nidra scripts. 

Hours: 50 

Schedule: Start anytime 

Cost: Starts at $789 


  • Learn to offer a lesser-known practice 
  • Leave with scripts to help you start teaching 
  • Complete the training on your own time 


  • There’s no “live” component  

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Best Self-Paced Online Yoga Teacher Training Programs

While some online yoga teacher training programs meet on a set schedule, not so different from in-person ones, others allow you to work through the material by yourself and at your own pace.

If that sounds like a better fit for you, consider a self-paced program from one of these schools. 

My Vinyasa Practice 

My Vinyasa Practice (MVP) is a brick-and-mortar yoga studio in Austin, TX, but over the past two years, it’s also become one of the most-recognized names in online yoga teacher training.

They now offer both 200- and 300-hour online YTTs, as well as a variety of other shorter programs for both teachers and practitioners.   

MVP’s 200- and 300-hour trainings takes a non-lineage-based approach to yoga, offering an overview of yoga philosophy and practice. 

The 200-hour YTT also includes introductions to many niche topics within yoga, such as Ayurveda, yoga nidra, restorative yoga, yin yoga, and prenatal yoga. You’ll also get access to guided meditation scripts and hundreds of prepared yoga sequences to help you start teaching. While the content is pre-recorded, access to live weekend lectures and office hours is also available. 

Schedule: Start anytime

Cost: 200-hour – starts at $425, 300-hour – starts at $510   


  • Get an introduction to many niche topics in yoga 
  • Leave with written scripts and prepared sequences  


  • Very little time is “live” 

Register here! 


Yoga Renew 

YogaRenew is another of the biggest names in online yoga teacher training, offering 200- and 300-hour YTTs, as well as shorter courses in yin yoga, children’s yoga, and mindfulness.

All of their offerings are supported by a large team of trainers and contributing teachers. 

The 200-hour training offers a comprehensive overview of the yoga tradition, introducing trainees to eight different styles of yoga, as well as meditation and pranayama practices.

The training also covers topics that are very important for those who plan to teach, including developing your voice, using imagery, building class themes, discovering your own style, and branding. 

The 300-hour training also covers more niche topics like chair yoga, Ayurveda, yoga nidra, and working with injuries. The training content is pre-recorded for you to work through on your own schedule, and YogaRenew also hosts weekly live calls. 

Schedule: Start anytime 

Cost: 200-hour – starts at $437, 300-hour – starts at $547 


  • Get an introduction to eight different yoga styles 
  • Learn specific skills to help you succeed as a teacher 


  • Very little time is “live” 

Register here! 


Should You Take Online Yoga Teacher Training?

 Online programming might not be right for everybody, but it does make yoga teacher training more easily accessible than it’s ever been.

Compared to in-person training, it’s typically more affordable, it can fit more easily into your schedule, and you can train with teachers from anywhere in the world. And online yoga training will still fully certify you as a yoga teacher and enable you to start teaching.   

But before you finish training and start teaching, there’s one last step: make sure you’re insured.

Liability insurance is non-negotiable for yoga teachers in the U.S., whether you’re teaching in-person or online.

If you sign up for beYogi’s insurance before the conclusion of your 200-hour YTT, you’ll get the discounted rate for yoga students of just $55 a year. You’ll save over $120 off the regular price, and still be eligible for all the great partner discounts included in our member benefits.