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Need A Metabolism Boost? 5 Healthy Habits for 2015

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The number one New Year’s resolution for 2015 was to lose weight. And while many of us are trying to keep up with our resolution, statistics show that only 64 percent of us will still be hanging on past the first month.

While it’s important to hit the gym, take up a new running program, and eat healthier, there are a few easy habits that you can incorporate into your daily eating regimen to help you knock off and keep off those extra pounds.

Certain foods slow us down and make us feel groggy and tired. Sugar, refined carbohydrates, wheat (if we are gluten intolerant), and alcohol—these all slow our metabolism. On the other hand, there are foods, drinks, and simple eating habits that will boost your metabolism naturally. Along with your workout program, here are five easy ways to give your body a boost.

1. Fuel the fire, frequently.


Eat small, frequent meals. Eating every three to four hours and including a small protein snack will keep the fires of your metabolism stoked and burning. I like to have an apple and some almonds in between meals, or a small bit of protein powder with half of a banana. A bit of a hard cheese and a few carrots are also great snacks.

2. Cut your portions back.


Cut your meal portions in half. If you eat two or three meals a day, consider taking them to half the size you normally would. In 30 days, you can train your stomach to want less and be satisfied with less.

3. Turn up the heat!


When you need to add some spice, add hot peppers. Cayenne, jalapeños, and serrano peppers fire up your metabolic system. They also make your food a lot tastier, and you will naturally eat less when you are not overeating to seek taste and pleasure. Enhancing flavor is a great way for you to get the most out of your meal. If your portions are small, make sure you are getting maximum flavor. A small tasty bite is a lot more enjoyable than mounds of food lacking in taste and palate excitement.

4. Go green (tea).


Drink more green tea. Green tea is unique in that it has theanine, a relaxing and tranquilizing amino acid, to balance out the caffeine and enhance the mood. Drinking green tea throughout the day will keep you happy and energized.

5. Wake up and smell the coffee.


Add small doses of coffee, caffeine, and maca to your diet. They all increase the metabolism. But heed moderation—overconsuming certain stimulants like caffeine-laden energy drinks and coffee will burn out your adrenal glands.

Mindful eating combined with portion control and a few changes to your diet will yield positive results. Make 2015 your best year yet!

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Beth Shaw
Beth Shaw
As the President and founder of YogaFit©, Inc. the largest Yoga School in the world, Beth is recognized as one of the leading experts in the fields of “mind body fitness," health and nutrition, and is a recognized anger management specialist. Beth is the entrepreneurial innovator behind many fitness trends including YogaFit Sweat, YogaLean and popular YogaButt. Her newest book, YogaLean, was released in September 2014. A life long student of fitness, psychology, philosophy, spirituality and health, Beth is committed to helping people find their own perfect health‚ physically and mentally. An EYRT, she has spent time in India and Asia studying yoga and holds numerous certificates in fitness disciplines, as well as a bachelors degree in Business Administration & Nutrition. She has also been a trained Yoga Therapist through the IAYT since 1994.