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Why Partner with BeYogi?

Our mission is to support yoga teachers on their journey to becoming a better teacher and growing their business, including providing them with the best yoga insurance..

That’s why we need you! If you’ve got a yoga teacher audience, we’d love to partner so we can better fulfill our mission.

As a partner, you can:

  • Provide better insurance to your audience
  • Collaborate with us on E-books, webinars and more
  • Earn revenue from policies sold to your audience (or offer them a bigger discount)
  • Grow your business with cross-promotion email and social campaigns

Our Team

Joe Fagan

As Director of Strategic Partnerships, my role is to foster long-term business relationships designed to ignite growth for all involved.

Caitlynn Braddy

My role as Business Development Associate is to work with our partners to design a long-term marketing strategy to help each other grow.

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