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May 15, 2019
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10 Meditation Mantras Every Yoga Teacher Should Recite


We’ve all heard of mantras before.

In fact, the term mantra has become so popular it’s not uncommon to hear someone discuss their personal mantras. However, mantras are so much more than just a word or something that you say over and over to yourself.

Mantras are a personal sound and vibration that helps to carry a word, phrase, meaning or sound to the universe so it can come to the surface. Mantras are also a powerful tool to use when you need to be reminded of something specific, or if there is a specific feeling you’re trying to bring into your life.

I personally have worked with a lot of students over the years as a yoga and meditation teacher on the power of meditation mantras and how to incorporate them into their practice. I have personally used meditation mantras on my yoga and business journey too – below is a list of my personal favorite meditation mantras that every yoga teacher and student should recite.

1. I am enough.

Not only is this meditation mantra one of my personal favorite meditation mantras ever, it is one that is incredibly powerful for both teacher and student. With the constant pressure to feel like you always have to be more, do more, have more, it’s time to stop, pause, and remind yourself that you are enough. This can be one of the most powerful and empowering things you, or your students do. 

2. Inhale-peace, Exhale-negativity.

This mantra is one that I like to use personally when I want to connect with my breath and find that calm. I also use this in my yoga classes when I want to help my students release the day around them and connect with their inner peace. It’s so simple to use just think, I bring in peace when you inhale, and I release negativity on the exhale.

3. Rest today, ready tomorrow.

Have you ever found yourself up late at night trying to get that last thing, or things, done so you can get one more thing checked off your list? I know I’ve been there and I find at these times using this mantra reminds me that I can’t pour from an empty cup and at times rest is more important than anything on my to-do list.

4. Abundance flows freely through me.

We’ve all been there – the bills are due, maybe some classes were canceled due to weather, or you feel like your business will never take off. This is what we call a limiting belief and using this mantra helps to change your mindset and begin to attract the abundance that you deserve. The only trick is you truly have to believe this, not just say it. Know that abundance truly does flow freely through you and it will happen.

5. OM.

Perhaps not a surprise on this list, but have you ever really looked into why OM is such a powerful mantra? OM is believed to be the universal vibration, the connection between you and the universe, and there is a reason this mantra has been used for thousands of years.

OM (pronounced AUM) connects you to the universe, your true self, and boosts your sense of wellbeing and immunity. OM is believed to be the direct line to contact between you and the universe and is a wonderful mantra to weave into your yoga classes or just personally use when you can to feel connected with that which is greater than yourself. 

6. I accept my body fully.

As yoga teachers and practitioners we use our body as a vehicle for a deeper understanding and growth, but this focus on asanas and the physical limits of the body can sometimes lead to comparison or feeling down on our bodies. Use this mantra to remember that your body is beautiful, hard-working, and it deserves your respect and acceptance. 

7. Sky above, earth below, peace within.

This mantra is another traditional mantra that I personally like to use when I want to tap into a sense of grounding and inner peace. I personally like to use this mantra when I am meditating outside, or going for a walking meditation to help amplify the grounding effects and my connection with the earth around me.

8. I trust the journey.

This has been a personal mantra of mine ever since I started my business, Yoga for You. Everything takes times, and anything worthwhile is worth waiting for. When I am feeling impatient, struggling with my direction or control I incorporate this mantra into my meditation practice to remind me to trust the journey. This is also a mantra I like to weave into my yoga teacher training classes when my new students are just beginning their teaching journey.

9. I am power, I am courage, I am me.

Need a little internal pep talk? This mantra is one of my favorites to use when I’m feeling a little down on myself. Sometimes when overwhelm starts to creep in and self-doubt starts to whisper in my ear I use this personal mantra to remind myself of my own personal power and to ignite my internal fire of courage and determination.

10. I am steady, I am still.

This final mantra is one that I have used personally and also with my students. At times when life is feeling insecure, uncertain, or we are just feeling frazzled and pulled in a million directions I remind myself that I am steady and still with this mantra. I also like to use this during yoga poses in class when students are getting frustrated with balance. I tell them to take a deep breath, repeat this mantra three times and then give it another try, and more times than not their bodies do become steady and still.

Kelly Smith
Kelly is an E-RYT 500 and YACEP certified yoga instructor and Master Trainer, recognized for her expertise in yoga and meditation. As the founder of Yoga For You and the host of the Mindful in Minutes podcast, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her teachings. Kelly's credentials as a location independent yoga and meditation teacher underscore her commitment to spreading mindfulness worldwide. Her days are filled with global travels, offering trainings in restorative yoga, meditation, and yoga nidra. Additionally, she shares her insights through writing blogs for beYogi and recording meditations from her closet.