Ananda Balasana
Happy Baby Pose
March 30, 2015
head to knee pose
Head to Knee Pose
March 30, 2015

Hare Pose

sasaka = rabbit



  • Stretches the spine
  • Soothes the mind and releases tension
  • Activates the digestive system
  • Stretches the arms and shoulders
  • Releases lower back tension or stiffness


  • Neck pain or strain
  • Knee pain or strain
  • Vertigo
  • Hypertension
  • Pregnancy

How To

  1. Take a seat with your hips resting on your heels
  2. Inhale to prepare
  3. Exhale, rest your hands on your heels or your ankles with your palms facing inward, thumbs down
  4. Inhale once more, and begin to round your spine and bring the crown of your head to rest down on your mat directly in front of your knees
  5. Tuck your chin towards your chest and feel the opening of the back of your neck
  6. To fully arrive in Sasangasana, lift your hips away from your heels and rest your hips above your knees or slightly behind them
  7. Rest here for a few rounds of breath

Modify or Replace

  • Place a blanket underneath your knees or ankles for added support
  • Rest your hands closer to your knees, higher on your calves, if your shoulders feel strained or your neck feels overextended

Sequencing Tips



Teaching Cues

  • Engage your shoulder blades, or scapula, and draw your shoulders away from your ears
  • Keep your elbows towards your side bodies
  • Find length through your side bodies with every inhale
  • Tuck your tailbone under to maintain length through your spine


  • Keep your hips resting on your heels and lessen the intensity of sensation in your legs

Watch Out For

  • Putting too much weight on the crown of your head
  • Slouching your shoulders towards your ears