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First Annual Health and Wellness Week Slated for May 2-8

international health and wellness week

Health and wellness providers open their doors to the public to promote ways to live healthier, happier and longer.

The first annual International Health and Wellness Week (IHAWW)  is now accepting registrations from health and wellness providers to be part of this free week-long event to be held May 2–8, 2016.

The purpose of IHAWW is to have a positive impact on health and wellness overall, as well as to unite people through the common goal of preventing disease, promoting a better quality of life and living longer, and to celebrate life together.

For health and wellness providers IHAWW is an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives and to promote living healthier and living longer. During IHAWW participating providers will open their doors to the public with classes, seminars, demonstrations, promotions, and materials to exhibit their services. All types of health and wellness providers are encouraged to sign up online to participate.

IHAWW allows people to be exposed to, learn about and experience a multitude of ways to improve mind, body and spirit and consider how to incorporate ways to live healthier. Changes in lifestyle can be made more easily if people understand what options are available to them. It is a way to experience health and wellness options first hand and have fun. Guests can find out what health and wellness providers are participating near them by visiting their website. The list will grow as providers sign-up, so anyone looking to participate should check back regularly.

“International Health and Wellness Week is a concerted effort across the health and wellness community to have a positive impact on people’s lives everywhere,” states Steve Guttman, Founder and chair of the event. “By promoting available options, it makes it easy for people to make positive changes in their lives.”

IHAWW was founded by Steve Guttman, owner of Mind Body Dynamics in Parsippany, NJ. Steve believes that a united effort by the wellness, fitness and medical community can show the many options available and how easy it can be to incorporate healthier living into daily routines. The concept of IHAWW grew out of a town-wide program he organized to expose families to the value and the means to live healthier lives. He is now sharing this philosophy across the globe.

For other information about the event, you can visit their Facebook page.

About Steve Guttman

Steve Guttman is founder of Mind Body Dynamics, which specializes in integrated personal training. In addition to his degree in Exercise Science and over 20 years’ experience in personal training, massage therapy and yoga, Steve is also certified in meditation, qi gong, hypnotherapy, and nutrition. He truly believes that everyone can lead healthier, happier, longer lives through ways that suit their needs and their lifestyles.