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We hear from our yoga teachers that price is one of the most common reasons for leaving. So we've got two great offers below to help you out (one of them is only $97/year).

Two Great Ways to Save

Renew before 12/31 and save $90 on beYogi insurance

Take $90 off our 2-year policy or $30 off our 1-year policy to keep your yoga teacher insurance and all the great member benefits. Remember beYogi covers you in-studio, outside, at private sessions, and online for livestreaming & pre-recorded video. 

Get comparable coverage for just $97/year

Our sister company Insure LMT has the similar coverage to beYogi, but for only $97/year. However, this price does not include access to benefits such as a free website, partner discounts, and access to our Insurance Marketplace.

Don't need insurance right now? You can still take advantage of this deal by setting your effective date up to 90 days from purchase.

6 Reasons to Choose beYogi Insurance

Because beYogi focuses exclusively on yoga teachers and their journey to becoming a better teacher and growing their yoga business by investing in them with tons of high-quality teacher-specific content, exclusive discounts and free benefits on yoga products & services, and the best yoga insurance to make sure you are full protected.

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490+ Modalities Covered—No Extra Cost

For no added fees, you’re covered for over 60 yoga styles plus 490+ massage & beauty modalities like Pilates, hot stone, reiki, cupping, kinesiology and more. See all ›

Identity Protection

beYogi members get fraud resolution services and identity insurance benefits in case they become a victim of fraud. This includes a $25,000 insurance policy to cover costs incurred by you, lost wages, and legal defense fees.

Member Benefits

$1,000+ in Member Benefits

Get free member benefits such as an easy-to-customize website (see example), discounts on yoga software, retreats, classes, and 30% off products from Gaiam, YouVeda, Metta Mats, YogaClub and more. See all ›

Telehealth & affordable dental/vision/health

Get access to affordable health care, vision and dental. Plus get the option to obtain Telehealth allowing you to consult with a physician 24/7/365 via telephone, video, or mobile app—with only a $10 copay. 

Insurance Coverage

You're covered even after your insurance expires

If you are insured from January 1, 2020 to December 31 2020 and an incident occurs in May 2020 but the claim is not filed until May 2021, beYogi still covers you even if your insurnace has expired. This is "Occurrence Form" coverage which most yoga insuranace companies don't offer. See chart below.