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Brett Larkin: beYogi Ambassador Spotlight

Brett Larkin is not only a world-renowned yoga teacher, but she is also the leader of the number one selling online yoga teacher training, Uplifted. 

The style of yoga that Brett teaches is a tapestry of her voice and the voices of incredible teachers that she has had the privilege to work with throughout the years.

Brett completed her 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training with the founder of YogaWorks and ISHTA Yoga, Alan Finger, in New York in 2009. It took her two and half years to gather the courage to begin teaching. She slowly began teaching yoga at the Google headquarters and privately as much as she could while still working a full-time job during the day.

Dance is one of Larkin’s primary inspirations. She studied ballet and modern dance for more than fifteen years at institutions such as Jose Mateo’s Ballet Theater of Boston, Jeanette Neill Dance Studio and Interlochen Center for the Arts. Fluid transitions, and especially spiral movements, are of particular interest to her.

Uplifted Yoga Teacher Training

Brett is not sure how she first got the idea to put her sequences on YouTube She dubbed the voice-over in her first-ever video and used a video converter that left a big watermark on the sequence. She felt completely amateur, but when she began seeing the views, comments and emails that followed, she knew she had stumbled into a lifelong passion.

Brett loves filming yoga classes because some of her most profound yoga moments have happened from practicing online classes with her teachers. She likes the idea that yoga is accessible to all, for a seven or 75-minute sequence, and that the peace yoga offers you is only a click away.

Themes that Brett enjoys exploring in her classes are:

  • Discovering new space in the body: Where can you make space for breath?
  • Attention to transitions: Yoga as dance
  • The art of slowing down: Surrender
  • Cultivation of the opposite to bring yourself into balance

When you take class with Brett, you can expect minimal inversions, practically zero arm balances, slow, dance such as motions, spiral movements, heavy alignment and themes about how you can bring yoga into your heart, daily lives, and relationships with others.

Yoga has a special currency that roots you in the present moment and allows you to reconcile all the different parts of yourself. Enjoy this special practice, and Brett is honored to be a part of your journey.

Brett Larkin and beYogi

Brett is one of beYogi's newest ambassadors and not only has she shown her pride for the tribe, but she has also proudly supported the beYogi Insurance Plus program.

“beYogi offers comprehensive yoga insurance for the modern yogi. I love knowing that also my laptop and filming equipment are protected. They're student policy is innovative and an incredible deal that I recommend to all my teacher trainees."

- Brett Larkin

beYogi Insurance Plus offers yoga teachers and yoga trainees access too affordable, all-inclusive yoga liability insurance. Drawing on the experience and knowledge of the yoga world, beYogi has designed a yoga insurance program that covers whatever style you’re teaching, wherever you are, whenever you need it.

Lizzy Prindle
Lizzy has been practicing yoga for over four years. She found her practice as her collegiate swimming career was ending; looking for a new hobby she began taking yoga classes and never looked back. She has carried her yogi mindset into her role as beYogi’s brand manager. Working alongside many teachers, studio owners, and yoga brands she has helped expand beYogi’s all-inclusive yoga insurance policy into an education-based membership offering much more than coverage.