Awkward Pose
April 9, 2015
Bharadvaja’s Twist
April 9, 2015

Baby Cobra Pose

bhujanga = snake, serpent


  • Improves spinal flexibility and mobility
  • Deepens breathing
  • Strengthens shoulders and chest
  • Opens heart space
  • Energizes entire body
  • Lessens stress


  • Low back strain or pain
  • Wrist strain or pressure
  • Pregnant women

How To

  1. Lay down on your belly with your chin or forehead resting on the floor or mat
  2. Plant your hands underneath your shoulders
  3. Begin to lighten the pressure in your palms
  4. Engage your core
  5. Draw your shoulder blades together
  6. Inhale to lift your chest from the mat bringing your neck and head to rise
  7. Rest with your chest lifted for a couple of breaths only a few inches above the mat
  8. Exhale to gently lower down and rest your chin or forehead back on the mat

Modify or Replace

  • Spread the feet further apart to lessen pressure in the low back
  • Keep your gaze ahead if looking up causes strain in your neck or spine

Sequencing Tips



Teaching Cues

  • Extend your toes towards the back of your space, lifting one leg and reaching the toes back, then planting it down, and then the other, so that your low back is open and free of compression
  • Maintain a long spine
  • Tuck your chin toward chest
  • Peel your heart towards the front of the space, allow it to reach in front of your shoulders and arms


  • Find rolling cobra by moving in and out of Baby Cobra a few times with your breath
  • Float your hands and further engage the muscles of your upper back
  • Gaze towards the ceiling to enhance the uplifting qualities of

Watch Out For

  • Too much weight in your hands
  • Chin overextension
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