• Teaches students the correct posture needed for more advanced yoga postures
  • Strengthens back and thigh muscles
  • Stretches hamstrings, calves, heels, arms, and shoulders
  • Low back injury
  • Wrist injury

Sit on the floor with your legs together and outstretched in front of you. Flex your feet.


Place your palms on the floor next to your hips, fingers facing forward. Gently press your palms into the floor to lengthen your spine. Reach the crown of your head toward the sky.


Stay in Staff pose for up to a minute.

  • Slide the flesh of your buttocks out from under you before coming into the pose.
  • Draw the abdominal muscles in toward the spine.
  • Release any tension in the upper body.
  • Sit against a wall. Gently press the lower back, shoulders, and back of the head against the wall. Stay in the pose for several breaths.
  • Rounding of the back
  • Shoulders hunching