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Everything You Must Know Before Buying beYogi Yoga Insurance

What to Know Before You Buy Yoga Teacher Insurance

There's a lot to consider before you buy yoga teacher insurance. Whether you're a seasoned Yogi or taking the first steps on your journey, you need to protect yourself and your assets. We know insurance can be overwhelming and confusing at times, but it doesn't have to be. We've created this convenient guide to aid in your decision-making. Here's everything you need to know before buying beYogi yoga insurance.

Why beYogi is the Best Value for Your Money

Naturally, the cost of your yoga teacher insurance policy is a pivotal point in your consideration. However, what your insurance actually covers is something that takes priority over skipping right to the price tag. Sure, everyone wants an excellent rate on instructor insurance, but the more critical aspect is the coverage itself. After all, the last thing you want is to discover your cheap yoga insurance has significant coverage gaps. 

Imagine this: you find the cheapest yoga insurance plan on the market and enroll promptly, thinking to yourself how much you'll save on your liability insurance coverage. However, when you file a claim a few months later, your insurance provider refuses coverage based on your plan. Instead of protecting you from the cost of a lawsuit, the cheap insurance policy covers diddly squat, leaving you with a whopping settlement bill.

While beYogi may not be the cheapest insurance on the market, it certainly provides the best value for your money. When comparing apples-to-apples what you receive with a beYogi policy versus the other guys, the difference is astounding. Not only do you have access to a wealth of member benefits and special perks, but you receive the whole enchilada of coverage and protection. 

Comparing Yoga Insurance Plans

Conducting a yoga teacher insurance comparison could take forever clicking back and forth. Fortunately, you don't have to waste the entire day scouring every yoga insurance provider out there to decipher the best option for you. We've done the heavy legwork for you and created our convenient yoga instructor Insurance comparison guide. In this comparison, you'll find everything you need to know to make a wise decision on which yoga insurance provider is the best on the market. 

No Smoke-and-Mirror Pricing

Unfortunately, many insurance providers have a nasty habit of hiding sneaky costs and fees in the fine print. On the rare occasion where an insurance company provides all their pricing up front, they'll usually nickel and dime their policyholders for every dollar of coverage. With these types of companies, oftentimes, their priority is not their policyholders but their profits. When an insurance provider loses sight of their clients, they'll hide their pricing or make you go through long questionnaires just to get a quote. 

beYogi is different, however. We place our policyholders at the heart of everything we do so that we can do what is best for our members, above all else. That's why we don't do teaser rates like other companies do. Our insurance premiums are upfront and honest on our website. You'll know exactly what you'll pay before you complete your policy application. 

Furthermore, our members will never see tacked-on fees for additional coverage. In fact, we include coverage for hundreds of modalities and practices from the day you register. Unlike other companies that sneak in fees for coverage, we make coverage standard in every policy.

Like any relationship, we believe that honesty is essential to our mission. This critical transparency helps start our relationship with our members on the right foot. Our upfront pricing tells our members we keep our promises and stand by what we say. Our members know they can trust us with their yoga insurance policy, no matter what. 

Coverage Without the Caveat

Perhaps the most critical component of your decision on yoga insurance is the coverage. What a policy includes and, more importantly, does not include is the most crucial aspect of choosing the right policy for you. Countless insurance companies provide mediocre coverage at premium costs. Not so with beYogi. Our comprehensive yoga insurance policy covers everything from head to toe in the world of yoga liability. 

The way we see it, yoga instructor insurance shouldn't be complicated. That's why we include the whole kit and caboodle of coverage every yoga instructor needs to feel safe and confident in their liability insurance. Our experts spent years analyzing and gathering intel on what liability coverage best benefits a yoga teacher. Furthermore, we consulted thousands of yogis to determine every option we needed to include in our policy. In essence, we built our policy based on the guidance and input of real-world yoga instructors and the liabilities they've faced in their careers.

Here's a quick rundown of what every yoga teacher liability insurance policy includes:

Professional Liability Coverage

Professional liability coverage is built to cover the cost of liability lawsuits stemming from mistakes and errors. In insurance terms, this coverage is called malpractice insurance. Even seasoned yogis can make mistakes from time to time. If an error in judgment, wrong instructions, or even accidental injuries occur during your class or because of your teaching, an injured client could hold you accountable to cover their medical bills, damaged property, or more. Professional liability insurance helps protect you if you accidentally cause one of your pupils harm. 

General Liability Protection

General liabilities are risks that are universal in any profession. These types of lawsuits stem from injuries or harm from an accident, negligence, or environmental stressor. In many cases, general liability is referred to as slip-and-fall coverage because those are the most common types of incidents reported. If a client slips on a wet floor, for example, they could insist you cover the cost of their damages and injuries. That's where general liability coverage could step in and bear the financial burden instead. 

Product Liability Coverage

This coverage helps protect you from liability lawsuits related to the products and equipment you use or recommend. For example, let's say you recommend a particular brand of yoga mat because it is said to be slip-resistant. Unfortunately, due to a manufacturing error, the yoga mat you suggest is not as safe as it is, and a client slips and injures themselves while using the mat on your recommendation. Product liability coverage could help protect you from a liability lawsuit like this. 

Identity Theft Protection Plan

Let's be honest; the more information on the web, the easier it is for online predators to access your personal data, finances, and business accounts. Although most insurance companies are ignoring this side of protection, we at beYogi believe it is paramount. That's why we include identity theft protection in every yoga instructor insurance plan we offer. 

Personal Injury and Advertising Injury Coverage

Personal injury involves those things that aren’t related to bodily harm or property damage. Advertising injury is one element of personal injury and is especially important in the digital age as it relates to someone experiencing loss due to your advertisements. Typically, advertising injuries involve:

  • Slander - which is speech that harms another’s reputation

  • Libel - which is something printed that harms reputation

  • Copyright infringement - where another party claims that you’ve copied their original work.

Portable Coverage in All 50 States

Life can be unpredictable sometimes. If you're moving to a new state for new opportunities, your coverage travels with you. There's no need to worry about starting a new policy or re-registering for coverage; we've got you protected in all 50 states. 

Of course, we recommend you inspect the state parameters for yoga instructors in your new home state before moving. We also ask you to let us know your new location and where you'll instruct your new students. 

Member Benefits and Occupation-Specific Perks

One of our favorite topics is how we support our members with a full suite of perks and benefits. Our member benefits package is designed to enhance more than just your work convenience and help you grow as a professional yoga instructor. Of course, we include countless benefits that improve your day-to-day work, like a free professional website, savings on certifications and educational information, and access to affordable healthcare plans. 

We are okay with our members being spoiled and wholeheartedly believe they deserve every perk and pampering we provide. 

Ready to Take the Leap?

Now that you know everything about beYogi, are you ready to take the next step in your professional yoga career? If you want comprehensive coverage that you can count on with honest pricing and generous coverage limits, beYogi is the place for you. We provide the care and protection you need. Get yoga teacher insurance today to protect yourself and your career.

Lizzy Prindle
Lizzy has been practicing yoga for over four years. She found her practice as her collegiate swimming career was ending; looking for a new hobby she began taking yoga classes and never looked back. She has carried her yogi mindset into her role as beYogi’s brand manager. Working alongside many teachers, studio owners, and yoga brands she has helped expand beYogi’s all-inclusive yoga insurance policy into an education-based membership offering much more than coverage.