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How Online Yoga Teacher Training Changed Yoga Certifications Worldwide

In this article, we'll explore the ins and outs of online yoga teacher training–where and when the shift occurred, how this has changed the world of yoga certifications, and what this means for yoga teachers like you in the modern era. We'll talk about the newfound benefits online yoga teacher training can bring you and how it can help your yoga students, too. 

There was an era where you wouldn’t even dream of something as sacred as a yoga teacher training being done online… and then it happened. The world was forced indoors and we had to make changes. Those changes ended up completely transforming the digital landscape for yogis… forever.

Nowadays there are countless opportunities to take trainings, courses, and workshops virtually, including yoga. We’re experiencing a gradual uptick in people wanting things to be available at their fingertips and at a time that coincides with their busy schedules, especially when it comes to learning.

Online yoga teacher trainings have changed the landscape of yoga in such a positive way that it’s hard to imagine a time before it was possible. As online offerings for yoga professionals expand, we continue to appreciate the sacred beauty of this ancient practice in new and exciting ways. Let’s explore some of the benefits as to why an online yoga teacher training certification may be the next best thing since sliced bread.


  • A Changing Landscape: The shift to online yoga teacher trainings, once unimaginable, has revolutionized the digital landscape for yogis, offering convenience and accessibility while preserving the sacred essence of the practice.
  • Cost and Time Efficiency: Online yoga teacher trainings are more affordable due to reduced resources and time commitments, offering flexibility to learn at one's own pace and convenience.

  • Access to Resources: Enrollees gain access to a wealth of online resources and databases, enabling global connectivity and diverse learning opportunities, although discernment is still required to sift through information.

  • Networking Opportunities: Virtual programs facilitate connections with students, teachers, and studios worldwide, fostering international networking and exploration of diverse yoga landscapes.

  • Digital Expansion for Teachers: Online platforms empower yoga instructors to expand their digital presence, offering new avenues for content creation and connection with students.

  • The Evolution of Yoga: Online yoga teacher trainings preserve the integrity of yoga while making it more accessible and enduring beyond physical spaces, shaping the future of the practice in the digital realm

Online Yoga Teacher Training Changed the Game for Yoga Certifications – Here's How 

It Saves Time and Money 

Doing an online yoga teacher training means you’re probably getting it at a more affordable cost. This is due, in part, to the fact that there are less resources needed to facilitate them.

Since the course material is already developed, pre-recorded and developed, the amount of time you’d be paying senior yoga teachers to teach is much less because it’s all pre-saved, downloadable, digital material. While there are still some live Zoom sessions or live video sessions where students need to be present, the actual time needed for a teacher to be present is significantly less.

Over the years, people have been learning to prioritize their time better (meaning, more time for themselves) doing things that inspire and motivate them.

This also has shown that people want to invest their time in windows/times of the day that feel appropriate to them based on their schedules and lives. With a digital yoga teacher training, students can choose when, where and under which conditions they study. This is a major benefit in a world of vast individuality and preference.

Unlimited Resources & Lifetime Access

Being enrolled in a digital yoga training via the internet means you can connect with people all over the world in an instant. Virtual connection allows you to access people and unlimited online resources and databases. You can essentially research any topic pertaining to the yoga practice and be connected with people globally. 

The vastness of the internet also allows room for diverse answers and variety in the information you are learning. 

Now, this doesn’t eliminate misinformation. You’ll still have to do your due diligence to cite and obtain credible sources. Being enrolled in a yoga teacher training where they are recommending certain readings is a good guideline to have when deepening your yoga studies.

A bonus to that is readings that used to only be able to be completed with a physical book, can now easily be accessed online in a digital format.

Also, if your yoga teacher training allows you to download printable material (like ours at YogaRenew), you will be able to access learning materials for the rest of your life and call upon them whenever you need them (in whatever format you like). Most yoga trainings will ensure that the course materials are accessible through any device, including your mobile phone and a tablet.

International Connections & Networking 

An online yoga teacher training gives you the ability to not only meet other students from all over the world who are currently enrolled, but you can take those connections on after graduation and learn about the landscapes of the yoga practice in other areas of the world. 

Without compromising the quality and depth of a yoga teacher training, a virtual program will propel you into pockets of yoga that you feel most aligned with and help you create and maintain lasting relationships with people who are well-versed in those specific areas. You can connect with fellow students, teachers and even other yoga studios that align with your specific needs and interests. 

Lastly, since the development of online YTTs (yoga teacher trainings), many yoga teachers have begun to expand their digital footprint altogether and increase their amount of offerings based solely on the reliability of the internet and online exposure/access.

Producing digital content and offerings allows them to explore new avenues of what they’d like to offer to students and how they connect with them.

The Future of Yoga

Online yoga teacher trainings continue to be a beneficial way to learn about the yoga practice without compromising the integrity of the practice as a whole.

All in all, students, teachers and yoga practitioners alike can continue spreading and absorbing the wisdom of yoga beyond the mat into the digital world to make it accessible, long-lasting and fruitful.

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Kate Lombardo from YogaRenew
Kate Lombardo
Kate Lombardo is an international yoga teacher trainer and wellness business strategist. She taught and led in-person training programs for years prior to expanding her reach virtually as the director of YogaRenew, where she leads online yoga teacher trainings. She’s also a vinyasa yoga sequencing nerd and could spend hours talking about meditation and positive psychology as well as business strategy and money mindset. Kate believes happiness lies in the space between seeking success and being of service.