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How You Can Celebrate International Day of Yoga

Two yoga students roll up their mats and brainstorm about how to celebrate International Day of Yoga on June 21.

In December 2014, the United Nations declared June 21st as the International Day of Yoga. The resolution recognized that this day would benefit the world because “wider dissemination of information about the benefits of practicing yoga would be beneficial for the health of the world population.”

Of course, yoga teachers and practitioners alike have known this for a long time! We also know that making a holiday for yoga is a great way to spread awareness of yoga far and wide, and we’re happy to partake.

Every year on the International Day of Yoga, communities around the world host events to educate people on and share the benefits of yoga. Since these events are hosted within communities, and are now frequently offering online options, these events eliminate some barriers people experience when trying yoga like cost, transportation, ability, and identity.

Those of us who have felt the benefits of a yoga practice are passionate people. Let’s embrace our collective joy of yoga on June 21st. Everyone has the ability to participate in International yoga day, especially yoga teachers and people who already practice yoga. No matter how big or how small your reach, whether you’re practicing yoga by yourself or volunteering to teach a packed park class, your contribution makes a difference.

So, how can you celebrate the International Day of Yoga?

Ideas for Celebrating International Day of Yoga


Seva means service. One great way to celebrate the International Day of Yoga is to offer a free yoga class to an underserved community. You may need to reach out in advance but some great communities you can connect with are: shelters, farmers markets or other public events, schools, corporate offices, YMCAs or other community centers, LGBTQA+ gatherings, halfway homes, and more.

Create a new flow that celebrates your body

Yoga is about connection. The connection yoga fosters between body, mind, and spirit, is one of the biggest reasons yoga resonates with people. The journey of self-acceptance is one that never truly ends.

Create a yoga flow that honors your unique physical body. Choose poses that feel good, add in a fun shape that feels challenging, and finish with a long savasana accompanied by your favorite song(s).

A yoga teacher leads a yoga class on International Day of Yoga.

Teach the history of yoga in your yoga class

There are so many different ways to practice yoga. There are different styles, eight limbs, 75 minutes or short meditations. This means there’s always a doorway in. Sometimes, what gets someone to learn about the Yoga Sutras begins as goat yoga. 

Use this day as an opportunity to introduce deeper aspects of yoga, yoga philosophy, or yoga history to your yoga classes. If you teach hot yoga, introduce a different pranayama. If you teach hatha, you can tell a story about the origin of a pose. There are many ways to start to incorporate in-depth knowledge of yoga and the International Day of Yoga is the perfect time to implement your teachings to reach more people more deeply.

Teach a virtual class 

Teach a class online! If you have a large following on social media, host it there. If you have some family members or friends who have never tried yoga, offer a zoom session all together. Online offerings mean that people can join in no matter where in the world they are; as long as they have internet access, they’re in!

Learn something new

You don’t need to be a yoga teacher to participate in the International Day of Yoga. Yoga practitioners make up a majority of the celebration. Whether you’ve been practicing for one week or ten years, there’s always more to learn about yoga. 

Read a new book, listen to a podcast, take a class with a new teacher, or go to an event. Spend some time learning more about yoga or yoga philosophy. Deepen your relationship with yoga and yourself by learning something new.

Be a Karma Yogi

Volunteer to be a “karma yogi” at your local yoga studio. Karma yogis are people who volunteer their time to work at a yoga studio in exchange for a membership. This helps the studio keep clean and functioning well for their members (plus, free yoga!).

Do Yoga!

The bottom line is that the International Day of Yoga is for doing yoga. Participate in your community events, take a class, or practice at home. Chances are, there are many free or donation-based classes taking place near you. If there aren’t, try a new youtube yoga teacher. 

Remember: Yoga is more than asana. Practicing self-inquiry or breathwork can be a great way to celebrate.

We know how impactful yoga can be on people’s wellbeing, not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually, too. The International Day of Yoga, on June 21st, is a day to celebrate the practice and benefits of yoga. There are many ways to participate in and support yoga in your community. It doesn’t matter how far your reach - doing yoga alone is perfect! 

Don’t forget to share how you celebrate! Leading by example is one of the best ways to spread the message about the benefits of yoga. Include links to resources you like (ahem) and cheer on your favorite teachers or studios!

Teresa Adele
Teresa, a yoga instructor, writer, and advocate for holistic health, is a published health and wellness reporter known for simplifying complex concepts. With a passion for crafting fact-based articles, she aims to make whole-body wellness accessible to all. Certified by NASM as a Personal Trainer and by Yoga Alliance with a 200-hour certification, she seamlessly integrates physical fitness with spiritual well-being. Teresa is also a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher, specializing in supporting expectant mothers. Moreover, as an Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, she guides individuals on their journey towards complete wellness. Teresa's mission is to promote accessible pathways to holistic health through her writing and yoga instruction, ensuring well-being is within reach for everyone.