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March 2, 2021
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March 4, 2021

Our guest host Arianne Traverso is a yogi, business consultant, creator of BizYogi and retreat leader specializing in creating business and life connections, brands, and taking entrepreneurs to their desired place in life and biz.

She is the author of the Abundant Yogi Book and owner of The Yoga Expo, which this year is virtual March 13-14th. She has helped countless clients maximize opportunities and create their dream business with digital strategies and passion.  

Today we are talking about audience building and how to sustainably grow your list! 

Understanding Your Audience

When you have an audience that respects you and is captive, you can present them the right offers which can lead to positive sales growth. 

The Trifecta


By growing your audience you can tap into new markets with new potential. 

Business Models

You can present how you work, what your programs are and why it is so vital for people to get to know your bigger purpose.


Your revenue is directly related to your audience and business model. More people = more money. 

Why Start ASAP

Most of us are used to our local audience but now with the opportunity  to market outside of our local perimeters it has left a lot of us confused and not knowing what the first step would be. 

What if you had the right techniques to grow your email list and create more value to more people? 

Hot Audience

  • People who already know you 
  • Established relationship
  • Must continue to provide NEW offers 
  • May have already worked with you and they move on

Cold Audience

  • Do not know you
  • Opportunity to establish a positive relationship 
  • Use offers already have
  • New sales!

Different Platforms To Grow Your List

  1. Instagram: great way to share organic content however we are at the mercy of the Instagram algorithm. With that being said, growth can still happen on this platform. Pay attention to reels and join venture projects. 
  2. Facebook: you may think Facebook is a thing of the past however this is where you will come to create paid social ads. 
  3. YouTube: 2nd largest search platform. With a sound marketing strategy you can get lots of eyes and create long lasting fans. 

Tools You Will Need

Survey: Use this to learn what you audience want and need from you! You may already have an idea but polling is a great way to confirm. 

Landing Page: also known as  a "lead capture page", is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on an ad, pop-up, email image, etc. It is a great tool to get focused views on what you want to feature. 

Ideas + Camera: This is where content creation comes into play. Video & image content are so much more engaging than text. 

How To Actually Grow Your List 

  1.  Post your freebie content all over socials and inside Facebook groups. (Be considerate when posting in FB groups)
  2.  Have a promotional partner (Joint Venture) who can benefit from your content.
  3.  Run Facebook ads to an ideal audience

Content examples: E-book, video series, audio samples. 

Marketing Hacks Every Yoga Teacher Should Know

Connect With Ari! 

Her Wesbite: https://bizyogi.co/

Get Tickets to the Virtual Yoga Expo March 14th-15th: https://www.theyogaexpo.co/order-1 **Use code beyogi15 for a discount!

 Buy her book: The Abundant Yogi https://amzn.to/3sIvGvy