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Let’s Talk Energy: Inside the World of Auras

A yogi mediates on a mountaintop as his aura glows yellow.

Welcome to the world of the esoteric! Let’s talk energy and auras.

Actually, not just any energy. Today let’s talk about a specific type of energy, the energy field that surrounds each and every one of us—Auras.

Your Guide to Auras

What is an Aura?

An aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds the body. It is often described as being an egg shegg-shapedaped energy ball that hovers around your whole being.

Hard to believe? Not really. Your body is made up of cells thatwhich are made of atoms. Atoms make up the majority of empty space.

The tiny nucleus of an atom is dense and has a positive charge. This is made up of protons and neutrons, which are made up of quarks.

The outer region of the atom is an empty space containing “probability waves” which describe the wave function of the electrons.

The electrons carry a negative charge. So, essentially an atom is eman pty space with a charge. And that’s what you’re made of.

Each atom has an electric field.

This electric field either causes atoms to bond—not physically merge, but essentially stay close to each other, or it causes atoms to repel each other. Your entire body has an electric field that keeps your body from merging into everything else.

Electricity from the brain, heart, and the entire nervous system creates a magnetic field around the body.

The heart’s electromagnetic field can even be measured by scientific instruments (such as superconducting quantum interference device, or SQUID). This electromagnetic field is your aura.

Some people claim to be able to see auras. It is actually very possible to train yourself to be able to see them.

Start out by trying to see your own! Try to see your own by standing facing a white or plain wall.

Extend your arms out in front of you with your index fingers touching tip to tip. Relax your eyes and stare at the space where your index fingers are touching. Then watch the space where they were touching and pull your fingers apart slowly.

At first, you will probably see a pale blue, gray, or white light outlining your fingers. Continue to practice this and you will be able to see more vivid colors.

It may be easier to feel auras than it is to see them. Notice the way that you feel when you come into contact with a person. 

Notice how their energy affects your thoughts, your mood, and your physical body. Meditation also helps to center and focus the mind which will help when trying to read someone else’s aura. Eventually, you will be able to see a thin outline of color around people.

The color that you see has meaning. Each color conveys a message about the person that they surround.

The Color of Auras 

Red Aura

Red connects to the root chakra, and is often related to the heart and blood.

Light Red: grounded, energized, sensual

Bright Pink: affectionate, loving, kind

Dark Red: stubborn, strong-willed, realistic

Muddy Red: anger, anxiety, unforgiving

Orange Aura

Orange is associated with the sacral chakra which governs emotions, reproductive organs, and creativity.

Bright Orange: creativity, adventurousness, courage, outgoing nature

Muddy Orange: lacking ambition, stress, addiction

Yellow Aura

Yellow corresponds to the solar plexus chakra, which governs life force energy, drive, and ego.

Pale Yellow: spiritual clarity, playful, easy-going nature, optimism

Bright Yellow: fear of loss of control, egoistic nature

Clear Gold: spiritual awakening, enlightenment, divine protection

Muddy Yellow: fatigue or stress

Green Aura

Green is related to the heart chakra. Seeing green in an aura indicates loving kindness, healing, and growth.

Dark Green: healing, soothing, empathetic

Light Green: loving, compassionate, creative

Muddy Green: jealousy, insecurity, resentment

Blue Aura

Blue corresponds to the throat chakra. It relates to communication, truthfulness, and self-expression.

Light Blue: peaceful, truthful

Dark Blue: spiritual, open to possibilities

Muddy Blue: fear of the future, keeping secrets

Purple Aura

Purple is related to the third eye and the crown chakras, which govern intuition, wisdom, and spirituality.

Indigo Purple: wise, intuitive, integrity

Violet Purple: cosmic connection, healing, responsibility

White and Violet: intense healing, meditative, wise, sacred

Silver Aura

Bright Silver: intuition, nurturing

Muddy Gray: usually indicates health problems when overlapped on certain areas of the body.

Dark Gray or Black: energy block, unreleased grief.

How to Cleanse Your Aura


One way to cleanse your aura is to mentally clear it with meditation. Sit comfortably or lie down in meditation and envision a bright white light surrounding you. Imagine the light clearing any blockages, releasing any negative energy that you may have picked up, and encircling you to create a bubble of protective light around you.

Cleanse with Water 

Water can do more than just cleanse the physical body, it can also cleanse your energetic body. Water in nature is a wonderful way to cleanse your aura, but you can also cleanse your aura at home in the tub or shower. Soaking in saltwater is a great way to cleanse your aura. You can soak in an Epsom salt or Himalayan salt bath, or swim in the ocean. Walking outside in the rain, letting a waterfall wash over you, or swimming in a lake can also cleanse your aura.


Dried sage or palo santo can be used to cleanse your aura. Burn a bundle of dried sage or a stick of palo santo and move the smoke over every part of you. The smoke will cleanse your energy field. Sweetgrass can also be burned after cleansing to invite in healing, loving, sweet energy.

Feather Whisking 

A feather can be used to comb through your aura and remove any negative energy. An owl, turkey, or eagle feather works best. Whisk the feather around the space surrounding your body from the ground up. Make sweeping motions all around the front and back of your body moving upward.


Reiki is a Japanese practice of energy healing. A Reiki practitioner can cleanse and balance your energetic body, removing any stagnant energy or blockages and restoring balance.

Adriana Lee
Adriana's yoga journey began at a young age and continues to inspire her every day by healing mind, body and spirit through the breath. She received her 200 Hour RYT through Frog Lotus Yoga's center, Suryalila, in Adalusia, Spain. She also trained an additional 50 hours with Heba Saab at Body Heat Hot Yoga in Las Vegas, NV. She continued training with Heba by assisting and acting as a mentor to her 200 Hour trainees. She trained with Cameron Shayne in Miami and received a 50 Hour certification in the Budokon Yoga system. She is also a certified Pilates instructor and a Reiki Level 2 practitioner. Her yoga practice has brought sweetness and authenticity into her life and her intention is to share that sweetness and help her students strive to be their own authentic selves.
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