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Complete Guide to beYogi’s General Liability Insurance Benefits

General Liability Insurance Benefits

Protect yourself, your personal yoga brand, and your livelihood with beYogi’s general liability insurance for yoga instructors. You have worked hard to build up your yoga practice and do not want to risk losing all of that in an instant when an accident strikes. beYogi offers comprehensive coverage tailor-made specifically to insure yoga teachers and covers a multitude of yoga styles. 

Here, we’ll cover all the ins and outs of what an all-inclusive policy with general liability insurance looks like and how it protects from the “what ifs” that come with the art of instructing a yoga class. 

What is General Liability Insurance for Yoga?

Your beYogi policy is an incredible safety net of coverage to help protect you as a yoga instructor by providing a host of coverage areas, including general liability insurance. The coverage and protection that beYogi offers cover many forms of yoga and more than 450 modalities like Acro, SUP Yoga, Ashtanga, Bikram, and much more. General liability insurance is also called “slip and fall coverage” because this event is unfortunately all too common for professionals. Far from being mundane, a slip and fall injury can and does lead to lawsuits in the millions of dollars against the professional who was supposed to be responsible for everyone’s safety. 

In addition to providing general liability insurance for yoga teachers that covers you through the many twists and turns in the profession, beYogi has stepped into the modern age of wellness and offers coverage for in-studio sessions and long-distance sessions via live streaming and recorded yoga content. Your hard work and dedication to teaching yoga will be protected and insured no matter if you meet in person or over the web.

With $2 million per occurrence and a $3 million individual annual aggregate, the general liability insurance included in your beYogi policy is stout enough to handle the “what ifs” that come from everyday practice. Combined with an excellent rating from Trustpilot, beYogi not only has the insurance yoga teachers need but the vote of approval from hundreds of yoga pros. 

Why is General Liability Insurance for Yoga Necessary? 

With any occupation and business, there are a certain number of risks that are involved. In addition to accidents that happen around the facilities, yoga teachers deal directly with pushing the body to its maximum potential and promote wellness on a number of different fronts. Because yoga instructors are working personally with clients to push them physically, there can be a greater risk of physical injury and or damage done to a person’s health. 

While it is certainly not intended, accidents do happen in any profession and it is important to be prepared in the case of such an unfortunate event. By securing stout coverage including general liability insurance from beYogi, you are not only protecting your livelihood but also protecting the years of investment you have accomplished to get to where you are. 

Let us take a look at an example of where general liability insurance for yoga teachers would be necessary:

  • One of your clients is coming for an Acro Yoga class and due to a newly waxed floor, they slip and fall. When your pupil falls, they instinctively reach out to catch themselves and break or injure their wrist. This injury would require immediate medical attention, a lengthy recovery process, potentially weeks of physical therapy, an inability to work, and other related costs. While this was certainly an awful accident, the injured party holds you liable for their medical expenses and demands that you pay them compensation. 

In the example above, having a general liability insurance coverage for yoga teachers would help keep your assets in place. This insurance helps cover the cost of the incident so that you are protected from having to pay out of pocket to ensure the injured party has their needs met and monetary compensation provided. 

Other Examples of Potential General Liability Incidents

General liability insurance helps cover both the costs of the event and any legal defense fees that might be necessary to protect you. Additional examples could include incidents like:

  • A visitor to your yoga studio trips on a crack in the sidewalk on your property and injures themselves in the fall. 

  • A student slips on a loose rug at the front door and drops and shatters their brand new phone.

  • You have a persistent leak at the water fountain that’s always forming a puddle. A student slips and falls and hurts themselves. 

While it may seem pessimistic to focus on the potential hazards that could occur under your instruction, it is much better to be prepared and protected with affordable, all-inclusive insurance. 

Focus on the Positive: Benefits of General Liability Insurance for Yoga Teachers

We have covered some of the necessities of having yoga insurance coverage for yoga teachers, now let us explore some of the incredible member benefits of having general liability insurance through beYogi. 

In addition to great yoga insurance coverage, you will also receive a number of exclusive benefits that add to the experience of being a member of the beYogi community. One of the first perks of being a member is that you will receive over $1,000 in member benefits like an easy-to-customized web page— check out this example. Creating and utilizing your own professional website can help boost your recognition and bring in new clients to your yoga studio. You can customize your site with your specific offerings, promotions, and information. 

Another awesome benefit of having yoga insurance from beYogi is that you will receive exclusive discounts on the items that you need to run a successful studio-like yoga software, retreats, and classes, as well as 30% off major wellness suppliers like Meta Mats, Gaiam, YouVeda and much more. 

Other awesome perks that come with being part of the beYogi community include access to affordable health, vision, and dental insurance, and easy access to telehealth physicians around the clock. Even further, you get both identity protection and stolen equipment coverage at no extra cost. 

Cost of General Liability Insurance: Is it Worth it? 

One of the most important questions when it comes to yoga insurance coverage is going to be about the cost. You want to be certain that you are getting the yoga insurance coverage to protect your livelihood and your assets while being at a premium that will not break the bank. The incredible coverage you receive from beYogi is offered at several different price points, including $159 per year for part-time yoga teachers or $179 per year for coverage for full-time yoga teachers. There are also monthly payment options and ways to save by paying for a two-year term upfront. 

So, is getting general liability insurance for yoga teachers really worth it for your individual yoga journey? While your goal is to promote wellness and instruct in the art of physical fitness, unfortunate circumstances are a higher possibility when bodies are in motion. Because of this potential liability, it is far better to be prepared, protected, and covered rather than leaving everything to chance. The benefits of having beYogi’s general liability insurance for yoga teachers far outweigh the monetary cost. Not only do you have the confidence to pioneer your yoga career, but also gain the peace of mind that comes from being covered and protected. 

The Convenience of Getting General Liability Insurance Online

Ensuring that yoga teachers are covered for the many different types of risks inherent to the industry is paramount in an insurance policy. In the hectic lifestyle of today, getting your insurance entirely online is a necessity for most yoga teachers. With beYogi, you can handle your application, and coverage selection, choose how you want to pay, check out, and enjoy instant coverage with full access to all your plan documents—all online. Getting general liability insurance for yoga from beYogi is convenient and easy with our super-quick online application. 

Perfect for Part-Time and Full-Time Yoga Teachers

Whether teaching yoga is your full-time occupation or something that you offer only part of the time, beYogi has options for both. You do not have to teach yoga as a full-time occupation to suddenly face an accident that occurs under your teaching. Knowing yoga teachers today offer their services in many formats, we include different rates for different situations and many different price points for your unique situation.

Get Yoga Insurance in No Time

Whether you are working as a full-time yoga teacher or only working part-time instructing in physical wellness, beYogi makes it simple and convenient to get all-inclusive professional and general liability insurance for yoga teachers. Making sure that you protect yourself is one of the most important requirements for any yoga instructor and should be acquired as soon as possible. Rather than be caught without coverage for all your hard work and investments made in your career, fill out a quick application and get covered for yoga insurance in just minutes. Our plans were made by yogis, for yogis and to be as flexible as you are.

Lizzy Prindle
Lizzy has been practicing yoga for over four years. She found her practice as her collegiate swimming career was ending; looking for a new hobby she began taking yoga classes and never looked back. She has carried her yogi mindset into her role as beYogi’s brand manager. Working alongside many teachers, studio owners, and yoga brands she has helped expand beYogi’s all-inclusive yoga insurance policy into an education-based membership offering much more than coverage.