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Independent Contractor Basics: What Yoga Teachers Need To Know

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Join our podcast hosts Joe Fagan and Conscious Counsel to breakdown common questions surrounding independent contractor yogi's.

Since the pandemic, large franchise yoga studios and training companies have begun snatching up small studios that had to close around the country (U.S.). With more contracted teaching jobs opening up at large franchised studios the question about coverage as an independent contractor has come up quite often. Does yoga insurance cover you if you work for a national chain? We want to help clear up confusion about working for a large and well-established company.

Independent Contractor Basics: What Yoga Teachers Need To Know

  • Independent contractors vs. full-time employees legal definitions (and your rights).
  • How liability insurance works for the individual + why it’s important.
  • How aggregate total coverage works for the studio. (not in yoga teachers favor- they may exhaust the total before you need it).

Live Questions We Cover

  • I am interested to hear more about insurance for aerial yoga.
    • beYogi does not cover aerial yoga. 
  • I’ve been told by insurance brokers that my clients who have employees that their employees are generally covered under the studio policy and may not need their own individual policy. What is your thought?
    • We highly recommend each individual yoga teacher get their own individual policy. Though some companies will cover their employees for general liability claims there are a few caveats. The first is, that you need to have professional liability coverage (malpractice insurance) to be fully protected, and second, most studios reach their aggregate total fairly soon so you may not be covered or receive help once that total amount is exhausted. 
  • Questions re multiple disciplines. I am a yoga instructor and a personal trainer. I'm currently working at a local big box gym doing PT only.  Is there coverage for being a trainer at a gym? I just found out we are not W-2, but 1099. Question 2 - Next year we will be moving to our own home in the mountains and I'll be running both training and yoga (both individual and classes) out of my home studio. What do I need to think about to do that without being covered for the risk of doing these things? Would I need to set up a business entity of some sort? What type of coverage would I need? If this is too much feel free to contact me outside of the webinar. Thanks!
    • Q1: We have a sister brand called Insure Fitness Group where we offer personal training insurance. It is at a smaller coverage limit due to higher risk.
    • Q2: Both beYogi & Cory from Conscious COunsel advise you to tell your homeowners insurance that you will be running a business out of your own home. Tell them you have personal liability insurance. Make sure to watch the recording for the specifics of what you would need. 
  • Do you cover water yoga?
    • beYogi does in fact cover Yoga Therapy done in water. If you are a IAYT certified member you get a super discounted rate.
  • I'm thinking of combining a tumbling/gymnastics class w/yoga for children.  Do I need separate insurance for the gymnastics part?
    • No you would not need a separate policy. We cover all of this in our one-stop shop full-time pro policy.  
  • Why does your typical home ins so expensive for at home yoga "studios" if you are only taking on one or small group clients? It acts like your a big box gym with an income to pay for business ins. The cost is prohibitive- do you all sell any business in-home ins options?  (on top of the service and individual ins)
    • Home insurance can be extremely cost-prohibitive but our policy is not! For just $179 if you operate as a sole instructor and you do not have W-2 employees you would benefit by purchasing a liability policy with beYogi. 
  • Does this other product include Pilates and/or nutrition? 
    • Insure Fitness Group covers Pilates but not nutrition. Any practice that involves the use of digestibles or recommendations on digestibles we cannot cover. 
  • I will also be operating out of my home as a yoga therapist and will create an LLC for this. I will also host retreats on my home property.  Assuming my homeowners insurance is aware of this, I'm assuming our BeYoga insurance cover this. Is this right?
    • Yep! beYogi will cover you.
  • I am a physician - I have malpractice - I am only practicing yoga at a gym solely as a yoga instructor - I will not be providing any medical advice or diagnosis - does your basic part time plan cover me for just yoga? Want to ensure there is no underwriting that I will not be covered - thank you 
    • Yes! You will be covered. 

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Lizzy Prindle
Lizzy has been practicing yoga for over four years. She found her practice as her collegiate swimming career was ending; looking for a new hobby she began taking yoga classes and never looked back. She has carried her yogi mindset into her role as beYogi’s brand manager. Working alongside many teachers, studio owners, and yoga brands she has helped expand beYogi’s all-inclusive yoga insurance policy into an education-based membership offering much more than coverage.
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