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  • Get a better grasp around the practice of pranayama with the help of this eBook.

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Get everything you wanted by downloading this free ebook.

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What To Expect

As yoga teachers, the practice of pranayama is important but there is a lot to understand about this ancient tradition. Gain a better understanding pranayama with the help of this eBook.

Here is exactly what you can discover as you dive into this eBook: 

  • Learn all about pranayama and prana
  • Tips for incorporating pranayama into your classes
  • A breakdown of the different types of pranayama

What yogis are saying

"This guide is so helpful! Especially as a yoga teacher who wants to teach students more about the practice of pranayama. beYogi including so many useful tips for incorporating different types of pranayama into your yoga classes!"

- Julie B. (Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist)

Pranayama Sutras


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