Growing your yoga business requires clarity and an effort to finding your true passion. It may also require you to figure out what you’re good at teaching. There are a variety of things that you can provide your students with, that can easily help to grow your wallet and your experience as a yoga professional.

As you become an expert in your field of yoga, you begin to develop programs that offer depth and exploration into specific aspects of the yoga world. Ask yourself, what do I love? How can I share this with others in a manner that is congruent to my beliefs and that is valuable to my followers?

1. Teach private yoga lessons

Private yoga lessons are a great way for you to grow your yoga business, many students will appreciate the one-on-one attention. It might also be considered a smart business move, as you can charge higher rates for your time. Not only will your students appreciate the focus and energy you give them, but they will also appreciate the value of your experience.

Whether it’s teaching a single class or perhaps selling students a package of private classes, it is one of the best ways for you to make some extra money and create a lasting impression on an individual’s practice. Also, you want to keep in mind that pricing your private lessons depends on your experience and whom you’re selling the lessons to.

2. Offer workshops

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Another one of my favorite ways to create more abundance and go deeper into yoga teachings is by offering workshops. Typically, workshops can last anywhere from three to six hours, but sometimes they can go into a full weekend.

Workshops allow you to dive deeper into a particular subject, for example handstands, backbends, or pranayama and meditation. They also create leverage, meaning you have premium pricing with multiple people, at the same time.

Pick a subject that you think will interest people. Choose something that you can deliver with ease and professionalism. In addition, look for a niche that you can sell to, while still keeping your current following in mind. You want to teach something that your followers would also be interested in, as well as perspective students.

3. Share your expertise

With experience and networking you can begin offering your yoga classes, or workshops to different festivals, conferences, or conventions in your community.

These offers give you access to a lot of people all at one time, which can help to grow your yoga business. Conferences and festivals also provide you with free access to more workshops with some of the top teachers in the world.

4. Look into teacher training

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After years of teaching and offering your services to the community, you may want to think about starting your own teacher training. This takes a lot of planning, but can be very rewarding!

Since there are many teacher trainings out there, try and figure out what you can do to make yours unique. Also, make sure you have supporting documents such as manuals and other guidelines to better help your students in their yoga school course. A syllabus and outline is very helpful in maintaining student engagement and increase the level of participation.

5. Think quality over quantity

Whichever of these ways of increasing your reach you choose, be aware that you want to make all your offerings beneficial and valuable. The value you provide to your students can make a lasting impression.

You can always explore the different options out there and do some research as to what others are doing. But remember your yoga teaching is a journey of exploration to what you’re really passionate about. There is never a wrong time to do something bold, so go for it!