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How To Take Criticism & Judgement When Teaching Yoga

Ashton teaches on a few main points, including acceptance, changing the perspective of criticism, understanding the value of mistakes, and overcoming fear.

Teaching Yoga Tips: How to Take Criticism and Judgement as a Yoga Teacher 

Ashton August remembers the first time she heard the term, "haters make me famous." Immediately, she laughed. Right away, she realized that there will always be "haters" or people who don't like you or what you're doing as a teacher. As teachers, it's important to accept and realize that you're simply never going to be for everyone–and that's okay. 

Ashton has dedicated her practice as a teacher and as a mentor to helping others find acceptance, remove themselves from the hurt of criticism, and instead, embrace the lessons that come from criticism and judgement. 

For Ashton, one of the greatest lessons lies in knowing that triggers can be teachers. In this webinar, she'll teach yogis (teachers and students alike) how to accept criticism, take judgement, and learn a greater lesson from the things that sometimes cause us hurt. 

In this Webinar: A Few Unique Lessons

Accepting What Come With The Territory

Yogananda said, “Where there is light, darkness cannot exist.” Yet when we are this light, we will attract both more light and also those that want to extinguish that light. When you put yourself out there in any form, it’s important to accept that this simply comes with the territory. Accepting frees us from fearing it. We acknowledge the possibility and keep going anyway.

Flipping The Script: Another Way To View Criticism  

When we feel anxiety but invite it to sit with us instead of trying to run from it, we pull back the veil and realize the anxiety is not our enemy – it’s our ally! It’s here to teach us. View criticism and judgment in the same way. It is here to help us grow through what we go through! Yes, it may still sting or upset us, but this perspective is empowering (as opposed to being defeating). 

Mistakes Make Masters 

Ashton states her favorite motivational writer/speaker Iyanla Vanzant said, “Mistakes, when evaluated, make masters.” Not all criticism and judgment is valid. In fact most probably is not. However, within some of this criticism lies valuable feedback that you can use to improve! Plus, when we maintain this student’s mind approach, we don’t fear being called out or judged as much. In fact, these instances can help us grow and evolve into the next level! When we can remove the emotion and see criticism simply as information, we can sift through it to find the nuggets of feedback and inspiration. 

See Your Fear & Do It Anyway

Progress over perfection is Ashton's motto. It allows her to resist perfection so she can actually make progress. View your public presence in the same light. Don’t fall into the fear trap of filming your video 5x to make sure it’s just right. People recognize and appreciate authenticity over perfection; perfection is not relatable.

On The Other Side Lies Freedom

As teachers, you have the opportunity to create a profound impact on your student’s lives. Knowing this, may you feel empowered and motivated to be vocal in sharing your gifts. Promote your offerings from a place of knowing that this is helping people – this flips the focus from you to being of service.

About Ashton August

Ashton August is the founder of leading wellness website, YouAligned.com and also YA Classes, the mission-based 5-star rated yoga, meditation and fitness app that has planted over 300,000 trees. 

Ashton has been teaching yoga and meditation for 12+ years with thousands of teaching hours, is a renowned yoga and meditation teacher trainer, and has produced over 1,000 online classes. She is also a wellness industry consultant for teachers and entrepreneurs, the author of two motivational books (Learn Grow Shift and A Year of Self Motivation for Women, with her third book on the way) and is a passionate animal advocate and volunteer for the ASPCA.  

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